shape of water

Still frame from ‘The Shape of Water’

‘The drowning shoe’ 

Listening to the old bloke in front of me in the inevitable post office queue having a bit of a rant I was thinking, ‘that’s not entirely accurate’. What he was saying to the even older bloke in front was, “I’ve heard it all now.” The other bloke says, “What?” The original bloke says, “Bloody feminists. They’ve even had ‘Gingerbread Men’ renamed ‘Gingerbread People’ in Scotland.  It’s the law there now.” I could have intervened and corrected him as what actually happened was that the Scottish Parliament staff have been banned from saying gingerbread ‘man’ at their Holyrood coffee shop because it’s not gender neutral and that they have renamed them ‘Gingerbread People’. I said nothing because I wasn’t that interested until it all went surreal.

The old bloke upping the rant level says, “They’ll stop at nothing.” The even older bloke says, “Who?” causing Mr Rant to add – again – “The bloody feminists,” then back on his rant, “Mark my words, they’ll ruin Christmas for me. Stuff the three wise men, it’ll be the three wise people following yonder bloody star. I know that as a fact. Next on their list will be Manchester United. ‘Man U’ will become ‘People U’ soon enough. A ‘manhole cover’ will be a ‘peoplehole cover’, even the bloody ‘paperboy’ will be called ‘paperpeople’” – pause for thought then he corrects himself – “More like ‘paperperson’ probably. Anyway, I’m sick of it.”

Wow, a ‘paper person’. People made out of paper! Just hearing that concept made my listening in to the conversation worthwhile. My random thought process kicked in. Living beings made out of paper by the magic of origami, then off they go delivering newspapers. Big concept. Rainy day concerns.

Whatever, Mr Rant hadn’t finished yet. “We’ll get them back. I’m going to rename Ladybirds as Peoplebirds and bloody Custard Tarts can be Custard People. That’ll learn them.” The other bloke says, “Who?” indicating to me that his attention span wasn’t all that. Mr Rant, after a massive sigh of despair says, “The bloody feminists, that’s who.”

When he got there, the cropped hair muscular lady who never takes prisoners who sits behind the counter lasered him with her eyes.

It’s a pity the bloke didn’t come to the boil talking about all the serious stuff 2018 has thrown at us. It’s a long list of tragedy as we all know.


New subject. I’ve been checking the stats for my music across all platforms for 2018. It’s been a good year and lately some good offers have come my way. Anyhow, I ended up with a list of the most popular numbers in terms of listens and downloads. This one, ‘Dream Rescuer’ from the album of the same name was number 4 in the list. Here’s a taster of the lyric, underneath that is the song itself. I hope you enjoy;


You rescued dreams

And nightmare schemes

Spinning around inside your head

You kept them in your diary

A book you said you never read

Come morning

Come daylight

You’re lost in time

A dream you dared to dream…..

No. 3 was ‘Rexie Believes in Magic’; No. 2 was ‘Tick Tock’ and No. 1 ‘The Sunlight & The Dust’.

By the way, if you get bored of the rubbish Christmas TV I avoid like the plague then have a watch of the movie ‘The Shape of Water’ if you can. Amazing. It’s got everything. Film noir flavour; great acting – especially Sally Hawkins who left me wanting to be the alien under water with her; a story that builds like a good song should; clever retro soundtrack; weird love/romance; a chunk of Sci-Fi. Can’t say anymore without ruining it.  It is a work of art.

Thanks for your support. Have a great Festive Season & New Year. Enjoy ~ Zoolon aka George

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