Yesterday at the farm down the road I had a chat with Number 85. We got on OK but our conversation was a one-sided affair. Because of that I thought I’d ask the lamb a few easy questions. It went like this. “What would you call a long rigid piece of metal?” The lamb answered, “Bar.” Next, “What would you call a counter in a pub?” Answer, “Bar”. Then “Another word for ‘obstacle’ please?” “Bar” said the lamb. And lastly, “Name a short section into which a piece of music is divided?” The lamb nailed it, saying, “Bar.” That’s one clever lamb.


The innocence of madness spells regret
An arrogance of kindness tells me it’s not over yet
Not over until its end is reached
Not over until the whale is washed up upon the beach

The impotence of passion cuts my flesh
The gentle bliss of ignorance keeps inflamed wounds fresh
And the chatter of the mindless in distress
Like white noise in some headphones just sounds a total mess

The sorry dance of others playing games
A maze of insinuation playing havoc with the sane
And Joan of Arc’s cold vision strikes a chord
Violins and mediation, or drum beats and the sword?

The mist of prosecution clouds my case
The only thing I’m guilty of is remembering your face
You left behind your favour but not your grace
Does all your returned mail get to end up in deep space?

So just who claims the higher ground?
You’re still taking prisoners even though you have been crowned
The Monarch of all that you survey?
If you’re being truthful you’d have it no other way

Disillusioned martyrs run for cover
Don’t want to share a grave with some radicalised brother
It’s for the best you lock away their guns
Bombs and poor excuses won’t save any mother’s son
Bombs and poor excuses save no one
Bombs and poor excuses hit and run

Short of creativity I scrolled back to 2013. I’d just started uni. The words above were a mock-up lyrical verse I never got around to use for a song. I’m still trying to work out if it’s got legs.

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