black widow Johan Swanepoel

‘Black Widow Marionette’ – Artwork by Johan Swanepoel

All decent blokes support the feminists. However, in one society the masculists – is that a real word? – need a helping hand. You probably knew this already. In case you didn’t, ‘Black widow spiders are arachnids that are known for the females’ unique appearance and tendency to eat their mates’ – courtesy of

The spider climbed the old brick wall
He was looking for a bed
He’d left his web unattended
At least that’s what he said

By the time he’d reached the rooftop
He stopped to take a rest
And that was when he saw her
She looked great, he was impressed

So he thought that he must tell her
She was the most beautiful black spider girl
She smiled and said ‘thank you, Sir’
And gave him a sexy twirl

Later, under a full moon
They made love on a chimney stack
When that was over and done with
Was the time of her attack

She didn’t plan to do it
It’s just the way that she was made
She ate him alive for supper
Straight after getting laid

She never could help herself
Every lover she had got ate
Not one of them escaped her bite
Was it bad luck or was it fate?

Today, just my ‘heartbeat silhouette’ song called ‘Tick Tock’.  I hope you enjoy.

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