The sky will last forever
The clouds are temporary
In a 100 years from now
What remains will be a poisoned sea


Some will call it tragic
When the sea puts on its show for free
Just rotting fish and plastic
A becalmed toxic destiny

folkestone sky

Idiots and profiteers
Sit back and watch it on TV
The carcasses of whales
The cloak of everlasting synthetic debris

clouds dover (2)

It’s already far too late to save
The art of sky and clouds and sea
Maybe you’ll have a picture on the wall
Of nature’s old days creativity

dover harbour

Now we play the end game
Though blind fools will disagree
That once a long, long time ago
All of life on Earth crawled out of the sea

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I’m an idiot for not taking a video of the gull. I’ll tell you why.

For the first day in ages it had stopped raining and was just warm enough for me to have my breakfast outside a café – Eggs Benedict for what it’s worth. Halfway through eating I spotted this gull stood at the door of an estate agent next to the café. At first I thought he (maybe a she, but being a little arrogant I’m thinking a he) was clocking himself in the reflection of the window. However he wasn’t judging his good looks as moments later he was trying to open the door with his beak. When that failed he started to tap at the door – beak taps, that is – trying to get a reaction. Eventually a lady opened the door and gave him a good couple of handfuls of croutons she’d made especially for him.

Apparently the gull visits every single morning at 9.30AM – on the dot – for breakfast and the only reason he had to hang around was that the lady who had fried up the croutons for him had to let them cool down before serving them up. Once he’d scoffed the lot he flew off to wherever gulls go when their not eating or shitting on my car.

While I don’t agree humans should be feeding gulls who really ought to be out at sea fishing for themselves I couldn’t help thinking the interaction between bird and human was OK this time. It’s all about the relationship between a decent human and wildlife to me.

The oddest thing was that when eating the croutons this gull didn’t scream out boasting to all his gull mates that he’d had a result at the estate agents. That’s what usually happens with gulls just before a massive bundle kicks off as they fight to steal each other’s food.

I like seagulls. They’ve got attitude. The rappers of the bird world.

Once, a couple of years ago I was leaving a car park when some heartless moron deliberately drove over a young gull. He flattened the gull then drove off – at speed after spotting me in kill mode. The juvenile gull took a minute or two to die. Sadly I wasn’t brave enough to put it out of its misery. I still feel guilty about that.

I got the reg number of his car, rushed over to the police station but they weren’t bothered. “It’s one for the RSPCA, son,” was all they said. I often think about this. I often think the same thing should happen to that driver. A steam-roller would do nicely.

Here’s ‘Time Out’ my song for the gulls alive and dead from my Dream Rescuer album. I hope you enjoy;

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herodotusZoolon’s new bin ‘Herodotus the Bin’

Some music. A 60 second guitar improvisation rendition of “Time” by Hans Zimmer. I hope you enjoy;

Other things in my life;

rainbow carpetA few posts back I put up a pic of a what I thought was a lost rainbow on the carpet here at home. Today I find three baby rainbows on the same carpet in the same room. Are they breeding? Am I missing something? Big question.

Next, something else I want answers and solutions for.

tree netting

The Wildlife Aid charity says this netting in Guildford was put in place to stop birds nesting so that the trees can eventually be removed – pic and quote from BBC News 

I was watching the news on TV. As I understand it this ‘tree netting’ idea is going on big time all over the country this year. It’s Spring. Birds need nests. A no-brainer. From now to late summer nests are vital. Get rid of the tree nets. If contractors want to kill trees to build houses then at least wait until the birds move on – besides there are thousands of empty shops in High Streets all over the place that could be converted to homes cheaper, quicker and easier than building new homes. 


Have you heard the word out on the street?

That there’s always a victory in a defeat

Cold comfort on an angry grey cloud day

A sap stained pavement’s tree blood cabaret


Who killed the goose that laid the golden eggs?

Who drunk from The River of Life and left the dregs?

The writings on the wall I hear you say

You must be joking, woodlands never live to fight another day


Can you show me how what you stand for is not a crime?

In words that I can sing that mostly rhyme

I’ll write you a ballad you’ll never get to hear

I’ll click my fingers and make the whole world disappear


Next, ‘A Life’ from my ‘Dream Rescuer’ album. I’ve decided that this number will always be in praise of trees;

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cloud‘Magic Glue’ by Zoolon

I made quick pen and paper notes while I was in Belgium, hoping I could read back what I wrote. My handwriting is useless. The photo above I took from ground level in a wild garden in a town called Braine Le Chateau. Here’s a few of the random words I wrote down, unedited, just as they arrived in my head. I’m a songwriter, I’ve never claimed to be a poet or a regular writer.

The sky isn’t angry, it’s in love with itself. A new arrival. Humidity. Air so sticky. A fat bellied storm full of whiskers, waves and wonders.

Sunshine clouds and blue skies mating. Sweating. Together they don’t care who’s watching.

Old man’s beard on flint. Bonfire sparks morph into angry bolts, split trees in two, get pissed off with rubber soled shoes spoiling the show. Blinding light wants to be blind darkness. Then it blinks. Eyes shut easy. Succeeds, then vanishes. Safety. What they call blue still looks yellow to me.

In a hollowed out trunk of a dying willow tree the blue tits go feed from an unwritten menu of titchy insects. The dragonflies leave all well alone aside from other dragonflies. Territorial dogfights. Winner takes all.

Baby black moorhens paddle in the reeds in hidden corners of the lake. Safe? No water rats. A heron glides above. Doesn’t need binoculars. Just checking things out. For now.

Sound Art is a choir of multicultural birds jamming. They make it up as they go along. Sing whatever they fancy on the day. Best free dawn to dusk gig in town.

The forest of pine silhouettes blankets dead earth in nowhere land. I’m not lost, but feel lost there. The garden has its own secret history. Tries to share with me, but we’re on different wavelengths. There’s something dark about the decades empty stables. No idea why.

Mushrooms and magic until they come to mow the grass. A crime against something? Buttercups, most likely. Maybe daisies, but I don’t think they’re that bothered.

Outside the big black gates a two way lane no wider than an obese human. No place for a fast getaway. Not safe to put your foot down.

I saw my first eagle today.

In the big garden of that place I felt like it knew the meaning of magic. I wonder if I’ll ever get a lyric out of that.

For some unaccountable, maybe easily understood thinking about it, reason, the garden reminded me of a lyric from my song on the Dream Rescuer album, ‘Rexie Believes in Magic’. Time for a reprise. I hope you like it;

Lastly, the magical Aurora from Norway and her take on Bowie’s ‘Life on Mars’.

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