Continuing from last weeks post, I’m going to showcase another one of my initial tracks I wrote in my early days, the song ‘Delusional Troll’. I don’t usually like to reveal the true meaning of my lyrics as I prefer the listener to decide their own interpretation but I’m going to make an exception this time.

When I finished my GCSE exams in the town I grew up in most of my closest friends (including me) parted ways to different areas of the county. I decided to start my A levels in a town about 30 minutes away from where I lived. Not being the most confident teenager around it took me a few weeks to get my footing and find a group of people I fitted in with.

Dartmouth, the town I grew up in.

Within my new circle of friends only one was interested in making music with me. This particular person was whom I eventually wrote the song about…

Here are the lyrics:

The troll out on the streets
Busking his heart out or so he believes
He hasn’t a soul but I’m starting to see
That delusional troll
Hasn’t a clue what I think
Hasn’t a clue what I think

Under his bridge he thinks he can do anything
Delusional troll
Delusional troll

Love is a word that he’ll throw about
To fill a gap in his songs
I hope you can see that love isn’t seen
By this man called delusional troll

Now, you’re probably thinking that my teenage self was a horrible person. Casting judgment on someone who probably didn’t deserve it… trust me when I say this guy was the epitome of someone you meet in life that at first seemed to be a shining beacon of positivity, only to then sour into their true rotten self once the dust had settled.

I’m not going to go into to detail about what this particular individual did that pissed me off so bad at the time, because who really cares about irrelevant teenage drama that everyone has had to deal with. But hopefully my lyrics are self explanatory and give you a small insight to his character. Growing up in a small town with friends who thankfully provided little drama as a kid, I was definitely dropped into the deep end when I met this delusion troll.

Here is the track:

In other news I have started a Twitch channel. For anyone who doesn’t know, it’s a hugely popular website where people can live stream content such as video games, podcasts and various other hobbies to the internet. If you’re interested in seeing what I get up to in my spare time then feel free to watch along when I’m online.

My nerdy alter ego.

Here is the Twitch stream link:

If you’re signing up to Twitch or already have an account I’d appreciate a follow, doing so will notify you when I’m live.

I’ve also recently uploaded all my songs individually to YouTube, separating the lyrical and instrumental songs into two different playlists. Handy for anyone who needs a choice of background music.

Original Music (Lyric Videos) YouTube Playlist:

Original Instrumental Music YouTube Playlist: