‘The Sea Puts on a Show For Free’

I was fighting with insomnia when I wrote this. Couldn’t sleep. It didn’t help that The Arsenal had lost to the Chavs in a game we deserved to win. It’s at times like these words choose themselves and I keep out of their way.

The death toll is rising
Snowflakes and fire
In the tent of the future
We planned to conspire

You gave me a smile
I got lost in a dream
I haven’t got answers
You haven’t a scheme

One day on the top of death’s channel
We looked down at the ocean’s floor
And like the dying native American
You shouted out, ‘You know, there is so much more’

Holding hands as we jumped from the cliff edge
Down to the still water below
We made sure to remember what the dying man said
‘After fire there is always snow’

Here’s a number from Volume One of my Backing Track collection. It’s called a ‘DIRTY ROCK GROOVE’ – IN A MAJOR’. You’ll find them all at MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL   I hope you enjoy;


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