‘A Chair’ by Someone Who Wanted a Chair

This is a 100% true. Just up from where I live there’s a road that I’m beginning to think is in another dimension in time and space. A big concept to take in.  I’ll explain. The road in question leads out of town into the countryside behind the cliffs. It has an all-important bus stop there and I think the bus stop is somehow the key that unlocks the way in and out of this ‘other dimension’.

Take yesterday, I’m driving along and by that bus stop I see a young mother holding at her breast in a kind of cuddling, yet keeping safe maternal type pose, a small white Yorkshire terrier. Nothing particularly unusual in that? I guess not, yet all the while she’s carrying the mini dog she has a little kid, a girl who has no canine-like features, just a regular kid – about 2-3 years old I reckon – on a dog lead. True! A kid on a dog lead! How opposite to all we’ve come to know and understand is that. So, odd as it’s the other way around in my dimension. I got to wondering if when the kid gets a treat is it a normal biscuit or a dog biscuit? After that I had a flood of random thoughts hit me, too many to deal with in one go.

Anyhow, that got me thinking in a ‘putting 2 + 2 together’ way. You see, just last week at the same bus stop I saw this local, by all accounts, totally blind man who I hear is a really good bloke everyone likes and it’s a real a shame he’s got the eyesight of a bat – although I don’t personally know him – resting one hand on his white walking stick and with the other hand he’s got open an AA Map Book that he’s totally engrossed reading like he isn’t blind! Maybe, he gets to see things in that ‘other place’ the other side of the bus stop and just had a bit of a residual sight when he entered back into our world? Who knows.

Obviously, I need to investigate some more, but something is going on, I’m sure of that. I’m just glad I’ve got a car and don’t have to take the bus out of town.

I’m now wondering if it’s the bus itself I should be focusing on, more than the bus stop. If I go missing having risked a bus journey, you’ll all know where I am and hopefully you will send out a rescue party into time and space.

zoolon other place‘Zoolon Through the Bus Stop’ by Zoolon

Now for some music. An instrumental piece I composed called ‘Time Out’. It has that other dimension in time and space feel.

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Despite accidentally killing my special pocket compass (as mentioned in my last post), I still might get to The North Pole as I’ve now got the compass app on my iPhone.  Having said that the phone will probably need a charge every 100 meters or so if it runs true to current form and I’m not sure if they have a mass of random electric power points spread over The Artic Circle yet.

Anyway, I felt I needed a replacement inanimate friend, so I went and got one of those flash fitness watches. Not only is a flash fitness watch great when I’m in the gym, it also goes out of it’s way to get to know everything about me. I’m cool with that, although the worrying bit is that it keeps a 24/7 register of all the steps I take. When I woke up two days ago it told me I’d taken 5 steps while I was asleep. So, so odd. If that was a 5 step sleepwalk then it’s a pretty pathetic sleepwalk. It couldn’t have been an unconscious nocturnal visit to the loo as I worked out that it’s 9 steps to my bathroom – weirdly and worryingly it’s only 8 steps back to my bed (a mini time warp?).  I’m thinking about my 5 comatose steps probably more than I should.



One day, back where it begun

When I’ve undone all the things I’ve done

When I’ve paused season one’s only ever re-run

When I’ve lost at the game I’ve always won

One day, that day, I’ll smile with the sun


I read this great line ‘Smile with the sun’ on a post from Jean Lee – – she said it was OK for me to work with it as a possible beginning of a new lyric.

Time for some music. I’m still working hard on the new album, so this is one from my old uni song writing module ‘demo’ album ‘Liquid Truth’. This track is called ‘Red Mist’. I hope you enjoy;

Next, a seriously brilliant track makes me think of sunny days and skateboarding. A song with real clout, from The Cheesebergens. It’s called ‘Cool’. This is a track from their album to be released very soon. They are a family band from California. Marissa is the Rock & Roll Super Mum (a WP blogger at ) who wrote the lyric (great words worth listening to) and plays bass, husband Ides is on drums, son Jesse plays lead and on vocals the amazing, unique Angelica.   A great video as well.

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