Pieces of Life’ by TheodorWorker

‘Liquid Truth’

All my bridges burnt
No sparkle in the stars
No redness in the sunset
Just the sad song of guitars

You have a version of the truth I can’t believe
You’re all wrapped up in lies, I’ve got to leave
You tell liquid truth from behind those eyes
But you hide it well behind indifferent sighs

How soon ‘not now’ becomes ‘never’*
And never nearly always means forever

When will all the pieces come together?
And if I don’t like the picture am I stuck with it forever
Yes, when will all the pieces come together?
And if I don’t like the picture am I stuck with it forever

The candlelight flickers but the flame holds strong
I guess you’re wondering now where you belong
You say you don’t want your death to last for hours
“Don’t wait until I’m dead to send me flowers”#

*Quote about laziness from Martin Luther (1483-1546) German priest & philosopher.

#Words of my mother in a poem she wrote.

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All Winter Long Cover

‘China Album Cover’

On the one hand it’s been a good week as I’ve just got my music into China. Hopefully the bespoke for ‘China only’ album ‘All Winter Long’ will be heard there via all the major streaming platforms. That’s the plan anyway. On the other hand, I’ve got the flu and and can’t sing a note right now as my voice sounds like I’ve got a clothes peg attached to my nose plus I could do with a body temp of 37 C/98.6 F again. Anyhow, time for new music words;

I don’t know the freeway from the forest
Don’t know sunshine from moonlight
I’ve a head full of sand and sawdust
I see no colours, just black and white

Life, you have two faces
You’re a door without a key
Demons & angels trading places
Where nothing comes for free

An open prison I can’t escape from
You’re a thief but you don’t care
You’re an addiction without a needle
So you fix, sometimes you share

I’ll lose my dreams if can’t disguise them
Soon I won’t know tomorrow from today
You’re the god, you are the devil
You’re winter’s midnight midday in May

Talking about the album for China, here’s ‘All Winter Long’ originally from my ‘Rainbows End’ album;

Fancy a ‘Mysterious Grove’? It’s one of my backing tracks but you might find it OK to relax to – hopefully.

And here, one of the other places where ‘Mysterious Groove’ lives and can be downloaded;

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Zoolon’s Simple Take on Trees

I wouldn’t like to be a tree in the Amazon right now. Having said that I probably wouldn’t particularly want to be a tree in the first place. I’d never get to see The Arsenal play again or get to eat macaroni cheese. Then there’s dogs with an urgent need to think about, plus if I become a tree I guess all my guitars would get sold on eBay.

More seriously, even though science has proven trees interact with one another and given that they reduce erosion, moderate the climate, remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store a mass of carbon in their tissues, plus trees and forests provide a habitat for many species of animals, insects and plants who would otherwise die out, we chop the lot down for a ton of pathetic reasons. Mainly it’s all about humans making big money whatever the damage to the planet they leave behind. Short term thinking? Too right it is.

Relevant to my mini rant, here’s my protest song ‘Sunlight & The Dust’ along with a few more ‘new photos of old photos’ almost forgotten.

20191109_110141 (2)

The spaceman from a green blue planet stopped by to pay us a visit and say “hello”
Earthman offered him a ready meal wrapped in plastic and a home delivery pizza just for show

20191109_105434 (2)

Spaceman said, “Man you’ve some great trees here, it’s a shame you’ve not got that many anymore”
Earthman just shrugged and said “That’s how we like it, besides we don’t eat apples like before”

20191109_110529 (2)

“You’re kidding me, the trees keep you lot well and alive, their fruit is the best thing you can get
This rubbish you just served up isn’t for me mate – it’s less a meal; more a bloody threat”

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‘The Long Way Home’

My song ‘All Winter Long’ off the ‘Rainbows End’ album seems to fit the mood of the new words that I found washed up on the beach – sort of.


Dreamers dance while dancers dream
Songbirds love while lovers sing
No frozen sun, no burning snow
Maybe tomorrow, long ago

No need for signposts to guide me home
They say all roads, they lead to Rome
I travel light always alone
Since you said ‘goodbye, au revoir, shalom’

I never followed in your footsteps
Never read the words you wrote
Never picked up on your last message
Never checked out your latest quote

Too late for celebration
Just time to snuff the flame
No need for explanation
The whistles blown to end the game

The only killer with this potential lyric is that, even adapted, it presently sounds like a Eurovision Song Contest number. Not good.

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‘Claudette Colbert still from Cecil B. DeMille’s ‘Cleopatra’ movie 85 years ago’

He was thinking to himself that he’d never written a letter. A proper letter, using a pen and paper. A letter he would write, sign and post. He decided he’d have a go although the absence of pre-emptive text was worrying him. His spelling wasn’t that great. After more thought he came up with the idea of writing a love letter. The only problem being that he didn’t know who to write to as he didn’t know anyone.  Because of that he went for a random ‘too whom it may concern’ type of letter.

After going down to the shops to get hold of a pen (he didn’t own a pen) and paper (the only paper he had at home was toilet paper) he wrote his love letter. The letter didn’t say much. Just his address and a couple of lines that read, “Dear Whoever You Are, I’m looking for a soul mate to love. If you’re interested please get in touch, Yours Sincerely, Джордж” – his dad was Russian.

The only problem was that he had a letterbox phobia so instead of posting the letter in the post-box up the road he went down the seafront. It was handy he lived by the sea. He took with him the letter, an empty bottle and a cork. He was pleased to have thought of this idea because had he posted the letter in an envelope it didn’t have a forwarding address written on it anyway. Making sure the tide was on the way out he put the letter in the bottle then stuffed the cork in, then chucked the bottle in the sea.

Cleopatra also lived by the sea. She was out walking her leopard along the shoreline when she spotted the letter in a bottle. The cork was stuck in the bottle. She tried to pull it out with her teeth. She failed, so she smashed it on the rocks, careful to pick up the pieces. Джордж’s letter made Cleo smile. She decided to reply. The stamps cost her a small fortune as she lived in Egypt and he lived England.

When Джордж received Cleo’s letter he was over the moon. He took a ship all the way to Egypt and met up with her at her grand palace. Джордж was most impressed. That night they had a meal together at a McDonald in Alexandria. They got on well and planned to meet up again the next day, even though Джордж was allergic to big cats. After Джордж had given Cleo a polite kiss and said, ‘Goodnight Cleopatra’ he went back to his hotel and wrote her this song.

Here’s Cleo’s song. I hope you enjoy;

The instrumental album this number is on is available to download via the link below;

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‘Milo the laser chaser’

What an interesting couple of days in the life of Zoolon.

First of all I’d taken a visit to a pal of mine and his girlfriend who had just moved into a new flat they’d bought. It’s a nice place. Better still, not long after I arrived so did Milo the 8 week old kitten. He’s black & white like my old Border Collie, Skipper was. I bought Milo a present from a pet shop. A laser chaser. He got hooked chasing its images. I like Milo. I want a cat for myself now. I’ve never had a cat before.

I get back home. An article in The Independent newspaper said that the GCHQ (aka M15) secret service were looking to hire dyslexics. Part of what the paper wrote said, ‘The nation’s intelligence services are directly looking to recruit people with dyslexia, the head of GCHQ has confirmed.’ Apparently they like how dyslexics think. That got me thinking ‘that’ll do me nicely’. I’m dyslexic and might end up being the new James Bond; probably the first ever dyslexic James Bond. I hope my first Bond girl hasn’t got a long, complicated name though. Long words are a dyslexics nightmare.

The German language has loads of long words, like;

They’ve got hundreds of words like this one. I wonder how Germans, let alone dyslexic Germans, play Scrabble?

The thing is my mother, in particular, thought I should apply for the MI5 gig. Later on she started to have doubts. She even said, “You’ll never apply, I know what you’re like.” I gave her an all-knowing smile and replied, “How do you know I haven’t?”  You see spies never blow their cover. Maybe my music is just a front?

It might be of interest that after a long layoff Zoolon is now back on SOUNDCLOUD I thought it time to give them another try. I’ll see if they can match people like Bandcamp this time around, plus they represent yet another outlet for my music. Here’s a song from that source. It’s called ‘Hooked’. I hope you enjoy;

On the subject of music. Here’s my  BANDCAMP  link where you will discover my seven albums. Here’s a taster of the two new ones; the backing track ones. I hope you enjoy;


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