butterfly by iced-blackberryArtist ‘Iced-Blackberry’ 2012

There’s an annoying Christmas ad on TV that has a melody I don’t particularly like yet it’s one of those songs that get inside your head. Christmas songs on ads are often like it. I call them creativity destroyers. I checked out the one that was killing my creativity. It’s a song called ‘Little Drummer Boy’. You may know it. In the lyric there’s a lot of repetition based on the noise that goes ‘…pa rum pum pum pum, rum pum pum pum rum pum pum pum, Shall I play for you? pa rum pum pum pum on my drum?…’ The thing is the last bit ‘on my drum’ was making my brain subconsciously say, “give it an update”. Not only have I got a tune I don’t like playing on a loop inside my head but I now have an update phrase I threw into the mix. For ‘On my drum’ read ‘Me & My Gun’. Try it out for size. It fits. At least I got something to write about out of the torture. I have to add that even if they were legal in the UK there’s no way I would ever have a gun.

Me and my gun are going to change the world
Instead of bullets we use butterflies
Me and my gun at your temple
Will be a neat surprise

Me and my gun won’t kill you
We’re not out to shoot you dead
Me and my gun aim to save the planet
At least that’s what the butterflies have said

Some music from my YouTube. This one is an ‘E Minor Emotional Groove’. I hope you enjoy;

Lastly, it’s funny how I can get things wrong. In summer 2018 I took a pic outside a restaurant in Brussels. A few days back I was going through the WP Reader and saw what I thought was my pic. It was as good as identical to mine. Paranoia when I saw the credit was down to someone else. Thankfully I got it so wrong. We’d both simply taken a photo of the same scene. Here it is;

DSC01643 (2)

As I mentioned on my previous post if you are looking for music for Christmas then you’ll find mine to download on BANDCAMP  or you can stream and/or make a playlist of it on SPOTIFY

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G4 (B&W)‘Hot Day in Berck’

I’ve written a few protest songs before.  Generally mine are not angry songs. It’s not how I’m made. However, this one I’m playing around with is singing well enough, but singing angry. Maybe that’s the way it should be sometimes?


Guns and souvenirs

No wasted bullets, just wasted tears

As shots ring out the big man sneers

He takes no notice of honest fears


To the refrain of abusive jeers

And poor excuses no one hears

They pull the strings, the puppeteers

The firearm freaks, the profiteers


Cries for help fall on stone deaf ears

Who cares if death finds new frontiers?

Who cares that under a gravestone she premieres

On the ‘One Less Innocent’ stage of slaughtered peers?

Here’s an example of one of my regular style protest songs. This one is from the ‘Dream Rescuer’ album that hopefully makes its point without any anger. It’s called ‘Ticking Clock’. I hope you enjoy;

Stupid things make me laugh. This is a true story. So I’m in the smelly post office. As ever a long queue. The only good thing about being in a queue is you get to listen to people chatting. In front of me two blokes. One says that he’s sick and tired of rowing with his wife all the time. He says to his mate, “I’ve told her time and time again we need to find a level playing field.” His mate agrees and says, “Perhaps you both will find that level playing field when you go on holiday. A break always helps – you know, a change of scenery and all that. Where is it you’re going by the way?” Mr Angry with his wife replies, “We’re hiking up in Welsh mountains’.” His mate says, “Well you ain’t going to find a level playing field up there it’s all hills.” Like I said, stupid things make me laugh.

Finally and probably the best lyric of all time, although you might not agree unless you’re a Gooner like me. An Arsenal classic originally from the Invincible years – before my time sadly – and just perfect after beating Newcastle ‘1 – 0’ in the first match of the new football season last Sunday. Class act.

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DCIM100MEDIA‘The day before the asteroid hit’ by Zoolon

The news that some sicko coward morphed into the big man because he carried a gun into a synagogue and randomly killed loads of innocent people leaves us relatively normal people wondering ‘Why?’

I had this random thought about the ways certain humans try to justify carrying a gun, some relying on the rule of law phrase, ‘The right to bear arms’. Maybe it would be better all-round if that sentence read, ‘The right to bare arms’ instead. That way the worst thing that could happen would be a sicko cowardly bloke wandering about in a short-sleeved t-shirt or a vest instead of carrying a shooter. A pity really that the bloke who wrote the original constitution version wasn’t a dyslexic. Had he been dyslexic the world might have been a much better place.

It’s a shame I have to have a stab at satire to explain how I feel. Can’t think of any other way to do it. The thing is words and music are all I’ve got.  Sad times we live in.


It’s easy for a loser to become an alpha-male, when he’s carrying a gun

It’s easy for him to terminate just about anything, when he’s carrying a gun

He can take pride in having a big mouth, when he’s carrying a gun

He can take pride in doing his God’s work for Him, when he’s carrying a gun

He finds it easy to kill the innocents without remorse when he’s carrying a gun

The thing is, you’ll always be a prize arsehole when you’re carrying a gun

I’m guessing that doesn’t bother you, when you’re carrying a gun?

I need to stress here that I’m not having a pop at Americans. Far from it. Every nation has its scum. Here in the UK we have our fair share – they generally carry a knife. America is a nation of great creativity and generosity – I know that from the people I meet here on WP – besides, I don’t go scoring cheap points. Respect.

Time for some music. A bit of a protest number I wrote a while back, ‘Shout at Newsreels’;

Words for the sake of words;


I wear a coat of few colours.

I write a lot about rainbows

but those who say they know these things

 tell me the rainbows I see

are just black, grey and white

I’m good with that

always was

If they never mentioned it

I’d never have known

so nothing really changed

~ Zoolon

Below the link to my music on Bandcamp;

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Odd facts.  Just before I took this photo 11 people exited this caravan. Only one struggled fitting through the door.

Recently I’ve mentioned how a mate of mine constantly gets the wrong handle on life. This week he went epic in terms of getting the wrong end of that stick of life. He doesn’t really follow the news but somewhere in his grey matter a news related question formed. He says, “How come Americans all carry guns?”  Right from the start of our conversation I sensed it could all go wrong. I say, “I don’t think they all have guns, it’s more like if they want one they go to the shop and buy one.” He says, “Is that legal?” I say, “Yes. They have a constitution giving all Americans the right to bear arms – it’s called The Second Amendment, but you don’t really need to know that last bit.” This is where my fears of it all going wrong kicks in; this is true. After a deep thinking pause, he says, “What have ‘bare’ – note the spelling mistake cemented in his brain – arms got to do with guns? Even here in England anyone can go and buy a sleeveless vest. What’s the big deal?” I was going to point out his mental spelling mistake but thought if I got into ‘bears’ he’ll get straight onto furry animals carrying Kalashnikovs. I just changed the subject; moved on.

It’s funny how a style of writing evolves. This is an angst type lyric in its raw form I wrote for a song back in 2012. Odd.


I’ve got a new song spinning in my head

A melancholy ring

I know you’ll never listen out

For the words this singer sings


I don’t believe in miracles

You don’t believe in luck

Will stage fright grab a hold on you?

Leaving you dumbstruck


Yesterday, tomorrow

Lost and born again

Yesterday, tomorrow

Just another tired refrain


I’m talking to deaf ears I know

A one-way conversation

The words I say pass over you

You don’t need letters or translations


You never were an angel

You’re more an eagle than a dove

But I thought you’d maybe need to know

Because of you I’ve given up on love


Yesterday, tomorrow

Lost and born again

Yesterday, tomorrow

Just another tired refrain


Time for some music. A piano piece from my Rainbows End album. It’s called ‘Castaway’. I hope you like;

One from a top class act, Radiohead and the song ‘No Surprises’;

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french connection

The faithful Strat needed new strings, so I went to the city to buy some. I was on my way back to the car when I saw the ‘20% OFF’ sign in the window of the French Connection store. They sell OK shirts so I bought one. After I’d paid for it the girl at the counter put it in one of their posh bags for me. Nothing out of the ordinary there, except looking at the bag I couldn’t help but ask why it had dead bodies printed on one side (see above). The counter girl said, “Do What?” so I pointed to the pic on the side of the bag.

She has a good think, then says, “I think they’re just asleep.”

I say, “That’s what my mum told me when the dog was put down. Besides, they still look dead to me.”

“No, they’re just asleep.” I think she was anxious for me to leave.

A little further up the road is the street market. They sell all sorts of stuff there. As I was walking toward the fruit & veg stall I couldn’t help but spot two of the perfectly formed girls who work the stall each holding an, ‘Easy Peelers’ sign. My random thoughts were in overdrive, until I realised that the signs related to the mass of small oranges on the stall and definitely not for what I was thinking.

This week I found myself writing a lot of lines about death and guns. Out of respect I won’t make this a song, at least not until the time feels right. Here’s just a few of the less angry verses. You’ll get the drift.

THE 59

Old Boy Wonder, with a shotgun

Stood where angels charge top rates

And dollar’s change hands in gaming machines

In the land of many States

The ones he killed don’t want your pity

Be they queens, or babes, or nuns

Or heterosexual alpha men

With penis extensions in the shape of guns

Politicians look the other way

Bank rolling firearm sponsorships

They quote the 2nd Amendment

Another name for apocalypse


I apologize in advance to my American friends. It’s nothing personal. It’s just my hate of guns and pointless death whether it’s in the US, UK or any place else.

Time for a bit of music. I’ve a whole mass of new music coming soon, but for the moment one of mine called ‘Time Out’ from the album. Just a short piece that fits my mood right now;

Next a tribute cover of Cohen’s ‘Famous Blue Raincoat’ from magical Aurora. If you don’t know her work, I suggest you try it out. She’s very good.

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