george folkestone (2)

I think every album is allowed one simple acoustic number, so long as the lyric has a true meaning. This song called ‘Pain’ from my ‘Dream Rescuer’ album has a lyric that is personal to me and has such a true meaning. Written it just a few moments on a day I’ll always remember. It sat in the locker for three years until it decided it was ready to be aired. I hope you like it.


The nights are getting longer

Your days are drawing in

You lost the dice roll this time

In a game you could never win


Guilt is loves shadow yet we never forget

From the corner of my eye your silhouette

It was your time and my tears feel like rain

I traded my grief to end all your pain


The game is now over

I’m glad that we played

The wounded heart full of sorrow

Nothing betrayed


Now its official

Now it’s no dream

Always remember nothing is as it seems

It was your time

This short songs for you

To help ease this


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