I know these times aren’t for joking, and I mean no harm, but check out the place of origin of my American Fender Telecaster above. I’ve tried playing with gloves on but it’s not the same.

Anyway, here’s my dig at politicians worldwide. I might get a song out of it one day. It’s called ‘Candy Floss Equations’.


Ever since the railways crossed the borders
Ever since the mountains touched the sky
Ever since the moon gave up on caring about the tides
Politicians have swapped each truth for another lie

No surprise their candy floss equations
No surprise when self is put before mankind
No surprise the toffee apple false assurances
When their forever promises go unsigned

Protesters, demonstrators, they get locked up
For shouting loud the honest facts of days to come
Deceitful politicians sit back and claim a triumph
When the riot squad have their opponents on the run

Democracy needs to have a blood transfusion
Democracy is dying on its feet
Democracy means nothing to neo-fascists
Claiming power, never accepting a ballet box defeat

When you own the press, the TV News, the money makers
When you own the generals, law makers and Twitter for trading lies
Then power begets power begets power
And you become a corrupt dictator in disguise

Time for music. This one goes by the name ‘Classic Rock Grove – E Major (Guitar Jam Backing Track). Even though it’s a backing track, these groves make for OK background music. I hope you enjoy;

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20191109_110005 (2)

‘Empty Days’

Friday 13th was never going to be a good day. I guess that’s life.

Dark days ahead
Now we’re being led
By the fat cat living dead
So we live in fear instead
For the future just read dread
It’s messed up inside my head
How easy they misled
The gullible overfed
With all the lies they spread
When out to erase all shades of red

Here’s one from my ‘Forgotten Daughter of Zeus’ album. It’s called ‘On The Edge’. I hope you enjoy;

On a happier note it’s always good when one artists credits another for helping out on a new song. That’s what Fifi Rong did for her new number ‘Love is a Lonely Thing – Part 2’. I meant to put this tweet on the blog a few weeks back but stupidly forgot.


Here’s the song itself;

Next is Fifi’s other new song sung in Chinese and called- 出路 (Way Out). A true classic;

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‘It Wasn’t Me’ 

Politicians get on my nerves. Their promises rain down like confetti at a wedding but mostly never happen. Some are great liars, others just feed on the lies.


Harry lives in a cardboard box behind the Eiffel Tower
Alice sits in doorways hoping for hard currency in exchange for a wilting flower
Today she’ll sleep under the Bridge of Sighs in a gondola she nicked last night
While Jane tries to flog ‘The Big Issue’ mag in some dark place out of sight

All and any of the usual crowd were invited to the fat man’s ball
Except for Harry, Jane and Alice who never got the call

I guess we’re all just people
Some are rich and some are poor
It’s just that the rich buy all the miracles
And the poor have no saviour

Politicians smile and go shaking hands, their disciples at their side
They promise to make the poor less poor, they promised but they lied

They promise almost anything that helps them get ahead
Yet in reality don’t give a damn that Alice don’t have a bed

New topic. Putting my two backing track albums together there’s 40 pieces of music that run nearly 8 hours. Each track reveals a new mood from which you can lie back and think of creativity or build a song around them. Here’s an Emotional Grove as an example. I hope you enjoy;

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