mushrooms3 (2)

‘Mushroom Quartet’

I don’t make a habit of hanging out in graveyards. The only reason I found myself in one on Saturday morning was because it was pouring with rain and the path through the graves of St Eanswythe Church was a shortcut from where my car was parked and the place I was heading for.

Having loads of gravestones is only to be expected in a graveyard. But not mushrooms. Loads of them all over the place. They looked edible but I wasn’t taking any chances. A pity, mushrooms are my favourite food.

mushrooms2 (2)

‘Mushrooms, Minder’s of The Dead’

Taking that walk reminded me that back in 2017 I posted the story of St Eanswythe aka the Princess Who Morphed Into a Fish  After doing a bit of research on her I discovered she was an Anglo-Saxon princess who died in 640 aged just 26 and that when she got depressed she generally turned herself into a fish – I never did find out what kind of fish – and had a swim in the sea until she felt better about life in general. I like to think she decided to be a starfish when times were bleak. I’m not sure why, although if she had any commonsense you’d think she’d turn herself into a mermaid, unless she was embarrassed that maybe she didn’t have their regulation long hair? Who knows.

Also, that the Pope made her a Saint because she made water defy gravity and run uphill is pretty amazing. Just imagine that. I’m guessing she could make it rain upwards if she had the mind to do so. No more rain on sunny days. Neat.

Personally I’d always thought the Pope made her a Saint because – impressively –  nobody in the whole world could pronounce her name. How wrong I was. Are the mushrooms something to do with Saint Eanswythe previously known as Princess Eanswythe? We’ll never know.

Now for the Saturday morning spider’s webs on my car. No actual spiders though. Just abandoned webs. It looked like they left in a hurry. I’m thinking the spiders heard I was off to see Princess Eanswythe and ran off some place.

spiders (2)

‘The Web With No Name#1’

spiders2 (2)

‘The Web With No Name#2’

Time for some music. This song is about one of my favourite living things, ‘Bees’ – better put, the ‘lack of a bees’ because that’s what the song is about. It’s called ‘Sunlight & The Dust’ and it’s from my album, ‘Dream Rescuer’. You’ll find this album and all my others on BANDCAMP  I hope you enjoy;

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‘Alfie’s Back in Town’

Here’s Alfie the most popular dog – maybe the most popular living thing – in town. He’s just back on the scene after a short break recovering from an op to sort his leg out. Now he’s good to go all the old ladies are feeding him the treats they keep in their handbags just for Alfie. He’s the friendliest little bloke you could ever come across. I was so glad to see him again. A shame the owner Mel won’t let me have him as a replacement for my old dog Skipper who snuffed it a couple of years ago. Welcome back, Alfie.

No more words, just another song today. It’s called ‘Punchdrunk’ off my ‘Rainbows End’ album. I hope you enjoy;

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france door4 2019

‘Doorway to The Room of Clouds’

‘One minute I held the key
Next the walls were closed on me
I discovered that my castle stands
Upon pillars of salt, and pillars of sand’

I thought I’d try something random again, just writing the first thing/things that came into my head. I’ve not done it for awhile. Here we go – fingers crossed. A letter; 

Dear Marie Antoinette aka Miss Misfit,

I painted a portrait of you. In water colours. I got them for next to nothing in a charity shop. I couldn’t afford canvas and oils. It was rubbish. I can’t paint.

It’s cold and rainy today, just like yesterday. Storms from the North Atlantic. I got soaked chasing the rainbows end. I only chased it for the pot of gold. It wasn’t there.

I never did get a replacement dog. Soon maybe. Maybe not. I wonder what happened to your toy spaniel? I never did catch its name.

Will you remember to remember me? Sometimes? Ever? Never?

I’m making a new song. Just for you. It should be finished come December. A ballad. Not quite a ballad. Acoustic, obviously. Minor chords wouldn’t have it any other way. A festive time present you’re too far away to hear. Sound travels only so far. Then it dies. The song hasn’t got a name yet.

I’ll turn this letter into a neat paper dart. I’ll aim it your way. I’m sick of posting things.

This’ll make you laugh. Some types of parking meters fascinate me. The ones that look as though they have a face with eyes, nose and mouth, but no ears. I’ve photographed some. In France, in summer, I took pics of unusual doors. One of them was a door to nowhere. If you’re looking for a metaphor there isn’t one. Not this time.

It’s a shame you talked about cakes when no one knew what cakes were. You caused a revolution. Impressive.

Best Wishes,

Zoolon aka I Hunt-Alone (mostly)

france door 2019

‘Doorway to an Apple Tree – just the one’

Here’s another track from the new album. It’s called ‘Laid Back Groove – G Minor’. Even though it’s a backing track aimed mainly at other musicians it – and the rest of the numbers – stands alone and is part of that 3 hour/20 track new album, ‘Guitar Jam, Volume 1 – Zoolon Audio Backing Tracks’. I hope you enjoy;

If you’re interested the new album can be downloaded at BANDCAMP   It costs just £6.50 or currency equivalent wherever you live.

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^My pal Adam celebrating his victory^

I put a pic of me just about to lose a game of pool on the blog a couple of posts back (see below for a repeat performance). What I’d forgotten at the time was that I had with me at the point of my defeat, my Go-Pro. That’s how I got to make the GIF of him celebrating his victory immediately after sinking the black ball. A bit over the top – uncalled for even – I thought. Anyhow, I hope it gets a few laughs!

G5 (B&W)



‘Money is the reason we exist
Everybody knows it, it’s a fact – kiss, kiss’
Lana Del Rey from her song, ‘National Anthem’ 

The Amazons on fire again
The ice caps melt away
Sea levels gone and lost the plot
Plastic bottles don’t decay
Exhaust fumes and factory waste
Industry is all
The planet keeps on spinning
But it’s heading for a fall
Species upon species
Mankind has killed the lot
Go kill another elephant
Go take another shot
We breed too many humans
While the food chain’s breaking up
Come tomorrow, come the big bang
Our lungs will scream for oxygen in a cup

It wouldn’t be right to quote Lana without posting a vid of her song ‘National Anthem’. To me it’s a masterpiece stuffed full of satire.

No way can I best Lana, so today just me and an angry guitar. The number is called ‘One Man Band’;


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G1‘Unfeasibly Giant Hands’

I’ve been working on a couple of big – at least to me they’re big – music projects these last couple of months and now, near the end, I find I’m putting so much into it trying to get it finally finished that I can’t write the words I want anymore. I’ve hit a dull patch of blog creativity. The pressure to complete the project got worse with the rising heat these last few days. 30 degrees+. I work from an attic studio and it gets amazingly hot when it’s hot – even blasting cold air via the fan does nothing to cool it down. It got so hot I thought I’d take a walk to the harbour. At least there’s usually a sea breeze there. How wrong I was. The harbour was in still air and was just as hot as the attic, but at least I took a few pics.

Anyhow, the first pic is of the famous White Cliffs of Dover – that’s never had any bluebirds, by the way – taken from the end of the new pier that’s been put up as part of the Western Dock revival.

dover6 (2)

Next a shot – again from the new pier – of the marina. You can get a decent hot chocolate there although they serve it up with a sugar-central square of some kind of rubbery chocolate cake I don’t like. Luckily for them the seagulls do like.

dover9 (2)

The following one shows the, as yet, work in progress on the Western Dock. I’ve seen the pics of what it’s going to look like when it’s finished. It looks really good although I know this project has been mainly funded with a lot of EU money so I’m wondering what will happen if Brexit actually happens. I’m hoping it never happens. It’s already cost me money losing the opportunity to take on some sound design work in France.

dover4 (2)

On the new pier a thing that got me is that there’s a sign that says – amongst other things – ‘NO JUMPING’.  Why would you ‘jump’ on a pier when you can walk, jog or run? Up on the steep White Cliffs, especially near the sheer drop edges, where there should be a sign saying ‘NO JUMPING’ there isn’t one. Odd. Also, I wonder if when the Cockney’s from the  East End of London pay a visit will they take the line, ‘No feeding of birds’ to mean that their wives’ have to starve during their stay here? Odder still.

dover5 (3)

I thought some ambient music might fit the serenity of the harbour on a day like this. It’s the title track from my ‘Pigeons Are Switzerland’ album. I hope you enjoy;

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G5 (B&W)‘Defeat Looms’

An adapted story. I say adapted only because I turned it into verse for this post.

What’s the worst thing you want to hear about if you’re an artist, photographer, writer, poet, musician, whatever apart from being ignored? I’d often wondered. Now I know.


“I kinda like your kinda great kinda music

I kinda like the way you kinda write a kinda song

I kinda like the kinda words for your kinda lyrics

I kinda think we might kinda get along”


Not sure if I was being dissed or liked, my reply;

“I kinda think I better be off now”

Was my kinda way of saying goodbye

I kinda hope she hasn’t kinda killed my kinda creativity

If so I kinda think I’ll just break down and kinda cry

There’s got to be a song in there somehow. Having said that here is a song. It’s an older number written about a front man in our teenage band I played lead in. He thought he was the only talent and owned the show. Big ego’s kill bands as he found out. After that I gave up being in bands. Politics doesn’t do it for me. Anyway, I hope you like it;

The pic below I took from a clifftop. I was looking down and spotted just the tail of a giant mermaid on the beach below. I hope she wasn’t harpooned and washed onto the beach on the incoming tide.

folks8‘The Giant Mermaids Tail’

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birm5 (2)(‘Gulp’ by Zoolon) 


You gave safe passage to your demons

When the darkness came to call

Waved ‘goodbye cruel world’ and whispered

“Why stumble when I can fall?

I’ll be the ghost who comes to haunt you

The one who’ll own your every waking hour

And when you’re trying to ‘rescue dreams’

Your sanity I’ll devour

That’s the price you pay for breaking

This heart you once held dear

From here and till the end of time

Memory of me will never disappear”


You gave safe passage to your demons

But I couldn’t move on and never say

The words I wrote for your epitaph read

‘Summer died on a Saturday’

Here’s my original ambient electronic song by the same name, ‘Summer Died on a Saturday’.  I hope you enjoy;

george12 (2)

‘Zoolon, his guitars 100 miles away, is having a think

somewhere in Birmingham just minutes before trying

to write a traditional type poem instead of a lyric

 – this weird poem’

birm8 (2)‘Saturday just gone – the day Summer died’

 Zoolon in Stratford Upon Avon being extra nice to his ancient old mum

trying to convince her he is the reincarnation of Shakespeare

and that if she had any heart at all she’d give him his inheritance right now

If you fancy owning the whole 5 album Zoolon discography (47 tracks in total) for just £16 (or equivalent in other currencies) here’s the download link BANDCAMP

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le touc2 (2)‘After The Storm’ by Zoolon or, better put; ‘The wild and windy night, That the rain washed away, Has left a pool of tears, Crying for the day’ – Paul McCartney from the song ‘Long & Winding Road’

I’ve been reading Arthurian tales from various sources. I got hooked. Thought I’d write some words about them. ‘The Lady of The Lake’ legend for some reason fascinated me the most. For one thing she has so many variations to her forename mainly beginning with ‘N’ – none of which I can pronounce – but more than that is that she has a mystical rather than a magical feel, more so than the other characters.

I’ll play around with the words I wrote as I think when edited to fit a melody I might have a new song in the making. Anyway, first of all here’s my song ‘Pride & Time’ that pretty much fits the darkish mood of ‘The Lady of The Lakes’ words. The actual words follow on behind. I hope you enjoy;

lady of the lake (2)Artist unknown


Sincerity counts for nothing to The Lady of The Lake

She’s forgotten all her secrets; all her vows

She paints pictures, speaks in riddles I can’t work out

Smiles, claps her hands and takes the bows


They called you an ‘enchantress’ in the legend

You said you were good with that and the fancy gig you got

Now you live in dread of tidal waves and suffocating

I’m thinking you got sick and tired and lost the plot


What about that sword you gave big man?

The death wish King; the one who time forgot

Did you ever regret you got mixed up in the trials and tribulations

Of a castle in the air called Camelot?


Somewhere I read you ‘transcended notoriety’

And that you once knew the ‘misty path to Avalon’

I heard you want to vacate your crystal cave apartment

Go abroad and soak up the rays in Babylon?


Falling stars and magic moments lost for ever

Now that the unicorns and dragons are no more

They’re all buried in an unnamed grave in a concrete wonderland

You’ve no idea you hold the keys to the unlocked door


Are you still regretting drowning in love’s sorrow?

Don’t you miss the limelight, the romance and the fame?

Wishing you could turn back time doesn’t help none

For the record you should know I feel the same

If you’re interested you can find the rest of my music portfolio at BANDCAMP

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george‘Five Albums Later’

When Paul McCartney had his dream in which the melody for what was to be his classic song ‘Yesterday’ came to him he had no words to start with. None. When he woke up the next morning all he could do was to throw any old words that fitted the melody at it. Hence the first version he called ‘Scrambled Eggs’. It went like this; “Scrambled eggs/Oh my baby how I love your legs/Not as much as I love scrambled eggs…”. Not that I am or ever will be a genius like McCartney but I’ve just done the self-same thing – throwing words that matched the melody I’m playing around with at the keyboard. When I’d finished I thought one or two of the verses might make the cut. These are those random words.


(working title)

Epic nightmares deserve a soundtrack

Every outlaw needs a knife

The oceans pray for plastic islands

Every liar needs a wife


This old worlds a contradiction

When every loss is some fools gain

I’ve given up on people

Given up on that tired refrain


In the middle of nowhere

Wearing my heart upon my sleeve

I chase the echoes of the soft riffs

Writing words I’ll not believe


You’ve a magic wand you tell me

Makes all your wishes become true

I watch, I think, I listen

And write all my songs for you


You went looking for the stranger

Swapped your demons for a rose

Followed your lord and master to some altar

Gave that saint a bloody nose


No love song can be sacred

When words don’t mean a thing they say

No open door to paradise

That’s just the price we have to pay


Today, an eerie piece I composed called ‘Dead Rain’. I think it fits the mood of my words. I hope you enjoy;

All songs and instrumentals across various genres can be found on this link BANDCAMP

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