mari9Vagrant’s Shadow, Lost

Back in May when creativity had taken a break, and wanting something to spark my mind, I thought I’d try and capture instant, pure unprovoked thoughts and write them down. See how they turned out. Anyway, I already capture sound using a stereo-recorder when composing Sound Art – things like that of the sea, birdsong, thunderstorms – all that kind of nature stuff, so why not do the same with words.

I decided using the Sound Art equivalent process when capturing ‘instant thought’ words – i.e. capturing whatever arrives – thinking it an interesting experiment. Unlike regular random thoughts – which are mostly provoked by an idea; an event; anything that sparks instant thinking – I decided to simply empty my brain – not too hard to do in my case – and see what words arrived. Some of the stuff I wrote surprised me, not necessarily in a good way. I meant to include them in a blog post back then but have only just remembered I’d forgotten.


  1. Soon, I shall stare at The Sun. If I am blinded, so be it. The prize is worth the loss of colours I never knew anyway. 
  1. I like the kind of slippery silvery fish you can hold in your hand and feel close-up their death throw wriggles. I’d never do that to a fish. I just like that kind of slippery silvery fish.

shadows5 (2)Shadow of Prey in Hunting Mode

  1. Truth hangs on a string. Sometimes ugly truth’s spindly fingers takes a scissor to the string and stillborn lies are born from an empty, overly sliced, over time Caesarean ruined womb. No placards outside the clinic, nor judge or jury, it just happens. In the fairy-tale, God smiles but never lets on.

shadows6 (2)‘X’ Marks The Shadow’s Grave

  1. Once I was a heron. Only then did I realize that the cherry blossom tree the Japanese paint in budget watercolours is lost from view without salty air, earthquakes, pretty small, small pretty girls caked in chalk dust makeup and reaching out for the two dimensional traditional love of a dominating rice paper man. 
  1. The dark space between abject boredom and belief in a God is a contradiction; is a visible nothingness. Of the two I prefer boredom. Many will never understand my logic. Belief is the one thing that makes consciousness pointless. 

These thoughts and more feature in my book, ‘The Words & Thoughts of a Dyslexic Musician’ – it can be found at;

Assuming I’ve not been totally written off as a hopeless case, here’s a bit of music. ‘K2 Night’ – it’s an electronic piece composed when I was thinking that the second highest mountain on Earth deserved a better name than ‘K2’.

Apart from the background art on pics 2 & 3 by Dave Cooper, Artist of Dover – Copyright © 2017/18 Zoolon Audio.  All rights reserved.  Unauthorised copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.


DSC01684 (2)(Stefan the Heron)

It was good that the camera had decent zoom otherwise Stefan the Belgian Heron – who I thought was just an OK, plastic garden ornament until he flew away in style – would have missed the cut for this post. I did try to get to chat with Stefan from a distance but it wasn’t happening and I never carry a megaphone, so I moved on.

Later the same day I got told by an English speaking  Walloon – handy, given that the only word I know in Walloon is ‘zeezult’ i.e. sea salt – that in the Belgian city of Mons 60% of the population live in one bedroom flats and no matter what floor level they live on, even in the tallest block of flats, they all have their own garden. Flats with gardens. That’s a major construction triumph; the stuff of Sci-Fi even. Seriously, I couldn’t get my head around that. So surreal – gardens in the air. Odd. The thing is, surely only the garden for the top flat would get any sun – and rain, hail and snow, plus getting to have the occasional BBQ for that matter. All the other gardens on the levels down to ground level would just be lumps of shadowy concrete. I’m guessing artificial grass sells well in Mons.

Anyway, here’s a couple more photos I took in Belgium.

DSC01703(The Day the Sky Fell into the Pond)

DSC01673 (2)(The Great Wall of Belgium – not to be confused with the one in China) 

Now for a quick mention of my new book, ‘The Words & Thoughts of a Dyslexic Musician’.  I’ve got this neat page at Amazon.com – I never knew it existed and only discovered it mucking around online. It even brings up my blog and a few pics. It’s called Zoolon’s Amazon Central page. Neat.


zoolons book sized

The book is available in paperback and Kindle versions through Amazon just about anywhere. Just type in Zoolon and you’ll find me. Here’s the UK link;


Also, I’ve had a major update of Zoolon’s Home page. It’s not 100% complete yet, I still have some stuff to do, but it’s getting there.

Lastly, a song ‘All Winter Long’ from my ‘Rainbows End’ album. I hope you enjoy;

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zoolon cover draft 4(Cover art by Rachel Carrera)

I was going to give this book the title, ‘Things That Happen to Me When I Glaze Over’ or ‘Pieces of Me’. Both of those were more or less accurate but, in the end, I decided upon ‘The Words & Thoughts of a Dyslexic Musician’ because that is what it is; that’s what I am.

Not a novel nor a book of poetry, it’s a collection of stories about the odd things that seem to happen to me on any average day, and things I’ve thought of or noticed when I’m not asleep. Also, I wanted a home for some of my favourite lyrics for songs I’ve written – some from my back catalogue plus others in raw form waiting in the wings for a melody – as well as a place for a few of the photographs I’ve been taking since I got the camera bug.

The main reason I went for ‘The Words & Thoughts of a Dyslexic Musician’ is because that’s the simple truth. Maybe I should have added ‘Colour-blind’ to the title because that’s a truth as well.  The problem was it made the title too long.

Anyway, here it is. My book. Dyslexia might be a nuisance I could do without, but ‘words’ come for free, and besides they don’t just belong to those who haven’t got trouble reading them, so basically nothing is impossible – well maybe me spelling without a spell-check, buttering toast, understanding road signs written in Walloon or spending a whole day in the body of say, a wildebeest just to get a feel for what it’s like being one. Those thing are impossible.

zoolon back cover

Rachel who did all the cover art and a whole lot more can be found – not that I’m saying she’s wandered off and got lost, or she’s in hiding or even kidnapped or anything like that – at Rachel Carrera

Here’s Zoolon’s links to Amazon UK for both the Kindle and Paperback versions of my book;

The Words & Thoughts of a Dyslexic Musician by Zoolon

Also, the paperback and Kindle versions are available by typing in ZOOLON in Amazon worldwide.

Thanks for reading, Zoolon aka George and I’ll sign off with a piece of music I composed called, ‘Prohibition’. I hope you enjoy;



deal5 (4)

‘Where it Begins’ by Zoolon

A true story from yesterday. I was in the queue at the Post Office down town when the lady in front of me turned around to ask me if I had the time. It’s one of those loaded questions that can catch you out, so I played it safe and told her it was 3.24pm. She seemed good with that answer.

The problem was that she had bad breathe way beyond any bad breathe I’d ever smelt before. It was that bad I reckon she could strip paint. Really sickening bad breathe that made me urge – ‘urge’ being a word used a lot in Devon where I grew up. So uniquely horrible was her breathe that I figured she can’t be a regular human. Maybe an alien, or – a big ‘or’ I’ll admit – a superhero who’s special power was inflicting death by halitosis on enemies of the Universe. That was it, she’s a super hero called ‘Exhalation Girl’. Then it hit me. In my pocket I had some Mentos that might just help her cut back on the anti-social mouth pong. The random thought arrived that I should politely offer her one of my Mentos. Almost straight away, that random thought was overtaken by another. Was Mentos her equivalent of Kryptonite? Death of a superhero by mint? I never did find out. I bottled on the polite bit. There’s no polite way of telling a superhero her breathe chucks up. I’d hate to be Exhalation Girl’s dentist.

Anyway, words from a while back, still in verse form at the moment, now revisited for a new song I’m working on;


A song buzzing in my head

A melancholy ring

I know you’ll never listen out

For this pawn who would be king


I sense you couldn’t care less

But I’ll say it all the same

I’ll tell you what I’m thinking

‘Don’t hate the player; hate the game’


Yesterday, tomorrow

Lost and born again

Yesterday, tomorrow

Another tired refrain


I’ve seen the cat that got the cream

And the dogs who hunt in packs

Looks like you’ve got a Royal Flush

And me a pair of Jack’s


I don’t believe in miracles

I don’t believe in luck

Will stage fright grab a hold on me

Leaving me dumbstruck?


Yesterday, tomorrow

Things don’t look the same

Yesterday, tomorrow

There’s nothing to explain


I surrendered to a sleepless night

Waited for the dawn

A blackbird sung his first-light song

Told me you were gone


In the corridors of learning

I trod ancient cobblestones

My hiding place a shadow

You always knew I hunt alone


Yesterday, tomorrow

I count losses, you count gains

Today is not a great place

Today’s just what remains 

Next an experimental sound manipulation I composed called ‘World of Shadows’ as a gentle (ish) conclusion to my ‘Liquid Truth’ album. I hope you enjoy;

I had always thought I had a seriously long name, but the master of ambient music beats me by miles. His name? Brian Peter George St John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno, RDI.  You’re only going to do well in life or fail badly with a name like that – no in-betweens. It’s good he prefers to be known as just ‘Eno’ – a least he gave dyslexics like me a break.

A short, but excellent number from Eno called ‘By This River’.

Apart Eno’s song – Copyright © 2017 Zoolon Audio.  All rights reserved.  Unauthorized copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.




‘Tracey the Seagull’ by Zoolon

I met Tracey last week when I was crossing the Channel from Dover to Calais on the way to Dunkirk. When she posed for this photo I had no idea just what a freeloader seagull she was. After the photoshoot, outward bound, just outside of Dover Harbour, Tracey had a bit of a think then had a casual catwalk glide across to the sunny side of the ship and found a spot on the deck rail out of the way of, but still in sight of, human passengers on board. It was there she got herself sat down comfortably and didn’t move a muscle, taking in the rays, until we reached the Port of Calais where she joined Francois the Gull and his pals on a croissant hunt. What a life.

Anyway, I think a memory stick found in a drawer is the modern-day version of dusty old suitcase found in an attic. You take a look inside and find stuff you’d totally forgotten about. I found this, a thing I wrote in 2013 when I was living in a house close to a pebble beach in a road called Canada Road. I forgot I’d ever written it.


It’s a shame there’s no trees down on Canada Road

Got no autumn leaves down on Canada Road

You’ll hear the ghosts of Marines, in their infantry greens

Marching to a band down on Canada Road


A young mum pushes a pram down on Canada Road

Her mobile glued to her ear down on Canada Road

The bloke up the ladder, he couldn’t look sadder

Clearing out guttering’s on Canada Road


On Canada Road I see an old man

Outside the chemists, some pills in his hand

He’s swearing at a biker, he thinks Arsenal need a new striker

Down on Canada Road


You can’t be invisible down on Canada Road

Eyes peek from behind curtains on Canada Road

Sally Army and Mormons and some pissed up morons

Doing their thing down on Canada Road


Get salty storms down on Canada Road

You can’t beat the sea breeze down on Canada Road

Except when it blows from the East, it’s one mother of a beast

They say Julius Caesar invaded England down Canada Road


I’m down on my knees down on Canada Road

There’s just you and me down on Canada Road

And some blokes digging holes, stuffing ham and cheese rolls

Repairing a gas leak down Canada Road


It’s a shame there’s no trees down on Canada Road

Got no autumn leaves down on Canada Road


Time for some music. ‘Silent Films’ from my Rainbows End album. Hope you enjoy;

To liven things up a bit, here’s Marina & The Diamonds and their song, ‘Hollywood’. I understand she’s in the studio recording a new album right now.

My albums on sale at Bandcamp;

Apart from Marina – Copyright © 2017 Zoolon Audio.  All rights reserved.  Unauthorized copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.



deal master‘Don’t Shoot’ by Zoolon

As per usual I wanted to open up this post with something arguably funny. A story of real life type funny. It’s just that, for me, funny has to be put on the back-burner in these days of depressive politics and cruelty home and away. The crumbling state of humans/humanity has done my head in. At least I got to walk a neighbour’s new puppy. She’s a cute little thing by the name of Narla, without a care in the world. I was jealous. She does jump up a bit, as my current high-pitched voice and abnormal limp can verify.


No words of torture

When you’re frozen out

Blank faced assassins

Leave no doubt


A leper’s bell

You choose not to hear

Too busy practising

Your perfect sneer


I’m kicking on stones

Pavement side

Conflict and apathy



So many games

Just one sport

Steal my thunder

Cut me short


Do I care?

‘Course I do

Starve the busker

Enjoy the view


Ignored epics

Locked tight doors

So still the silence

No applause


You want a refund

I hear you say

I don’t carry cash

How can I pay?


I’ll tell you what

You ‘big mouths’ can do

Let false hopes lies

Be the death of you


Staying with this theme an old song of mine, ‘The Outbound Road from Hell’. Hope you enjoy;

Finally, something really special – subjective I know, but it works for me. I’d not heard of Kate until I nicked/borrowed her album from under my old man’s nose. It’s from Kate Tempest’s ‘Let Them Eat Chaos’, a song called ‘Europe Is Lost’. This is the Official Video for the song. What I also like about it is that it’s a fan made video. Hang in there and marvel.

My Dream Rescuer & Rainbows End albums are for sale at Bandcamp;

Except for Kate Tempest, Copyright © 2017 Zoolon Audio.  All rights reserved.  Unauthorized copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.


baffling of facebook

‘How to Confuse Facebook’ by Zoolon

Recently I’ve mentioned a mate of mine who has a habit of messing up. I think he may have surpassed himself on the stupid front this week.

He says, “It’s took me five hours to fit a roller blind.” I say, “Five hours? Never.” He says, “I spent two hours looking for the scissors to cut it to size. Then I spent ages wondering what the little brown things that were in a packet that came with the blind along with some screws were.” I say, “Rawlplugs.” He says, “Do what?” has a think, then says, “Is that what they’re called? Anyway, I couldn’t work out what to do with them, so I ditched them and just screwed the screws into the wall.” I say, “Brick walls?” He says, “Yes.” I say, “That’s amazing. Screwing screws into bricks without a power tool.” He says, “Not really, there’s been damp up there, they screwed in easy enough.” I say, “You must be pleased with yourself?” He says, “I wish I was, but no, when I woke up this morning it had fallen down.” I say, “You’re putting the curtains back up?” He says, “I can’t, I chucked them in the rubbish.”

At the moment I’m stuffed until my Mac gets fixed. I didn’t realize that all leads lead to a Mac and business wise I’m dead in the water without it.  Bored senseless and still waiting for the engineer to turn up I wrote some words. Not an easy thing when you’re in an evil mood.  In case you wonder, it’s about a Mac in a coma. It sings. Hopefully it reads OK. 



I’ve been dining with the Turks, they’re very special people

I think they may have the answers but mostly they never say

I’ve swum with schools of dolphins, they get exasperated

They want to climb to mountain tops but cannot find a way

When I was learning how to wipe my nose I argued with Greek thinkers

They claimed that they knew everything but just wouldn’t tell that day


I found myself in a theatre, sat watching Boredom from the stalls

One, she’s always on cloud nine, the other, he punches walls

One, she stands up proud and tall, the other, he mostly falls

I applauded, most just turned their backs, some whistled loud cat calls

Time for a song. This one is called ‘Delusional Troll’ from my Dream Rescuer album. Hope you enjoy;

Now for a song with a current theme, ‘Crucify’ by the exceptional Tori Amos.

Apart from Tori Amos – Copyright © 2017 Zoolon Audio.  All rights reserved.  Unauthorized copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.


folkestone19 (2)

‘How much? Seriously?’ – Cute dog. No price tag.

The other day, a day when shadows were having a rest, I was trying to get a clear head before going back to recording my new stuff, so I took a walk around the next town along the coast from where I live. I can’t claim to be a photographer in any way, shape or form but I find taking pictures helps me unwind so long as I don’t go overkill.

folkestone15 (3)

‘Exhibition for Nothing, Art for Free’ – It’s an arty town, and I discovered this decent piece of art stuck down some stairs, painted on the back of an open door designed for seriously short swoony people.

folkestone20 (4)

‘Romantic Destiny’ – When I saw the two dog walkers walking toward each other the random thought, ‘romantic destiny’ hit me. Will lives change the moment they meet? Probably not.

Anyway, some music to fill the void. This is an early piece, one from 2013. A demo version. It likes the volume up. The song follows the lyric. I hope you enjoy;


I travel the fastest*

In a world that is shrinking, my heart turns to stone

I’ll trade this new freedom for all that I have known


I travel alone*

Like a worn-out suit in a charity shop

I’d trade this new freedom, my religion I’d swap


We’re thrown into this world

We’re thrown into this world

We’re thrown into this world

Some tumble, some will fall


The pendulum swings

Tectonic plates shift, fault lines are drifting for now

Snapping apart the bond of the peasant and plough


Turn around and look back for me

That is the way a heart learns to bleed


I can see what needs doing

I can feel all the pain

I can reach out and touch

But I can’t loosen the chain


We’re thrown into this world

We’re thrown into this world

We’re thrown into this world

Some tumble; some will fall



I can see what needs doing

I can feel all the pain

I can reach out and touch

But I can’t loosen the chain


I travel the fastest*

In a world that is shrinking, my heart turns to stone

I’ll trade this new freedom, for all that I have known


I travel alone

Like a worn-out suit in a charity shop

I’d trade this new freedom, for all that I’ve got


We’re thrown into this world

We’re thrown into this world

We’re thrown into this world

Some tumble; some will fall

*courtesy of Rudyard Kipling who wrote, ‘He travels the fastest, who travels alone’

One from London Grammar. A song called, ‘Non Believer’. Fantastic song, fantastic production;

Apart from London Grammar, Copyright © 2013 Zoolon Audio.  All rights reserved.  Unauthorized copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.




‘Chasing the Sun’ by Zoolon

I oiled the creaky hinges to the door into the eaves of my attic studio today and for the first time understood why the Tin Man out of The Wizard of Oz had such an addiction to oil.

Saturday morning, I woke up to a curtain of snowflakes charging horizontally across my eyeline. They were carried along on a storm called, ‘The Mini Beast from the East’.  I tried writing a lyric about it, but no joy. Snow = right mood orchestral or surreal sound art. The thing is I had some words in my head. I’m a songwriter, not a poet but this time settled on just words with no melody to hide behind. 


Carried on the east wind

That freezing cold easterly

Cocky springtime overlooked

Silent snowflakes as noisy starlings

A murmuration of cloud shavings

Whirling white, swooping, nosediving

United, they put on the gig of all gigs

Hypnotizing a frosty festival audience

Magic to the eyes of small people 

Time for some music, an instrumental, ‘Bread & Jam’ I wrote just to have a bit of fun with a guitar. I hope you enjoy;

One from Emmy the Great. This number has the title ‘Easter Parade’. Its from her ‘First Love’ album. Again, I hope you enjoy. She’s magic and writes great lyrics;

Apart from Emmy the Great, Copyright © 2017 Zoolon Audio.  All rights reserved.  Unauthorized copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.


george ramsgate (2)

A photo I took last year called ‘No Parking’

I’m on thin ice with this. I’m only posting it because what happened made me laugh at the time. It concerns my father who also blogs on WP, hence the ‘thin ice’.

A while back the old man damaged his left eye. He never got it checked out. It wasn’t getting any better so finally he had it looked at.  Aside from anything else they told him he needed new distance and reading glasses.  He had a problem with the new readers.  I did notice the lenses were seriously thick. That prompted me to say, “You must have fantastic eyesight to see through those’.  After pointing out that my line wasn’t original he added, “I suppose they do look like they’ve been made out of Foxes Glacier Mints.”


So, I bump into him just as he’s about to walk down town to the optician to complain about the new readers. I said I’d give him a lift. He’s not good in shops. When we get there the girl on the counter asks him what the problem is. At this point I need to add that his attempts at dry wit is usually lost on people who don’t know him. Anyway, he tells her that the reading glasses only work at a distance of “exactly half of one inch” from his face to the extent that although the words he sees are crystal clear “like words have never been so crystal clear before” he can’t read his newspaper because his nose gets in the way and – this is as close as I can get to word for word – “Do you realize these wretched spectacles transform me into a human microscope and by way of an additional nonessential supernatural power, I can now see the fine detail of molecules and bacteria? My only worth in life is to travel to Salisbury and utilize my newfound powers helping out the security services discover minute fragments of the alleged Russian nerve agent.”  She looks blank as in ‘what the f**k is he on about’ as she’s hasn’t a clue, so she just says, “You what?” That’s when I burst out laughing and she gives me the evils thinking I’m laughing at her. I should have explained I was laughing at him but thought that that would only make it more complicated than it was.

Time for some music. ‘A Tale Still in The Telling’ (demo version, slower, weirder than the original but one where I gave the electric guitar an outing) from a while back. Hope you like it;


I’m a tale still in the telling

Your book, your book is almost read

My journey isn’t over yet

You think, you think that you’re ahead


All there is, is what you see

You’ve got, you’ve got nothing to explore

You watch, you watch your world pass you by

Never thinking there could be more


You’ll never count the stars

Fly a spaceship to Mars

But I’m going to make it all the way


I’m a tale still in the telling

I’m leaving you for dead

If you feel like buying some new music my Dream Rescuer and Rainbows End albums can be purchased via the links below;

‘Take Still in The Telling’ Copyright © 2012 & Copyright © 2017 the photo, both Zoolon Audio.  All rights reserved.  Unauthorized copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.