tv3 (2)‘The Last Still Frame at The End of Time’ by Zoolon


The last piece of A4 paper ever floated by on the wind. It wasn’t long before it landed in the playground that once had swings, a roundabout and a climbing frame. Since the end of time the playground had become just rusty bent poles on messed up concrete. That didn’t matter as there were no more kids to play there.

An old lady walking her invisible dog found it. She remembered writing paper but not pens and ink or pencils.  She had no idea what trees were. Since the end of time the only things that were still upright were streetlights without any lightbulbs. Not having any light wasn’t a major problem as night-time was never dark and the sun never had to hide behind clouds like it did before she was born. She didn’t even know what clouds were.

The old lady had a name once, but not now. The piece of A4 paper fascinated her. Oblong and both sides the same shade of white. She asked her invisible dog if he knew what to do with it. Her invisible dog couldn’t bark let alone speak. He wasn’t much use.

Back home in her bouncy castle that never bounced anymore she laid the piece of A4 paper on the big wooden box she found the day that time officially ended. She had never got around to opening the big wooden box even though it rattled as if it had something inside.

If she hadn’t tripped and stumbled on top of the wooden box forcing the lid to open she’d have never found out what was inside. Even though she hurt her elbow and knees falling that didn’t matter to her. Inside the box the end of time forgot were diamonds, ruby rings, nuggets of gold and an HB grade dark blue coloured pencil with ‘Property of Peru’ written in small print on its side.

The  diamonds, ruby rings and nuggets of gold meant nothing to her. The thing was that in the fuss of her falling over the pencil tip had marked the last piece of A4 paper ever. A wiggly line in the top corner. She got to thinking. Deep thinking. It wasn’t long before she’d drawn a picture of her invisible dog. Just a sketch of what she thought he might look like. She showed it to him but he didn’t seem that interested. The old lady didn’t care. Without realizing it at first it soon dawned on her that she’d invented ART. She could hardly wait to tell her invisible cat when he got back home. Maybe living at the end of time wasn’t so bad after all.

Talking of ‘Clouds’ as I just was, here’s 60 second guitar recital I composed. Hope you like it;

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