DCIM100MEDIA‘The day before the asteroid hit’ by Zoolon

The news that some sicko coward morphed into the big man because he carried a gun into a synagogue and randomly killed loads of innocent people leaves us relatively normal people wondering ‘Why?’

I had this random thought about the ways certain humans try to justify carrying a gun, some relying on the rule of law phrase, ‘The right to bear arms’. Maybe it would be better all-round if that sentence read, ‘The right to bare arms’ instead. That way the worst thing that could happen would be a sicko cowardly bloke wandering about in a short-sleeved t-shirt or a vest instead of carrying a shooter. A pity really that the bloke who wrote the original constitution version wasn’t a dyslexic. Had he been dyslexic the world might have been a much better place.

It’s a shame I have to have a stab at satire to explain how I feel. Can’t think of any other way to do it. The thing is words and music are all I’ve got.  Sad times we live in.


It’s easy for a loser to become an alpha-male, when he’s carrying a gun

It’s easy for him to terminate just about anything, when he’s carrying a gun

He can take pride in having a big mouth, when he’s carrying a gun

He can take pride in doing his God’s work for Him, when he’s carrying a gun

He finds it easy to kill the innocents without remorse when he’s carrying a gun

The thing is, you’ll always be a prize arsehole when you’re carrying a gun

I’m guessing that doesn’t bother you, when you’re carrying a gun?

I need to stress here that I’m not having a pop at Americans. Far from it. Every nation has its scum. Here in the UK we have our fair share – they generally carry a knife. America is a nation of great creativity and generosity – I know that from the people I meet here on WP – besides, I don’t go scoring cheap points. Respect.

Time for some music. A bit of a protest number I wrote a while back, ‘Shout at Newsreels’;

Words for the sake of words;


I wear a coat of few colours.

I write a lot about rainbows

but those who say they know these things

 tell me the rainbows I see

are just black, grey and white

I’m good with that

always was

If they never mentioned it

I’d never have known

so nothing really changed

~ Zoolon

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(A view of France from England I took yesterday including my mother who ended up paying for my breakfast a little earlier – she should have realized I don’t carry cash or remember pin numbers)

Walking around town today looking at people just getting on with their different lives it reminded me to give this one an outing. I’ve a new song to post soon that is based on this, although the lyric version has been adapted for the melody. This is the raw version.


Bare lightbulb poverty

Barefoot, no ambition

TV, PC, stolen acquisition

Earth mothers and open mouths

Kentucky Fried Central

Finger food romance

Staffie, no name tag, no leash

Move on, nothing to see here

Love in a gravy stained tracksuit

Life in a gravy stained tracksuit

Street fighting stained tracksuit

Move on, nothing to see here

Friday’s coke snorting genius

World News? Brain in gear news?

Who? What? When? Where?

Never ask Why? Never why

Indifferent indifference

Move on, nothing to see here

Really is, nothing to see here

Move on

Just go


If I could change the world

I’d unlock the poison door

Give people eyes that see

Not eyes that just look

Not eyes that turn away

Not eyes that can’t speak

Better blind than that

Nothing to see here 


Time for some music. With the new album on the way, and new videos for my YouTube channel also on the way, a last outing for the time being of my classical music vid, ‘Requiem for a Ghost’. If you’ve not heard it before, I hope you enjoy – if you have heard it already I hope you don’t mind this reprise;

Time for one from the ‘Sacred Hearts Club’ album from favourite musician, Foster the People. A song called ‘Sit Next to Me’.

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