‘Cleo the Wise Owl’
She doesn’t talk that much but she did mention that
without bees, seeds & trees we are nothing. 

Songs that that tell stories are fascinating me lately. I’m not sure why, although the plus with a song is – providing the melody is a good one – that a lyricist can get away with just a few words and a decent chorus to tell his tale.  Here’s the beginnings of such a song – the basic lyric/verse to be chopped about with come the time to record.


I saw you on the silver screen
Living out the dream
Praise and fame and fortune
And a low calorie regime

I wrote the song you never heard
Maybe you didn’t like the blues?
At least not the way I sung them
The blues don’t get reviews

You’re all over the social media
The newspapers want you too
On the front of every glossy magazine
Outside the paparazzi form a queue

Yet sometimes on a rainy day
Sometimes in the mist
Sometimes in a crowded room
It’s like you don’t exist

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It’s designed for musicians but works as a piece of uplifting music.

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