toilet roll

Pic via Informassive

‘If music be the food of love, play on’ ~ William Shakespeare

Different nations react differently in the face of the global virus crisis. The Italians have their love of opera to keep them amused, us English our love of toilet rolls. Below, two short vids, and two entirely different reactions to instantaneous music . In Italy, neighbours are all drawn to sing together. In the county of Devon, England where I grew up, one bloke sings – not that well admittedly – while a passer by (no doubt carrying some panic-bought 200+ toilet rolls on his back) has strong words to say. As my title for this blog implied, Italy won the ‘cup’ – a fare result? I think so.

The Italian team

The English ‘team’

How do I pick some music at a time like this? How about a Gloomy Groove backing track? Why not. I hope you enjoy;

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