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I don’t know its name, or if its even got a name. However this work of art from Francesca Woodman’s portfolio captures that feeling of being ‘locked in’

When I get bored – that happens quite a lot because of being locked-in with too much on my mind and nothing much I feel like doing – I end up playing the game of ‘WHAT IF?’ Pointless, I know and certainly there’s no song to be made from this one even though it sings OK. Even so, I put my ‘WHAT IF’S’ to basic lyric.

WHAT IF no one ever finds a cure for the corona virus?
Does that mean we’ll stay locked in and grow long hair?
We might as well count the days to global melt down
And for End Times, maybe a good idea to prepare
Newsreels, they talk about this disaster
Even so, I believe the medics, the sick and dying deserve more care

SO, WHAT IF those born rich helped out and cashed a few ripe assets
That wouldn’t take a lot of effort to arrange
To them it would be like me handing over ten quid
To the girl behind the counter, “There you go, you can keep the change”
Am I asking far too much from those with plenty?
Most likely I guess they’d all want something in exchange

WHAT IF the monarch sold the Crown Jewels
Perhaps, the holiday home in Scotland’s Holyrood as well
So then she could throw some hard currency in the direction of the nurses
The doctors, the carers, and all the other ‘at risk’ personnel?
Or would she say, “No way, it’s British heritage
And that, my young subject, is all I’m going to tell”

WHAT IF The Pope went and mortgaged The Vatican
With all the millions of pounds and dollars that would raise?
He could hand out the cash and help the living dying
Or would he say “Corona’s just a nasty phase
It’s best to leave these things to God in Heaven
And as you might know God works in the strangest ways”

Some fierce music from my ‘The Forgotten Daughter of Zeus’ album. It’s titled what I am, a ‘One Man Band’. I hope you enjoy.

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mushrooms3 (2)

‘Mushroom Quartet’

I don’t make a habit of hanging out in graveyards. The only reason I found myself in one on Saturday morning was because it was pouring with rain and the path through the graves of St Eanswythe Church was a shortcut from where my car was parked and the place I was heading for.

Having loads of gravestones is only to be expected in a graveyard. But not mushrooms. Loads of them all over the place. They looked edible but I wasn’t taking any chances. A pity, mushrooms are my favourite food.

mushrooms2 (2)

‘Mushrooms, Minder’s of The Dead’

Taking that walk reminded me that back in 2017 I posted the story of St Eanswythe aka the Princess Who Morphed Into a Fish  After doing a bit of research on her I discovered she was an Anglo-Saxon princess who died in 640 aged just 26 and that when she got depressed she generally turned herself into a fish – I never did find out what kind of fish – and had a swim in the sea until she felt better about life in general. I like to think she decided to be a starfish when times were bleak. I’m not sure why, although if she had any commonsense you’d think she’d turn herself into a mermaid, unless she was embarrassed that maybe she didn’t have their regulation long hair? Who knows.

Also, that the Pope made her a Saint because she made water defy gravity and run uphill is pretty amazing. Just imagine that. I’m guessing she could make it rain upwards if she had the mind to do so. No more rain on sunny days. Neat.

Personally I’d always thought the Pope made her a Saint because – impressively –  nobody in the whole world could pronounce her name. How wrong I was. Are the mushrooms something to do with Saint Eanswythe previously known as Princess Eanswythe? We’ll never know.

Now for the Saturday morning spider’s webs on my car. No actual spiders though. Just abandoned webs. It looked like they left in a hurry. I’m thinking the spiders heard I was off to see Princess Eanswythe and ran off some place.

spiders (2)

‘The Web With No Name#1’

spiders2 (2)

‘The Web With No Name#2’

Time for some music. This song is about one of my favourite living things, ‘Bees’ – better put, the ‘lack of a bees’ because that’s what the song is about. It’s called ‘Sunlight & The Dust’ and it’s from my album, ‘Dream Rescuer’. You’ll find this album and all my others on BANDCAMP  I hope you enjoy;

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