I think I’ve fallen in love with my new ‘old’ guitar. I’ve even composed an instrumental with it for the new album – see below. I got it as a gift from a family friend who never used it that much. Better still it’s a rare early 1960’s Burns TR2 Guitar. The family friend had the guitar for 48 years but never really got into it as he’s a classical guitarist. Prior to that its original owner had had it for a decade from new. I’ve had it cleaned up and serviced so it can re-enter the world of music once more. It ways a ton but plays so well. From what I’ve worked out artists like Brian May and Hank Marvin played Burns guitars back in the day. It now lives in my attic studio – I just hope my other guitars don’t get the hump.

As a precursor for the new album I used the Burns TR2 to make that instrumental. It’s called ‘Herodotus’ He was an ancient Greek writer who travelled all over the place – a bit like my New ‘Old’ Guitar. I’m pleased about the way this number builds. To me every new album needs at least one instrumental. I hope you enjoy;

‘Herodotus’ is available to download for just £1 or equivalent from BANDCAMP

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‘Cleo the Wise Owl’
She doesn’t talk that much but she did mention that
without bees, seeds & trees we are nothing. 

Songs that that tell stories are fascinating me lately. I’m not sure why, although the plus with a song is – providing the melody is a good one – that a lyricist can get away with just a few words and a decent chorus to tell his tale.  Here’s the beginnings of such a song – the basic lyric/verse to be chopped about with come the time to record.


I saw you on the silver screen
Living out the dream
Praise and fame and fortune
And a low calorie regime

I wrote the song you never heard
Maybe you didn’t like the blues?
At least not the way I sung them
The blues don’t get reviews

You’re all over the social media
The newspapers want you too
On the front of every glossy magazine
Outside the paparazzi form a queue

Yet sometimes on a rainy day
Sometimes in the mist
Sometimes in a crowded room
It’s like you don’t exist

What about some music? Here’s an ‘Uplifting Grove – C Mixolydian’ from the new ‘Guitar Jam, Volume 1 – Zoolon Audio Backing Tracks’ Album available on BANDCAMP

It’s designed for musicians but works as a piece of uplifting music.

For the record it’s not just all my albums that are available for download on  BANDCAMP  these days. Now you can select and download individual tracks for just £1 or other currency equivalents. I think they call it ‘Pick ‘n Mix’.

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georges self2 (2)

I can’t draw let alone alone paint. However, fellow blogger Ted Giffin can. Not just can, he’s actually a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Indiana University, the Herron School of Art, plus he’s a musician as well.

So, I get to see a pic of me (above) on his blog. I let my mother take a look and she says she want’s it for her birthday. Ted obliges. Not only that, he paints version two (below). She’s over the moon.

ted4 (2)

I get speaking to the old man. He says, and I quote, “You couldn’t ask Ted to knock one out for Shirl could you? I’ll add it to her list of b’day presents.” Shirley = my mother. Once more, Ted obliges. Her birthday was a success all round. Her pic below.

georges-mum (2)

We were all in a Turkish restaurant on the big day. The old man reminds me that back in 2017 Ted did the artwork for the front and back covers for his book, ‘Notoriously Naked Flames’, so for good measure I’ve included these also, for no other reason than it shows, yet again, that Ted is a great talent.

nnf front cover master (2)


nnf back cover master (2)

I recommend you check out the work of TED GIFFIN and, if you don’t know him already, see what you’re missing.

Time for some music. Here’s one from the new album available on BANDCAMP . It’s called ‘Melancholy Groove’. I hope you like it;

Guitar Jam, Vol. 1 – Zoolon Audio Backing Tracks

by Zoolon Audio

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fk2 (2)‘Everything there is’

I can’t stop myself thinking about plastic. Boring but true. Like having a song on a loop inside your head, plastic has got under my skin. It’s like I’ve been set up to hate the stuff. That’s a good thing. Media sometimes does that. Not always. As a result I’ve ended up with a small portfolio of short verses on the subject of plastic. This is one of them. Who knows, maybe a song one day.

 Snow drifts in deserted deserts

No more rain on London Town

The sky is one big rainbow

The moon’s a circus clown


Seen enough; done enough

Don’t want to see no more

The tree of life died today

Drowned in a sea that has no shore


Seen enough; done enough

Don’t want to see no more

Planet Earth’s been renamed Planet Plastic

A blue, blue balloon time can’t restore

A song from the new album, ‘Devil’s Kiss’. This one is called, ‘Pride & Time’. My guitar got hooked on American style when I was composing this one. Hope you enjoy;


If you’re interested in my album the download is here – Devil’s Kiss at Bandcamp

or, for just £5 or equivalent in other currencies worldwide. Also, my complete discography – all 5 albums – can be purchased at £16 (a 50% saving on individual prices) at BANDCAMP

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forgotten daught of zeus cover 08012019

I would have liked to take a photograph of the sign in the shop window that read, ‘OUR BIKINIS ARE EXCITING. THEY ARE SIMPLY THE TOPS’ but couldn’t as I was told about it rather than saw it for myself.

Anyhow, my new album, ‘THE FORGOTTEN DAUGHTER OF ZEUS’ is, as of today, out there on Bandcamp. Here’s what it’s all about;

‘In composing Zoolon’s 4th album of new mixed-genre instrumentals the objective was to create a compilation of music that reflected a wide assortment of atmospheric sensations, emotions and moods. 

Save for the title track, ‘The Forgotten Daughter of Zeus’, all others were composed using the song title as the prompt. In terms of that title track, the ‘forgotten daughter of Zeus’ in question was Persephone, Queen of The Underworld. As to the other tracks, Scandinavian and old time film noir background styles play their part on some, freeform on others, even metal makes an appearance. 

Within what is just shy of 45 minutes, pretty much all states of mind are represented. If you’re looking for music to think, write, meditate or relax by, this is the album for you. Enjoy.’

It’s available per the picture Bandcamp link below to buy at £5 – or the equivalent in other currencies worldwide, as are my previous lyrical song based albums, ‘Dream Rescuer’, ‘Rainbows End’ & ‘The Pigeons Are Switzerland’. The complete set of albums, my discography is also available at £12 the set. It/they can be streamed direct from Bandcamp, although for top notch sound quality the download purchase is best. Either way I hope you like it.

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CUSHION4‘To the dark side of this mirror’ by Zoolon

The bus broke down halfway up the mountainside. The driver got the bonnet open. Steam came out. Even though he had a box of spanners he told us there was nothing he could do. He didn’t know when help would come because his mobile couldn’t get a signal.

Sat on the back seat of the bus alone was a mother feeding her baby. The big-headed bloke in the suit carrying a briefcase told her doing it in public was disgusting, just before he and his underlings, also in suits carrying briefcases, left the bus to do a bit of motivational team building at the top of the mountain.

After that the bloke with the posh voice in a fluorescent padded waterproof jacket with a hood, told the mum feeding the baby that she looked beautiful. Once he’d said that he and his mates, also in fluorescent padded waterproof jackets with hoods left the bus. I heard one of them say they had to leave as they were chasing avalanches.

That left just me, the bus driver with the box of spanners and a blind bloke who’d lost his walking stick because he couldn’t see where he left it. The three of us decided to stay with the mother feeding her baby because it didn’t seem right leaving her alone. She never told me her name but the baby was called Moonbeam.

After a long wait, a man dressed as a woman, leading a donkey knocked on the bus window to attract my attention. He said I could have the donkey as he was worried about keeping it any longer. I asked him why he was worried about keeping a donkey. He answered that it was because of the full moon tonight. Told me he turned into a werewolf on full moon’s and it was a certainty that if he kept his donkey he’d end up eating it raw come midnight. The donkey was called Ant.

He seemed pleased when I said I’d take Ant off his hands so that the mother still feeding her baby could sit on its back and me, the driver and the blindman could walk her back down the hill to somewhere safe. The werewolf, at the moment just a man dressed as a woman, was good with that.

Just before we said our goodbyes I told him that if he got peckish later on there was a big-headed bloke and his mates somewhere near the top of the mountain. He thanked me.

We got the mother, still feeding her baby, back home safe. She invited us in for a cup of tea. I had tap water as I don’t drink tea.

Moonbeam’s mum, still feeding baby Moonbeam, asked me if she was allowed to tell her own mum, her granddad and the lady who lived next door, that she’d been rescued from halfway up the mountain rather than say she’d just had a donkey ride home. I said if she thought about it she had been rescued. She said, “Cool.” I told her Moonbeam could keep Ant, but she might want to give him a more credible name. She said, “Neat.”

I meant to tell her she was beautiful like the bloke with the posh voice in a fluorescent padded waterproof jacket with a hood had but I forgot.

The next day I wrote her this song.

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george bandcamp1

This ‘something’ was written in March 2016 following an 18-month drought of creativity, triggered by having discovered the crap reality that having a decent degree doesn’t mean you just walk into a half decent job (or any job). I only stumbled on these words the other day tucked inside an old guitar case I keep under the bed. They read a bit juvenile angsty, but when I wrote them I think I was at odds with the world. It was around that time I decided to beat the unforgiving system and become Zoolon. 


The mixed-up universe inside my head?

Yeah? What of it? And?

I used to keep it under lock and key

It’s full of bright colours, full of alphabets

I know I’ll never read or see

I remember not so long ago

I bought a season ticket to a dark place

Where I lived in a ring of shadow

Where I went missing leaving no trace

Where words and music were under curfew

Where I had no breathing space

Where I discovered the kill could never match

The beauty of the chase 

It feels weird reading that one again, anyway, time for some music. Another one from my new album, ‘Rainbows End’. Each track from the album can be downloaded for £1 or the whole ten track album for just £4 (or equivalent in whatever currency you use).  The purchase links follow the song. Anyway, this lively number is called ‘Hooked’.  I hope you enjoy;

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rainbows end cover

Cover art ‘Not What I See’ by Zoolon

‘Rainbows End’, released today, is my second album following in the footsteps of ‘Dream Rescuer’ although this time I have added more percussive and the electric guitar elements. As ever, reflections of life, love and the surreal also play their part in the album’s construct. This album consists of a mix of 10 tracks, 8 original songs plus 2 meditative, ambient piano pieces.

Although, unlike most of the other songs on the album, the title track, ‘Rainbow’s End’ is an acoustic number, this song is about a subject that is important to me, namely Planet Earth and the damage humans are doing to the environment. I hope you like it;

The album is now on sale at Bandcamp for just £4 (or the equivalent in other currencies). The download comes with a lyric booklet included.

Click here for Rainbows End album link

If anyone checking out the new music on Bandcamp could find a little time to hitting the ‘Follow’ button it would be appreciated.

Zoolon aka George


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