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9am – Saturday’s early morning clouds dish out a warning that a better than average, but not all that when it comes to serious storms, Storm Jorge is on his way (you can just see the coast of France on the horizon – in sunshine! – if you look hard enough)


10am – Yesterdays death wish puddle gets revived courtesy of a bored dark cloud with nothing better to do than rain some more in the company of his new best friend, ‘a useful blocked drain.’


Midday – Teeming rain gets me and my carton of porridge oats plus a pain de raison – I was particularly looking forward to – totally soaked and inedible. Maybe I should have bought something in a tin.


2pm – The sun says a quick ‘hello’, checks for rainbows that aren’t there, before giving up on Earth as a lost cause. He heads off to The Dark Side of The Moon as she never calls him a total waste of ‘Space’.


6pm – An empty underpass where the old bloke who owns a harmonica but can’t get any sort of tune out of it usually hangs out. No one’s seen him for awhile. I heard that the cash rich tourists coming off the cruise liners in the harbour didn’t like walking past him as they made their way into town.

doverfire4 (2)

7pm – A great night for freezing to death, crossing roads and unwittingly posing for a pointless random photo I was taking.

doverfire2 (2)

8pm – Time to traumatize the pigeons, gulls, cats and dogs with the pointless sounds of exploding fireworks the cruise liners think are OK. That got me thinking I wouldn’t like to be ‘A Cat in Syria’ right now. I might use that as a title for an appropriate new classical piece one day.

Here’s an experimental piece of sound art I wrote a while back. It’s called ‘World of Shadows’, although if I was giving it its title today I think I’d have called it, ‘Land of Shadows’. I hope you enjoy;

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white1‘The Edge of England’

For ages I’ve fancied a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses. The polarized ones. It’s just that I couldn’t ever justify the expense.  Then, last Thursday I’m in Canterbury to get guitar strings and I pass a shop selling just sunglasses, including the Ray Ban range. The sun was out. Cut grass spring smells were promising winter was over. I was in a good mood. So, I got a pair.

As I left the shop I noticed that the sun had disappeared. The sky was covered in horizon to horizon grey clouds. They looked like rainclouds but it wasn’t raining.  Friday was the same, as was Saturday. Still no rain, just lazy grey clouds.

I started writing this early on a Sunday. Today. The weather forecast was for sun. The forecast seemed wrong. Thick sea mist instead of clouds. No call for my Ray Ban sunglasses – again. I’d planned to do the White Cliffs; take a few pics for the blog; try out my sunglasses. Sea mist and cliff edges don’t really work together. My Ray Bans totally redundant.

Plan B. The barber I go to is open on Sunday’s. I might as well get a haircut instead of falling off the cliffs. I’ve mentioned the barber before in this blog. He’s the bloke who collapses in a heap without warning every so often. He didn’t collapse this time. He was stressed though. The place was a mess. Unusual. So, he tells me a woman had dropped her kid off to have his hair cut while she went shopping. She never told the barber that the kid was severely autistic and hated not being with his mum. The kid went into meltdown mode and trashed the place. The barber had no idea what to do to help. Not his fault. Not the kids fault. Just a stupid mother. Then the mother eventually returned and started shouting bad stuff at the barber for not taking control of the situation. Why didn’t she tell him the boy had those issues before she dumped him off? The kid never got his haircut. Mum refused to pay for the damage done. There just has to be a song full of metaphors in all this somewhere.

Anyway, on leaving the barbers the sun turned up. I got to climb the cliffs.

Time for some music. Given that I’ve mentioned the weather, here’s a number I wrote about climate change. ‘Rainbows End’;

The haircut;

georgeimage1 (2)‘Before’

george raybans2 (3)‘After – note the glasses’

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winter‘Winter Morning, 2018’ ~ Zoolon

It’s funny what happens when you start playing around with an acoustic guitar with just a phrase in your head. This time it was, ‘Darkness at Dawn’. Sometimes it works, most times not. This time, I think I might have a skeleton lyric. Right now I need new lyrics as the instrumental album is ready for release once the Christmas/New Year bit is properly over.

Darkness at dawn

As the night overstays

Darkness at midnight

In a cradle of graves

Darkness the key that fits any lock

Darkness the wonder that lover’s forgot


Darkness the mother of shadows and rain

Darkness the deliverer of pain without gain

Darkness the witness to all that is wrong

Darkness the destroyer of love and its song


Darkness descends, murders all in its path

Darkness a bloodbath with no aftermath

Darkness you’ve jailed all my yesterdays

All my tomorrows in your perfect maze


Darkness, darkness why do this to me?

Darkness, cold darkness just let it be

Darkness I know that you cannot see

That undoing the lock will free the devil in me


Darkness at dawn

As the night overstays

Darkness at midnight

In a cradle of graves

Some music. Staying with the winter theme, this one is called ‘All Winter Long’. I hope you enjoy;

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