france door4 2019

‘Doorway to The Room of Clouds’

‘One minute I held the key
Next the walls were closed on me
I discovered that my castle stands
Upon pillars of salt, and pillars of sand’

I thought I’d try something random again, just writing the first thing/things that came into my head. I’ve not done it for awhile. Here we go – fingers crossed. A letter; 

Dear Marie Antoinette aka Miss Misfit,

I painted a portrait of you. In water colours. I got them for next to nothing in a charity shop. I couldn’t afford canvas and oils. It was rubbish. I can’t paint.

It’s cold and rainy today, just like yesterday. Storms from the North Atlantic. I got soaked chasing the rainbows end. I only chased it for the pot of gold. It wasn’t there.

I never did get a replacement dog. Soon maybe. Maybe not. I wonder what happened to your toy spaniel? I never did catch its name.

Will you remember to remember me? Sometimes? Ever? Never?

I’m making a new song. Just for you. It should be finished come December. A ballad. Not quite a ballad. Acoustic, obviously. Minor chords wouldn’t have it any other way. A festive time present you’re too far away to hear. Sound travels only so far. Then it dies. The song hasn’t got a name yet.

I’ll turn this letter into a neat paper dart. I’ll aim it your way. I’m sick of posting things.

This’ll make you laugh. Some types of parking meters fascinate me. The ones that look as though they have a face with eyes, nose and mouth, but no ears. I’ve photographed some. In France, in summer, I took pics of unusual doors. One of them was a door to nowhere. If you’re looking for a metaphor there isn’t one. Not this time.

It’s a shame you talked about cakes when no one knew what cakes were. You caused a revolution. Impressive.

Best Wishes,

Zoolon aka I Hunt-Alone (mostly)

france door 2019

‘Doorway to an Apple Tree – just the one’

Here’s another track from the new album. It’s called ‘Laid Back Groove – G Minor’. Even though it’s a backing track aimed mainly at other musicians it – and the rest of the numbers – stands alone and is part of that 3 hour/20 track new album, ‘Guitar Jam, Volume 1 – Zoolon Audio Backing Tracks’. I hope you enjoy;

If you’re interested the new album can be downloaded at BANDCAMP   It costs just £6.50 or currency equivalent wherever you live.

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