Originally from my song, ‘Liquid Truth’ – written in 2012, me a first year music student back then – these words below open Zoolon’s new book called, ‘LOOKING FOR REASONS’. They just about sum me up.

‘When will all the pieces come together,
And if I don’t like the picture am I stuck with it forever?’

Someone wrote me some kind words for the blurb for the book. Thanks for that. It reads like this;

‘Zoolon is better known as an accomplished songwriter, sound artist and musician with 5 albums to his name. He also writes in his own distinctive style. Following on from his first book entitled ‘The Words & Thoughts of a Dyslexic Musician’, the ‘LOOKING FOR REASONS’ new collection is an assortment of lyrical verses and short stories themed around today’s hapless society, it’s pluses and minuses, along with his own off-centre take on a dying planet. He’ll make you laugh, think and sometimes cry, but it will be worth it’.  

If you’re interested, ‘LOOKING FOR REASONS’ is available on Amazon, either as a paperback or on Kindle. The UK link is below. Outside of the UK, just type in ‘Zoolon Audio’. The purchase prices have been cut right back, hence they’re not expensive. On Kindle Unlimited it’s even free!

Time for some music. Today, ‘The Pigeons are Switzerland’. I hope you enjoy;

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^My pal Adam celebrating his victory^

I put a pic of me just about to lose a game of pool on the blog a couple of posts back (see below for a repeat performance). What I’d forgotten at the time was that I had with me at the point of my defeat, my Go-Pro. That’s how I got to make the GIF of him celebrating his victory immediately after sinking the black ball. A bit over the top – uncalled for even – I thought. Anyhow, I hope it gets a few laughs!

G5 (B&W)