shirley flower2

In the corner of the sky
Through the window of my mind
Looks to be a silver ray of light


To the shiver of a nightmare
Not asleep and not awake
If you hang around you’ll get the last invite


To the library of dreams
The home of honest schemes
And wild things that only come out when it’s night

flowers3 (2)

You try to get away
From the demonic creatures at play
Whose only purpose is to cause you fright


Someone won and someone lost
But you can never count the cost
All that you can do is hope the morning sun shines bright

Some music. You might have heard this one before. It’s just been commissioned for a second year of global plays in well known shopping outlets, international banks and business places plus it is regularly featured on a number of radio stations worldwide. A nuisance hardly anyone pays royalties. The song, ‘Devil’s Kiss’. I hope you enjoy;

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20190913_121831 (2)

‘Refugee Flower Living on the Streets’

20190913_124609 (2)

‘A Bloom of Jellyfish’

20190913_125517 (2)

‘No Chord is Safe’

20190913_124609 (3)

‘The Oldest Multi-Organ Animals on Earth’

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Here’s another guitar jam backing track from the new album I’ve tagged as ‘Creativity on Tap’ you might like. It’s called ‘Dirty Rock Groove – A Major’;


Copyright © 2019 Zoolon Audio.  All rights reserved.  Unauthorised copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.