I was up on the cliffs again, this time checking out a place called The Redoubt. I like the emptiness up there. I even got a few words together after the visit, but first I better tell you about the place and its hauntings.

The Redoubt is a fortress that was later reinforced with caponiers in the 1860s to counter the perceived threat of invasion by Napoleon III. It was home and workplace to the regiments of the British Army for over 150 years. A great many soldiers died here. This place was the scene of tragedy. It is these circumstances which are believed to be the root cause of hauntings.

We could not have found a more clinically pure venue to investigate with no other access available, no passing persons, no wildlife, no insecure doors or windows and no interference from power or light sources yet we encountered a host of unexplained noises from the loud and forcible to the quiet and serene. Light sources were not always explainable. Drafts and feelings were explainable.

What are we left with? A number of totally unexplained noises in a building that had no facility to make them on its own.”

Source: Ghost Connections

Next, my words – perhaps the beginnings of a lyric for a song sometime.

In the darkness you can hear them
The ones who never got away
Blood on chalk, pain then death
But the soul, it don’t decay


They sing the ballad of the unnamed soldier
When the Sun has gone to bed
They won’t be going home again
The invisible undead


Lost love, lost limbs and broken hearts
From fighting in a war
The blackness is their prison now
Locked up behind an unlocked door


You’ll hear them, never see them
If you ever pass by their clifftop cell
The invisible undead, the invisible undead
Outside the gates of Hell

Music wise, the closest I can get to the Invisible Undead is a piece of sound art I made a few years back called ‘March of The Dead’. I hope you enjoy;

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birm5 (2)(‘Gulp’ by Zoolon) 


You gave safe passage to your demons

When the darkness came to call

Waved ‘goodbye cruel world’ and whispered

“Why stumble when I can fall?

I’ll be the ghost who comes to haunt you

The one who’ll own your every waking hour

And when you’re trying to ‘rescue dreams’

Your sanity I’ll devour

That’s the price you pay for breaking

This heart you once held dear

From here and till the end of time

Memory of me will never disappear”


You gave safe passage to your demons

But I couldn’t move on and never say

The words I wrote for your epitaph read

‘Summer died on a Saturday’

Here’s my original ambient electronic song by the same name, ‘Summer Died on a Saturday’.  I hope you enjoy;

george12 (2)

‘Zoolon, his guitars 100 miles away, is having a think

somewhere in Birmingham just minutes before trying

to write a traditional type poem instead of a lyric

 – this weird poem’

birm8 (2)‘Saturday just gone – the day Summer died’

 Zoolon in Stratford Upon Avon being extra nice to his ancient old mum

trying to convince her he is the reincarnation of Shakespeare

and that if she had any heart at all she’d give him his inheritance right now

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DOVER CASTLE (2)‘View from a cliff edge’ by Zoolon 

The road leading up the castle is winding and steep. High granite stone walls either side. Some ancient overhanging trees blocking the daylight. No place for shadows to dance.

Most people drive up to the castle. The tourists off the cruise liners from places I’ve never been can afford the entrance fee. A lot of locals can’t. The American’s are enthusiastic tourists. They soak up history and eat cream teas. Most other visitors mainly take selfies and never wonder why.

On my way up I saw last night’s dead badger on the tarmac. Blood and guts. Road kill for the two magpies in love to feed off and live for another day.

In the castle grounds there is a flock of sheep that aren’t like any other sheep I’ve ever seen. Weight issues or maybe just an overload of wool? Unique? Probably not. They look bored most times. Camera shy as well. They don’t hang around in flocks. I like that idea.

On a good day, Calais is clearly visible from up here. On days when the clouds hang low or the sea mist  grows high, you can’t even see the tip of your nose. The tip of my nose doesn’t interest me that much.

Most people forget to look up. iPhones have that effect. If they did look up they’d have seen that the sky was like a half drawn curtain. A hungry sun verses angry grey clouds. A stand-off. A nil-nil draw. No time added-on.

If people did make a habit of looking up they’d see at the very top of the castle, an old keep. A woman in a flowing red dress hangs out there. She doesn’t say a lot. She doesn’t do a lot. Just walks about, fretting and a bit frantic. A damsel in distress? I reckon so. An angry looking bloke dressed as a cavalier just stands there watching her like he’s issued her an ultimatum she’s not good with. They’re both ghosts. No one knows their names. I don’t think they got along then or now. I’ll maybe ask the magpies for their take on what’s going on up there. They’ll know.

Here’s an electronic instrumental I composed a while back. Today it’s for the ghost woman. It’s called ‘A Life’ and it’s from my Dream Rescuer album. I’m guessing the lady in red didn’t get much of a life;

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been reporting on my progress up the ReverbNation charts. I can now add to that. This morning I found out that Zoolon is No. 1 in the UK chart and, amazingly No. 18 in the Global chart – there are 4 million musicians on ReverbNation globally. I’m guessing staying No. 1 will be harder than getting there. As ever, my thanks to all the support I’ve had from you lovely people on WordPress. Thanks again. You’re great ~ Zoolon aka George

  • Checking it out it looks like this is one of the recent numbers that’s helped me along. It’s called ‘Tick Tock’;

The song is from ‘The Pigeons Are Switzerland’ EP which is available to purchase via the link below;

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‘When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth,’ the words of Sherlock Holmes, written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and popular with the odd philosopher stuck for an answer.

I was stuck behind a hearse and limousine funeral procession the other day. I didn’t mind having to drive so slowly. It would be disrespectful to mind. The thought did hit me that if it were my funeral I like to think the hearse driver would put his foot down and create an impression. Obviously, in my Will I would cost in the speeding fines.

Talking of death, I am pretty sure there is a poltergeist in the house. Up until now I’ve always thought that if poltergeists did actually exist they would be chucking chairs around, turning the lights on and off and doing their best to scare people. My poltergeist seems to be useless at scaring and causing mayhem. The only thing it does is move tins of biscuits, tea, coffee and bread during the night.

What happens is that every night – call it OCD but it’s not – I push the tins back uptight against the wall. Every morning I can see they’ve been moved during the night. Even though I don’t drink tea or coffee and only am interested in the dark chocolate digestive biscuits (that’s what’s in the biscuit tin) I do check all the tins and nothing has been nicked (I’ve even started counting the teabags just to be sure). So, I ask myself why have the tins been moved away from the wall? I’ve checked out all possibilities and it can only be a poltergeist short on style and imagination.

At the top of this post is a pic of the tins last thing at night, at the bottom the same tins first thing in the morning. It’s the same every day. This has been going on for three weeks now. Odd.


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I think I took this picture in Nantes, France. Anyway, another demo song recorded in a bedroom from a while ago when access to a studio was not always easy. Not that professional of me I know, however more studio recorded new music is on its way as I’m recording new songs all the time.  It’s just that I’m into resurrecting this older stuff at the moment as well. It reminds me to not let songs die hidden away in a corner somewhere forgotten.

As with the one called Ballerina Dancing posted a couple of days ago ( this one is from the conceptual project ‘Liquid Truth’ themed on Plato’s Allegory of the Cave.

‘Just a Shadow on a Wall’ was important to the project as it was a link song dealing with the moment the prisoner, who all his life had been in the cave knowing only the shadows he was forced to look at as his only reality found out he was to be freed. A new reality awaited him.

Because of this, getting the structure of the lyric right was vital. Even more so than usual. Basically, this is a ballad focusing on his situation. In the actual allegory, the prisoner was forced to look at a variety of different shadows, so in working on the project I cheated as the shadow of the ballerina dancing was always in front of him, was all he knew of reality. Hope you enjoy.



Not too many words today, just a short (2:21) piece of classical music (with a movie trailer in mind) I composed and produced. Hope you like it.

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