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(a pic I once took with my now dead iPhone)

Until I dropped it and watched it die, I never realized that my iPhone was my external brain drive. It stored all the things my brain never got to handle or know about.  I tried to resuscitate it. No luck. Dead iPhone.

Then the strangest thing. Obviously, I had to get a new one. It was early morning when I left for the phone shop in town. The pain was it was so cold outside, the temperature +2, costing in the wind chill factor -4.  So, I got dressed for the occasion, Arsenal beanie, hoodie hood up style. Everyone I passed on the way down town was wrapped up as warm they could, except for a middle-aged, bit overweight bloke with a 100% totally bald head walking ahead of me. The cold didn’t seem to bother him. He had a t-shirt on. Jesus, just a t-shirt – well trousers as well obviously. Anyhow, we get to the High Street, him still ahead of me. When he gets there, he goes into the barbers. As I passed the barbers the bloke was sat in the chair ready for the haircut to start, and the barber stood behind him holding a pair of scissors in his hand looking bewildered. What was that all about? Surreal.

Anyway, I don’t think this one has had an airing recently. It’s the title track from my ‘Dream Rescuer’ album. First the lyrics, then below the music.


You rescued dreams

And nightmare schemes

Spinning around inside your head

You kept them in your diary

A book you said you never read


Come morning

Come daylight

You’re lost in time

A dream you dared to dream

Come morning

Come daylight

You’re lost this time

I hope I said goodbye


You rescued dreams

And nightmare schemes

Spinning around inside my head

Pressed Petals

And four-leaf clovers

Turning the pages

Of wild illusions


I am a great fan of the creative perfectionist Lana Del Ray. I think her work, musically, lyrically and visibly is amazing. I got sent this link of Lana and Adam Cohen (son of Leonard) the pair of them covering a Leonard number, ‘Chelsea Hotel’. It’s better than good;

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(A pod of refugee helium balloons)

The above is a photo I took yesterday in a supermarket. Its full title should read, ‘A Pod of Refugee Helium Balloons Hiding from The Bextiteer Children Armed with Knitting Needles & Ladders’. That was my take on it anyhow.

A true story. A couple of days ago I got asked the most stupid question anyone has ever been asked. A mate of mine is about to take his Driving Theory Test – the test you must pass before you get to take your actual driving test. So, he asks me the question, “How many times are you allowed to drive round a roundabout?”  Obviously, I looked at him strangely, then said, “Seriously?” He says “Yes”. I say, “Until you run out of fuel, I suppose.” He says, “Are you sure?” I say, “Positive. Why do you want to know that?” His reply, “I’ve been worried sick I might get asked it in my theory test.” And I thought I was random!

Here’s a new lyric for a new melody. It’s a twist on The Allegory of The Cave. I’m not quite there with the finished song yet, so it’s just the words for now.


Road signs, railway lines and arrows pointing

You say to me the writings on the wall

That I should go chase new horizons

Me? I think I’m heading for a fall


Road signs, railway lines and arrows pointing

To a place where I don’t want to be

Trading Neverland for Fat Cat Central

Trading The Sea for Concrete Destiny


Road signs, railway lines and arrows pointing

A flock of suited, booted fools, they lead the way

The Pied Pipers on his lunch break

Some they tumble; others stray


Road signs, railway lines and arrows pointing

Road signs, railway lines and arrows pointing

Road signs

Railway lines

And arrows pointing

Road signs, railway lines and arrows so disappointing

As ever it probably sings better than it reads. Here’s a song from the ‘Rainbows End’ album. It’s called, ‘All Winter Long’. I hope you enjoy;

The ‘YOUR POETRY TO SONG’ button is at the top of the page if you’re interested.

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(artist unknown)

‘I walked out this morning and I wrote down this song,

I just can’t remember who to send it to’

From the song ‘Fire & Rain’ by James Taylor, 1970

When writing lyrics for acoustic songs it’s sometimes easy to get stuck for words that fit the melody or vice versa. A bit like trying to put a small t-shirt on an XXL frame. Besides, I’m not a natural poet. When this happens, my fall-back position comes from when I spent a couple of years studying decades of lyrics written by great songwriters. Of all the ‘fall back positions’ I found/read, the two lines above work best for me. To me they tell a story as well as influence a creative a mood. Simple genius, often inspiring.

Anyhow, back in December 2016 I posted my song, ‘Just a Shadow on a Wall’ from my concept album ‘Liquid Truth’. The ‘concept’ of that album was my take on Plato’s ‘Allegory of The Cave’.  When I posted it back then I didn’t include the lyric. Now I’m posting the words written raw before they became a song – before the music arrived. I remember it was the key track to the album in terms of developing songs to fit the allegory. Maybe read ‘raw’ it’s not a poem, just my words. 


You draw a line; a line in the dirt

I ask you what it’s for

You tell me I can cross it

You should have told me more

You tell me that; you tell that it’s time

For you to set me free

Unshackled from these chains

I might find my destiny

Nothing is so precious

That it cannot be undone

By word or by the dagger

Or a step towards the sun

You tell me you; you tell me you got bored

With the game that we play

That you want for me to move on

You’d be grateful anyway

I ask you if; I ask you if you’ll grant me

Just one final wish

Just the one final wish

‘Can the dancer travel with me?’

You take some time out thinking

Then you treat me like a fool

You laugh as you remind me

She’s just a shadow on a wall

…A shadow on the wall

Whatever, here’s one of my older numbers that I haven’t posted for an age and a day. It’s about a subject close to my heart, namely the way mankind is treating our Planet Earth. It’s called ‘Red Planet’. I hope you enjoy and by the way, the links to my two latest albums are on the side of this page if you’re interested in listening or buying – just click on the pics. Have a good week, Zoolon aka George.

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(Winter in England – the view from my window at 11AM the other day)

So, I was walking about in town looking for a new keyboard when I overheard two little kids discussing, “Who do you think would win if Winnie the Pooh and Paddington Bear had a fist fight?”  The random thought part of me kicked in. The ‘who would win?’ question made me forget all about the keyboard.

I was lucky as a kid. Before the family moved to Devon when I was 5 we lived quite close to The Ashdown Forest where A A Milne who wrote the Winnie the Pooh books lived. He used the forest as the backdrop to his stories. I even got to play the ‘Poohsticks’ game at the same bridge Milne’s son Christopher (aka Christopher Robin) played at. Then when we moved to Dartmouth in Devon, the self-same Christopher – he’s been dead for a while now – ran the bookshop down town. An odd coincidence.  So, as a kid I was a Pooh fan. But would Pooh trash Paddington in a fist fight?

Pooh is reckoned to be slow-witted, friendly, thoughtful and steadfast even though his mates all agreed that he “has no brain.”  However, sometimes even for a brainless bear he comes up with the odd clever idea. Also, Pooh isn’t above cheating and has a cunning side, like the time when it was Eeyore’s birthday. Pooh was going to give Eeyore a pot of honey as a present but he couldn’t resist scoffing the lot on his way over to Eeyore’s place. Instead he ends up giving Eeyore “a useful pot to put things in.”

Paddington? An illegal immigrant from ‘Darkest Peru’ – I welcome refugees, by the way. A polite bloke, kind-hearted like Pooh, although if anyone gets under his skin he gives them ‘the glare’ of disapproval. He always does his best to “try so hard to get things right.” His problem is that trouble always finds him. Plus, he wears a street cred disaster duffle coat and a stupid hat to match. I can’t see how anyone wearing a heavyweight duffle coat could out box a cunning Pooh who’s not above cheating. All things considered, I reckon Pooh would take out Paddington. My money is on a 3rd round KO.

Talking of bears, they are – like a lot of wildlife, especially the polar bears – are getting a raw deal out of climate change. Here’s my song, ‘Rainbows End’ on that subject. The lyrics follow in case you want to sing along;


On the day the ice caps melted

The sun swallowed up the sea

No rain from Africa to Eurasia

No spring time blossom on the trees

Rainbows end will stay our secret

For forever and a day

Rainbows end will stay our secret

For forever and a day

This song is not a blatant warning

I believe it’s far too late

Mankind’s ways of greed and war

Has defined this death wish fate

Rainbows end will stay our secret

For forever and a day

Rainbows end will stay our secret

For forever and a day

Rainbows end will stay our secret

For forever and a day

I mentioned on my last post, you might have noticed the ‘POETRY TO SONG’ tab at the top of this page – it’s right next to my ABOUT tag. It’s there because I have a special deal exclusively for WordPress followers. Should any poets out there want to have their poems turned into acoustic or modern folk genre ‘ROYALY FREE’ song for a fixed price of just £100 (or an equivalent for other currency via PayPal) then here’s a contact link;


I estimate that this fixed price that includes composition of melody, studio running costs, performance, production, mixing and mastering would, out there in the world outside WP, cost upwards of £3,000.

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(a photo I took of the Rebel’s ‘This Way, That Way’ sign a couple of weeks ago)


Episode V


A long, long time ago

far, far away, quite near the cliff edge

just off Folkestone High Street it was a period of civil war

Under the leadership of Daft Tom Tom

The Satnav Empire were hell bent on making

all the crap old Road Directions Signs redundant forever more

The ‘Direction Signs’ Rebels, led by Princess Roadmapeah

were fighting back. Armed with just a few ‘THAT WAY, THIS WAY SIGNS’

their aim was to undermine The Satnav Empire by confusing all Satnav users

thus buying themselves a little time to organize the fight back that might save the day

The only problem with this plan devised by The Rebel’s own young Luke Bicycle Lane Walker?

It’s a load of rubbish!

Enough of that. Time for some music. This one is called ‘Hooked’ and it’s from the new album. I hope you enjoy;


Also, Zoolon has had a great review on Bandcamp for the Rainbows End album; 

“‘Rainbows End’ follows in step with Zoolon’s album, ‘Dream Rescuer’ having a marvelous kaleidoscope of sound. It’s a beautiful blend of music, each track flows brilliantly into the next. The album captures the surreal nature of the past, present and future. While the lyrics are subtle they’re emotionally charged and quite powerful, begging us to look at love and loss of both the person and the planet. Highly recommended. Favorite track: All Winter Long.”

Here’s the link to Bandcamp if you feel like adding the Rainbows End album to your music collection;



I recently had the privilege to be commissioned by the gifted poet, lovely lady and WordPress blogger, Vivian Zems, to turn one of her poems she’d written called ‘Older and Wiser’ into a song. Vivian decided on the genre for the composition and that was all I required. I got to work on this collaboration project and not long after I sent Vivian her completed song. I was well and truly chuffed to bits when she told me just how much she loved the final product. Since then Vivian has produced a brilliant music video to accompany her song (see/hear above vid).  Vivian’s blog can be found at https://smellthecoffeeweb.blog/ and I strongly recommend a visit.  Thank you for the commission, Vivian.

It was back in August 2017 I posted ‘When a Poem Becomes a Song’. The object of the post was to introduce my new, seriously affordable product.  I’d thought for some time that there are some great poets and writers out there on WP who may not be musicians, who would like to see their creations produced as songs. Better still, the songs would become the royalty free property of the writer. I explained in that earlier post (https://zoolonhub.com/2017/08/16/when-a-poem-becomes-a-song/) how the whole process works.

The reason I can produce my material at a cost massively less than others in the market is simply because I handle the whole process myself. I keep my overheads low. There’s no individual fees for a composer, musicians or vocalist hire, studio hire, production, mixing and mastering or other third-party charges involved as I do all the work myself. It is because of this my charges are a tiny fraction of what otherwise would be the case.  To back up my credentials I can advise that I have a 1st Class Degree in Creative Music Technology plus a number of albums (including one of sound art) to my name, plus I play a number of different instruments and work from my own studio – low overheads!  The writer gets to approve the final product before parting with any money.

If anyone out there is interested and wants more information, then simply email me at zoolonaudio@gmail.com and I’ll get back to you.

As another example of how words written by another can become a song, one that ended up on my Dream Rescuer album called ‘Sunlight and the Dust’;

If any of you are tempted to see your work become a song you know where I am.

Happy New Year, Vivian; Happy New Year to everyone.

Zoolon aka George



(a photo of a sequined cushion taken with a microscope attachment for a mobile phone – my excuse is that I was bored senseless at the time I took this)

Over what was a good Christmas – even though it mainly comprised of putting the spreadsheet of all spreadsheets in the history of spreadsheets together –  my mind did one of its random things and I found myself thinking about some old words I wrote three years ago. They were the words that eventually got changed a bit, jumbled around and became the lyric for the title track of an album entitled ‘Liquid Truth’ I made in the days before Zoolon. They read like this; 

All my bridges burnt

No sparkle in the stars

No redness in the sunset

Just the sad song of guitars

You have a version of truth I can’t believe

You’re all wrapped up in lies I’ve got to leave


You tell liquid truth from behind those eyes

But you hide it well behind indifferent sighs

How soon ‘not now’ just becomes ‘never’

And never nearly always means forever


Don’t expect to be loved when you hate yourself

You will find that’s not so good for your health

All I seek is to live by the truth

If I don’t leave right now I’ll surely lose


When will all the pieces come together?

And if I don’t like the picture am I stuck with it forever 

My composition, ‘Castaway’ as in the video below, is one of only two instrumental tracks on my ‘Rainbows End’ album. Both the instrumentals are piano pieces. Maybe the music fits the mood of the words from before? I hope you enjoy.

‘Rainbows End’, the album is available to buy and download at Bandcamp. It’s not expensive and has had its first great review. Below takes you to Bandcamp;



(the artist looks to be Olbingski – I think)

Since ‘Zoolon’ being on social media I’ve had quite a few requests from people asking if ‘ERASING THE 38TH’ is available to download. I’ve never included it in any of my albums previously. I’ve posted the song on this blog before so some of you will know it already.

It’s an experimental song and it deals with the potential for another stupid war in as surreal a style as I could make it.  At the time I composed it that potential was just flexing its muscles a bit. Right now, that potential has grown like a cancer. In this season of traditional worldwide goodwill hopefully the subliminal effect will be that that same potential will at least go into remission.

As of now the song is available to download from my Soundcloud for FREE; no strings attached. All you have to do is simply go to the link below, hit the ‘More’ button (it’s next to ‘Share’ button) and on the drop box you’ll see ‘Download’. Hit that and it’s done. I hope you enjoy.

Finally, whatever your code, creed or take on all things, I wish everyone of you a



Should anyone need to get a partner or friend a last-minute gift, below is the link to my new album ‘Rainbows End’ on Bandcamp. It’s just got its first great review there. You can listen before you buy. It costs £4 (or equivalent in other currencies) and can be gifted via the recipient’s email address.

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george bandcamp1

This ‘something’ was written in March 2016 following an 18-month drought of creativity, triggered by having discovered the crap reality that having a decent degree doesn’t mean you just walk into a half decent job (or any job). I only stumbled on these words the other day tucked inside an old guitar case I keep under the bed. They read a bit juvenile angsty, but when I wrote them I think I was at odds with the world. It was around that time I decided to beat the unforgiving system and become Zoolon. 


The mixed-up universe inside my head?

Yeah? What of it? And?

I used to keep it under lock and key

It’s full of bright colours, full of alphabets

I know I’ll never read or see

I remember not so long ago

I bought a season ticket to a dark place

Where I lived in a ring of shadow

Where I went missing leaving no trace

Where words and music were under curfew

Where I had no breathing space

Where I discovered the kill could never match

The beauty of the chase 

It feels weird reading that one again, anyway, time for some music. Another one from my new album, ‘Rainbows End’. Each track from the album can be downloaded for £1 or the whole ten track album for just £4 (or equivalent in whatever currency you use).  The purchase links follow the song. Anyway, this lively number is called ‘Hooked’.  I hope you enjoy;

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rainbows end g

There’s always something random, surreal even, to be seen if you keep your eyes open. I got up at silly o’clock yesterday to go the cinema to catch the new Star Wars movie. The older, large bloke behind me in the queue to buy tickets got himself a triple scoop strawberry ice cream cone…really! It was 7.30am. I got to wondering how he’d cope with it when the lights went out in the cinema. I needn’t have worried, he scoffed it in just the two major chomps on the way to the screening. Impressive in an unimpressive way. It reminded me that I’d forgotten to eat any breakfast, but I passed on the idea of ‘Ice Cream at Dawn’. Also yesterday, I found my rubbish handwritten notes of some ‘maybe lyric’ words I’d forgotten I wrote. It’s something I wrote two summers ago. I never did get around to a title.

There’s a carnival in the square tonight

Fireworks, a carousel

Clowns, a helter-skelter

A street market where the tortured buy and sell


From the window of a high-rise

We can watch the world go by

And from within our secret hideaway

We’ll watch a tired sun die


We can make up stories

Of what’s going down in the street

The punches and the kisses

The high-flown and deadbeat


Rest with me a minute

Watch the scene unfold

Stay a while, I’ll prove to you

All that’s precious isn’t gold


And all along the riverside

Where the lost and beaten lay

The flap of wings disturbs the quiet

Of the moon and stars at play

Time for some music. Here’s a song, All Winter Long, from my newly released album, ‘Rainbows End’. This one starts out acoustic then builds itself a whole new platform. I hope you like it;

Click here for ‘Rainbows End’ album link if you wish to just listen or buy 

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