OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA‘Good Morning’ – Embry, Pas De Calais, France

I’m a musician. I’m definitely not a photographer, but taking pics helps me unwind, plus it feeds all sorts of creativity. All today’s shots have a French connection. I hope you enjoy;

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA‘Goodnight’ – Domfront, Normandy, France

charville 4 (3)‘Goodbye’ – Charleville, The Ardennes, France


george21‘Le Touquet – 2016’


You ask me questions I can’t answer

I write you songs you’ll never hear

Words fading into thin air

Words that die and disappear


In the company of egos

In the places I don’t want to be

I leave when no one’s looking

No goodbyes = no history


Now it’s time for me hideaway

Go on the run to someplace new

Where dreamers get to dream their dreams

Maybe a room without a view


Midnight keeps its secrets

Daylight takes but never shares

Twilight’s just the Devil’s kiss

Only Love’s Shadow cares


You ask me questions I can’t answer

I write you songs you’ll never hear

A promise made, a promise kept

Perhaps this time, next year 

The beginning of a song? I never know at this stage, but I hope so. 

Time for some music. My ballad ‘Pain – aka Love’s Shadow’ from the Dream Rescuer album.  Hope you enjoy;

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