‘Bono’s Worse Nightmare’

I’ve been watching the new take on Dracula on the TV. I’m two episodes in. It’s not brilliant but I score it OK. The thing is the writers have missed a trick. To be certain to save yourself from Dracula you have to remember to carry a crucifix around with you at all times. Dracula can’t cope with people holding a cross in his face. It renders him useless. A load of nuns in one scene all get killed by Dracula because they forgot to carry the crucial crosses with them.

Then I had this random thought. Why not wear a T-shirt with a cross printed on it? Better still, if you are living in Transylvania just get yourself a crucifix tattoo on your forehead. Sorted – no need to remember anything, and the plus is Dracula becomes just a bloke with dodgy teeth, out of work and down the Job Centre hoping for a gig that has a night-shift.

On top of that, if Bram Stoker who wrote the original Dracula book had thought it through he’d never have had to bother writing the book in the first place.

Victory – what is victory
When you win a battle and then the war?
Victory – what is victory
When you’re unlocking an unlocked door?

Pointless – call it futile
The way you boast how well you lied
Pointless – call it laughable
That you thought yourself the perfect bride

Love and hate – now out of hiding
Love and hate – smack in my face
I count losers in the graveyard
You count winners lost without a trace

I saw it – I saw it coming
But never spoke out of turn
Watched you fan the flames of yesterday
And watched the future burn

Listen – can you hear me?
Or are you bathing in champagne
Hold your breath and believe me
When I say you won the game

Probable; possible verse/chorus – it bounces like an old English folk song:
No reason to share a truth or live a lie
Since we walked in the cemetery where all dreams, they die

My sleepless night words have a lot of opposite takes on life and something else I’m not sure of, a bit like my song ‘Shadow on the Wall’ from the Devil’s Kiss album. Here it is. I hope you enjoy;

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