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I took this photo on Christmas Eve. The statue lives in the Western Docks of Dover Harbour. I read the girl the two soldiers are holding is called ‘Victory’. The statue is a memorial created in remembrance of the 556 employees who worked on the railways and who died in service during World War I. I’ve got to try the best I can to compose a piece based on this.

A less important, yet a problematic thing followed. So, it’s Christmas Eve late afternoon. The shops will be shutting soon. A random memory grabs hold. A couple of weeks back I ordered my mother’s Christmas present. To save paying postage and packing I’d opted to collect it from the store a couple of days later, but I forgot. In a panic I drive down town to the store. The song ‘Last Christmas’ by Wham is playing loud. I hate that song. There’s nothing in it or about it I like. Anyway, I get to the counter. “No can do,” says the girl, “I need proof of identity.” I’d left my phone and my wallet in the car.

I’d had to park a good distance away and closing time was closing in. I rush back to the car. Grab my phone and wallet. Back to the shop. The girl on the counter says, “Not again, please God, not again.” Thinking she was having a dig at me I point out that this is only my second visit and that’s it’s not like I’ve been in and out of the shop loads of times. She says, “Sorry, it’s not you, it’s this song. It’s mangling my mind. I’ve had to listen to it all day, every day for weeks. I can’t cope.” The song? ‘Last Christmas’ by Wham. It just had to be. I sympathise with her. Tell her I understand.

I go on to say, the first two lines of the lyric are the worst opening lines ever written. She asks me why. So, I give her the first two lyric lines, “Last Christmas, I gave you my heart, But the very next day you gave it away,” adding, “Think about it. Those words are definitely not Organ Donation friendly.”

She says, “Wot you mean?” I decided that elaborating might be a bit long-winded. I collect mum’s gift and leave the shop.

Come Christmas morning I remember I’ve forgotten to wrap mum’s gift in the sparkly paper I got last year but never used and couldn’t find anyhow. All the stuff my mum gave me were wrapped up dead neat.

Time for a song. The new album is a couple of weeks away, but for now my song plus instrumental, both in remembrance of just one person. A unique photographic artist. The song, ‘Francesca’, her suicide reflected in the instrumental, ‘Eastside 1981’. I hope you enjoy.

Last thing. On Christmas Day I was No. 1 artist on the ReverbNation UK Chart. 

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pole‘Discernible Connection’ by Zoolon

A couple of weeks back I mentioned that I’d post my tribute to Francesca Woodman, the amazingly talented photographic artist whose work didn’t make it big until after she had committed suicide, in New York, in January 1981, aged just 22.

The tribute is in two parts. The first a song simply named ‘Francesca’, a reflection on the person, more than her chronology. The lyric drifts between first and third person thoughts and questions.  I like to think she’d be good with that. Next, there is an instrumental, a eulogy without words. For this I have tried to capture her essence and final moments. It’s a short piece for a tragically, short life. When the melody stops, if you listen hard enough you’ll hear… well I’ll let you decide what you hear. This piece I’ve named ‘Eastside 1981’. Below, the two songs in question. I hope you enjoy the listen;

Both numbers feature on my new EP ‘The Pigeons Are Switzerland’ which is available for easy download at BANDCAMP along with my two previous albums, ‘Dream Rescuer’ & ‘Rainbows End’. In fact there’s an option, if you’re interested, to download my whole discography at a heavily discounted price.

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pigeons coverCover Art by Zoolon

Zoolon’s brand new five track EP was released earlier today.

For this collection of mixed genre songs, I have brought together three lyrical pieces, an instrumental as well as a piece of pure sound art, the latter being the title track, ‘The Pigeons Are Switzerland’. There’s a long story behind that title I’ll share one day.

The opening track ‘Tick Tock’ is a song primarily about violence. It’s followed by my reflective tribute song ‘Francesca’ named after the sublime photographic artist Francesca Woodman who committed suicide in the winter of 1981, aged just 22 years. Her tribute continues with the instrumental ‘Eastside 1981’, a eulogy. ‘What Remains’ is a number about life in general. Lastly, ‘The Pigeons Are Switzerland’, echoes in ‘sound art’ the concept of neutrality.

You can listen to, or buy the easy to download EP at Bandcamp. Included in the download is a PNG file of the lyrics. Enjoy ~ Zoolon

Also, for a heavily discounted price you can buy – if the idea appeals to you – my whole discography from Bandcamp at ZOOLON’S DISCOGRAPHY

Pigeons Are Switzerland coverReverse Cover Art by Zoolon

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DSC01643 (2)‘Endangered Species’ by Zoolon

I guess, one way or another all living things are an endangered species. If it’s not mankind interfering with the environment that’s wiping life out, it’s mankind having a pathetic pop at mankind.  Some seem to get off on it. Here’s a few words regarding the latter from a piece I’ve called ‘Salutes from The Shed’;

Glaze over long words for small occasions

Self-proclaimed dwarf god of pen and ink

Innuendos, insults thrown from a cowardly safe distance

You’re not even worth the #missinglink

witchcraft‘The Witchcraft of Shadows’ by Zoolon

That’s sorted ‘the bad and the sad’ stuff, now for ‘the beautiful’. These words are about an artist who committed suicide aged 22 in the winter of 1981. I owe thanks to another blogger who got me into this artist’s work and now I’m hooked. This is a much edited version from where I started. I’ll probably edit again and again as I’m turning it into a song reflecting, but not charting, her life.


Capturing unholy ghosts

Dark side of a mirror chasing dreams

Her face hid behind the curtain

Falling apart at the seams


“Am I in the picture?

Am I getting in or out of it?”

Francesca asked the strangest questions

She never could commit


Blurred images in a blurred life

Someway, somehow, somewhere

On the East Side on a winter’s day

She went walking in thin air

Such a tragic shame that she topped herself. Not everyone is beautiful as well as talented. She was one of the lucky ones in that regard. This girl had amazing photographic talent. The journals she kept are full of addictive random and surreal words. Class act. It’s a massive shame great artists across all genres seem to chase self-destruction. Here’s her self-portrait. Her name was Francesca Woodman. I’ll post her song very soon.


For now, maybe my song ‘Rebirth’ has found a home at last. Maybe it does her justice, even if it’s just a bit. I hope so.

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