Hi everyone, just letting you know I don’t have a usual WordPress blog post schedule at the moment. I’m currently in the middle of producing a brand new album which is slowly but surely piecing together.

A screenshot of one of the tracks I’ve been working on.

The most important thing that has been put into place lately is that all my music is now streaming on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music under the name ‘George Blamey-Steeden’. ‘Zoolon’ is no more.

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If you enjoy my music whether following, ‘liking’, sharing or simply streaming from time to time on those platforms I mentioned above helps me out massively and is much appreciated. In the meantime I’ll still be reading your posts.


Photographs courtesy of the sea

Honesty and fabrications
All that glitters can’t be good
Smiles, tears and accusations
Tell a kind of truth no one understood

I live in a hole in the ground
Above live the germs. Happy germs.
They play football most days
In empty stadiums
Mostly though
They can get on your nerves
They knock on my door uninvited
Chanting songs of imaginary guilt
Songs no one needs to know

I’d been hoping
In my forever hole
My neighbours
Were rabbits
Maybe badgers
Definitely not ants
But mainly they are rats
Fat rats, in smart suits
Making money out of politics
And screwing up people’s lives

Next door in the tower
Lives an overfed woodlice
He asked me if I had a gun
I told him I didn’t do guns
But I do climb fences OK
He speaks a lot
But doesn’t say much
He doesn’t like the blackbirds
And the best thing is
They don’t like him

Honesty and fabrications
All that glitters can’t be good
Smiles, tears and accusations
Tell a kind of truth no one understood

A quote I forgot, but rate. One that just came back to me a minute ago.
‘Lose your dreams and you might lose your mind’ – Mick Jagger

Some music. ‘Time Out’ from my ‘Dream Rescuer’ album. The album itself is available from BANDCAMP I hope you enjoy;

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DSC00687 (2)

‘On The Outside Looking In – A Travel Agent’s Shop Window’

It’s Christmas any day now. Stating the obvious, this year is nearly over. Time to give my head a break for a few days. I’ll catch up with you all soon.

The main thing is that I’d like to thank all of you for your support this year. It’s meant a lot and helped inspire me on those days when the music goes into hiding and the words just won’t arrive. Also to those who have bought my albums, merchandise and ‘poem to song’ product, a major thank you. Importantly I want to say Happy Christmas to everyone. Have a good one. Here’s a few words of hope for 2020.

Don’t matter who or what you are
When we all eat and sleep on the same dying star
It’s no one else’s business if you’re a believer or you’re not
Face it – this abused planet is all that we’ve got

It’s Christmas once again, a time of peace
So let the fighting and all the pointless hatred cease
There are no border lines to cross to make it so
Give back to Planet Earth all that we must owe

Here in the West I play my guitar
Over in the East she plays sitar
All around the world we play on rusty tins and violins
If we don’t play the melody together no one wins

Tomorrow is too late when there’s today
Let’s get our act together – no delay
Our last chance to scroll back time has now arrived
In the end we need to say, ‘we did it, we survived’


‘Thinking’ Mugshot

I think 2019 has been my most creative year yet. In January I released the instrumental album ‘The Forgotten Daughter of Zeus’, then come May there was the ‘Devil’s Kiss’ EP. On top of that in September and October I managed two 4 hour long ‘backing track’ albums. Although the backing tracks are mainly aimed at other musicians they work for anyone looking out for background music while they work, read or whatever else they might be doing (like cooking a festive feast).

Anyhow, with the new year on the way I thought if any of you out there want to listen to my collection of 2019 music then below, the links to stream each album. I hope you enjoy;

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I’m an idiot for not taking a video of the gull. I’ll tell you why.

For the first day in ages it had stopped raining and was just warm enough for me to have my breakfast outside a café – Eggs Benedict for what it’s worth. Halfway through eating I spotted this gull stood at the door of an estate agent next to the café. At first I thought he (maybe a she, but being a little arrogant I’m thinking a he) was clocking himself in the reflection of the window. However he wasn’t judging his good looks as moments later he was trying to open the door with his beak. When that failed he started to tap at the door – beak taps, that is – trying to get a reaction. Eventually a lady opened the door and gave him a good couple of handfuls of croutons she’d made especially for him.

Apparently the gull visits every single morning at 9.30AM – on the dot – for breakfast and the only reason he had to hang around was that the lady who had fried up the croutons for him had to let them cool down before serving them up. Once he’d scoffed the lot he flew off to wherever gulls go when their not eating or shitting on my car.

While I don’t agree humans should be feeding gulls who really ought to be out at sea fishing for themselves I couldn’t help thinking the interaction between bird and human was OK this time. It’s all about the relationship between a decent human and wildlife to me.

The oddest thing was that when eating the croutons this gull didn’t scream out boasting to all his gull mates that he’d had a result at the estate agents. That’s what usually happens with gulls just before a massive bundle kicks off as they fight to steal each other’s food.

I like seagulls. They’ve got attitude. The rappers of the bird world.

Once, a couple of years ago I was leaving a car park when some heartless moron deliberately drove over a young gull. He flattened the gull then drove off – at speed after spotting me in kill mode. The juvenile gull took a minute or two to die. Sadly I wasn’t brave enough to put it out of its misery. I still feel guilty about that.

I got the reg number of his car, rushed over to the police station but they weren’t bothered. “It’s one for the RSPCA, son,” was all they said. I often think about this. I often think the same thing should happen to that driver. A steam-roller would do nicely.

Here’s ‘Time Out’ my song for the gulls alive and dead from my Dream Rescuer album. I hope you enjoy;

Here’s my album ‘Rainbows End’ on Spotify.  You can stream all my music there or free. Alternatively, for downloads of my work go to BANDCAMP  Here’s the link SPOTIFY

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‘A Hill with a View’ by Zoolon

Just ½ an hour ago I got stopped by a lady in the street who said, “I’m in dire need of puzzles”. True. I had no idea if this was a question or not, so I grinned a hopeless grin and walked on. Ultra odd.

Early hours, Sunday. Creativity, lyric wise – dead. I thought I’d try something new; something different. I picked out a few verses from songs I’d been listening to, then wrote down any random words they prompted. Result = Odd. This is what I got. 


‘Yes, I received your letter yesterday, about the time the door knob broke

When you asked me how I was doing, or was that some kind of joke?’

‘Bob Dylan’

What things do you count when you’re alone in my head?

Grey cells, forgotten dreams or just words that I’ve said?

What do you see when you’re behind my eyes?

Black and white and silver grey, or a red green divide?


‘I was feeling tired, from the silence and the daily trends

Wanted to feel inspired, from the voices I heard in my head’

‘Lola Marsh’

Mist fell for a cliff edge

A hopeless affair that couldn’t last

Lover’s kiss the rocks below

I should have told them, but they never asked


‘Got shackles on, my words are tied, fear can make you compromise

Lights turned up, it’s hard to hide, sometimes I wanna disappear’

‘Foster The People’

Woke up this morning

A song for you inside my head

Reached for the pen and paper

The song was already dead


 ‘In the air, a sea of words, that didn’t come soon enough

In my mind a railway station and a ticket stub’

‘Emmy the Great’ 

What do you dream of when lying in bed?

Fairy tales, party balloons or a pain in the head?

What will I do if I ever finish this song?

I’ll go searching for the dark place where I long to belong


If you’ve not heard of Lola Marsh or Emmy the Great do have a listen.

Time for a song. This one is called ‘Rexie Believes in Magic’. Ever since it got curated this one has had been streamed hundreds of times – thankfully. Hope you enjoy;

Below, my new album, ‘The Forgotten Daughter of Zeus’ plus all the other albums. The downloads are available to buy at £5 – or the equivalent in other currencies worldwide. The complete set of albums i.e. my discography, is £12 the whole set. It/they can be streamed direct from Bandcamp, although for great sound quality the download is best.




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