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‘Earlier That Night’ – adapted from a photo by Christian Lagereek

Why me? I couldn’t work out what was happening at first. The sky looked weird. There’s not too much light pollution on the coast yet this night the sky had no flickering stars nor the black blanket the stars take a rest on. It wasn’t sea mist, clouds or fog either. It was big and getting bigger all the time. It didn’t take long before it filled the sky with somethingness. Only then did I work it out. The moon had decided to crash into the earth and there was nothing I could do about it.

All around me, people not looking up. Happy smiling people without a clue what was about to happen. I tried to tell them but although my mouth mimed the words the words weren’t coming out. Fear and anger. Anger and fear.

Soon I could see not just the outlines of the moon’s craters like you would with a telescope. This time I could see them clearly, like people on holiday flying over the Grand Canyon, except that I was looking up while they’d be looking down. I figured I had about five minutes to live. The bloke on his mountain bike who passed by didn’t have a clue, nor the group of girls sat on the bench eating their takeaway something. It was probably for the best they weren’t looking up. That way they’d die without having to get stressed about it.

Then I remembered that the lady from Vladivostok who always speaks of interesting things was arriving later to cut my hair. That’s when I woke up.

Here’s both the lyric & the song, ‘Ticking Clock’. I hope you enjoy;
In this land
The sky only knows
How to rain and how to hide us from the sun
The ticking clock
Stuck in reverse
They lead us all backwards to when time had just begun
Pretending all along they had a plan a morale plan
The chatter of the mindless now has made this mess
Made this mess

In this place
Threats turn to war
Bombs and poor excuses feed the starving hawk
The ticking clock
Stuck in reverse
Can we leave these leaders fighting on their own?

from Dream Rescuer, released May 15, 2017

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DSC00323A castle waiting for moonlight

According to my father this is a more or less accurate account of a conversation we had when I was 4 years old.

“Look George, there’s a new moon tonight”

“What happened to the old one, Dad?”

Nothing much has changed.


THE MOON HAS HAD ITS FILL (maybe, when played around with a song for future times)

Behind a cloak of man-made clouds,

A worn-out Moon takes time out for a break,

It’s lost its faith in Planet Earth,

A place of tears and of heartache,

Down there politicians swear by national anthems,

Philosophers on a line of coke,

Priests get off on looking skyward,

The poor, the poor just hope.

Let the birth-rates tumble,

Let time and tide stand still,

Don’t look back in sorrow,

It’s just the Moon, it’s had its fill.


Time for some music. This time, not one of mine. Beth Orton, ‘Moon’.

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