Zoolon’s Simple Take on Trees

I wouldn’t like to be a tree in the Amazon right now. Having said that I probably wouldn’t particularly want to be a tree in the first place. I’d never get to see The Arsenal play again or get to eat macaroni cheese. Then there’s dogs with an urgent need to think about, plus if I become a tree I guess all my guitars would get sold on eBay.

More seriously, even though science has proven trees interact with one another and given that they reduce erosion, moderate the climate, remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store a mass of carbon in their tissues, plus trees and forests provide a habitat for many species of animals, insects and plants who would otherwise die out, we chop the lot down for a ton of pathetic reasons. Mainly it’s all about humans making big money whatever the damage to the planet they leave behind. Short term thinking? Too right it is.

Relevant to my mini rant, here’s my protest song ‘Sunlight & The Dust’ along with a few more ‘new photos of old photos’ almost forgotten.

20191109_110141 (2)

The spaceman from a green blue planet stopped by to pay us a visit and say “hello”
Earthman offered him a ready meal wrapped in plastic and a home delivery pizza just for show

20191109_105434 (2)

Spaceman said, “Man you’ve some great trees here, it’s a shame you’ve not got that many anymore”
Earthman just shrugged and said “That’s how we like it, besides we don’t eat apples like before”

20191109_110529 (2)

“You’re kidding me, the trees keep you lot well and alive, their fruit is the best thing you can get
This rubbish you just served up isn’t for me mate – it’s less a meal; more a bloody threat”

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