Sunday. The day after the sky ran out of rain

I got another request for a song on my blog, this time from the excellent blogger called ‘The Hinoeuma’ – here’s the link  – definitely worth a visit if you haven’t been there before. The song in question being ‘Pride & Time’.  

The story behind this one started not long after I’d bought my new American Fender Telecaster. Whenever I began playing this guitar it was as if it was begging me to compose in American style. I’m  not sure why, but it seemed to have a mind of its own. Here it is. Lyric – adapted from a whole mass of words I’d written – first, the song follows on behind. The album the song came from called ‘The Devil’s Kiss’ is available to download on  BANDCAMP I hope you enjoy.

Words roll off this page will not see the day
Down, no crown, luck isn’t in the air

Lost in-between Pride & Time
Lost to this damn greed of mine

Blue, blue sky when will we meet again
Walls inside my head are hidden well

Lost in-between Pride & Time
Lost to this damn greed of mine
Dark days before the end

Lost in-between Pride & Time
Lost to this damn greed of mine

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DSC00147 (2)‘Ignoring the Mermaid’ by Zoolon

 ‘And a song I was writing is left undone

I don’t know why I spend my time

Writing songs I can’t believe

With words that tear and strain to rhyme’

Paul Simon 

I know the feeling, plus The Arsenal missed a penalty in the last minute that would have stuffed the Spuds. Many swear words.

A 60 second guitar improvisation over a waltz. I hope you enjoy;





Another 1 minute improvisation from my Instagram. Hope you enjoy;

george34 (4)

‘Random Moment in a Random Place and a Pic I Never Asked Anyone to Take!’


Zoolon’s new Tuesday feature. A 60 second track from my Instagram. This week an improvised jazz number. If you want to follow me on Instagram please do. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy.


ven (2)Source: Chicago Tribune

‘Barbed wire used properly can be a beautiful sight’, so said the man who ought to know better. Really?  It might be when used as an art-form but not in the context you used it, mate.

Whatever, those cruel words got me thinking; got me composing a new piece for the new album. It’s an ambient instrumental reflecting the slow, hopeful journey toward what desperate migrants see as a kind of paradise, as well as what will probably be a tragic end to their exodus in the not too distant future. All they’ll find at the end of their rainbow is the disappointment of ‘Hotel Barbed Wire’ (…Such a lovely place, Such a lovely face* – not) and armed soldiers guarding the borderline blocking their way.

In writing this number I’ve purposely not let it reveal any emotion of anger. I’m not making any judgments in composing this piece. I simply want it to map out their progress across foreign lands ending in a refugee ‘crisis moment’ that needn’t happen but likely will. I hope I’m proved wrong. Anyhow, its entitled, ‘Barbed Wire’.  Music to lie back and get the vibe? I hope so;

I mentioned in my previous blog post that I’d made it into the Top 20 on ReverbNation’s UK chart. As of now I can report that Zoolon sits at No. 5 in that UK chart, plus making a significant dent in the top 100 Global chart. WP support has played a big part in this. Thank you. I even treated myself to a new guitar, a Fender Vintage Blonde American Special Telecaster to celebrate this and a few other things that have gone my way lately. My Vintage Blonde shared my bed last night. She struck a chord. True‘ ish. I’m thinking it might be time to shift some of my other guitars. Maybe, maybe not.


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