‘The Whole of The Moon’

Two pieces of music today. First my instrumental piece, ‘Summer Died on a Saturday’, then, after the words, a song called ‘Red Planet’. Both numbers were on my mind when writing these words. In-between each verse a few garden pics.

Places I’ve been yet never seen
And castles in the air
The shadows I knew are now but few
The landscape cold and bare

garden may 2020 3

Summer died on a Saturday
Autumn died at birth
Spring fell in love with Winter
Grey clouds a poor disguise for Mother Earth


The last I heard of you, you left for Mars
It’s closer to The Sun
Closer to the source of life
The place where it all begun


I hope the Red Planet takes good care of you
I hope you might remember me
My guitar, my piano
And the night the sad song set you free

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night watchman2 (2)‘The Night Watchman’ by Zoolon

Recently I’ve had a few songs ‘curated’ on ReverbNation. At first it sounded to me like it meant they pickled them in a jar, then realizing songs are nothing like gherkins I checked it out and a ‘curated’ song is a very good song that gets put in front of a panel – luckily that’s a panel of influential music industry type people as opposed to the dictionary definition ‘a flat or curved component, typically rectangular, that forms or is set into the surface of a door, wall, or ceiling’. A proud moment, for sure, even accepting whether a song is any good is a subjective thing.

Anyway, one such ‘curated song’ was RED PLANET I wrote a while back. It’s about the human race giving up on a dying Earth and resettling on Mars – no doubt to ruin Mars one day like we have Earth.

So, I get asked what would be the three most important things I’d pack in my suitcase before boarding the spaceship to Mars. A guitar and gravity defying clothes a given, so they don’t count on my priority list. After a bit of deep thought I came up with these crucial items;

No. 3 – A VR Headset because Mars is pretty bleak so it would be handy to have access to a virtual reality.

No. 2 – A Manual Hand Drill because I’ve heard there’s water just below the surface on Mars. It could come in handy if I want a drink or a bath.

No. 1 – A pack of Chicken & Mushroom Pot Noodles, for emergencies and just in case I fancy a bit of junk food.

Amongst other important things that would be in my suitcase but didn’t make the top three cut were a garden Swingball tennis set; my Metallica collection, an Arsenal FC flag (a red flag for a red planet); a healthy stock of Macaroni (because I’m addicted to Macaroni cheese), my anti-allergy pills (just in case) and photos of Trump, Rees-Mogg, Farage, Gove and Boris to throw darts at as they’re one of the best reasons I can think of for moving to Mars.

zoolon3‘Eric the Seagull & Me’ curtesy of Rachel Carrera – note the shop name in the background!

Time for a song. One from my ‘Rainbows End’ album called ‘Silent Films’. I hope you enjoy;

Lastly, and following on from the track for their new album I posted a couple of weeks back, an older Villagers number called ‘That Day’. A lyric telling a love story is so hard to write without it ending up slushy. Not this one. It’s on my all-time favourite song list;

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