I had a dream of the nightmare kind last night. I dreamed that I couldn’t play the piano anymore. Not good. I was still thinking about that when going through my messages earlier today. Then the day got better. Salford City Radio notified me that my song – the one that featured the unique Fifi Rong – ‘Devil’s Kiss’ would get airplay on one of their shows. Like any other musician I want to get my music heard and this radio station is very well respected having been around for over 12 years. I forgot about the nightmare . Thank you Salford. Thank you, the host Callum Mitchell-Simon who also had some kind words he threw my way.

Anyhow, the message from Callum read, ‘This weeks show features local acts The C33’s / LIINES / The Chief Of Seattle, as well as Elizabeth The Second / Galli / Tetes De Pois / Courtney Barnett / PJ Harvey. Also featuring acts from my current Reverbnation campaign, Pilgrims Dream / Zoolon / Altinak / Michael Baker. Join me every Monday from 9pm at 94.4FM, online, via the TuneIn app and NOWtv’.
Here’s the link – SALFORD CITY RADIO

If you’ve not heard ‘Devil’s Kiss’ before or if you want another listen, here it is. I hope you enjoy;

Here’s a recording of the show. There aren’t any time links but having checked it out ‘Devil’s Kiss’ is about a third of the way in.

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