Sky and sea and you and me and tall ships left behind
Echoes of the days before Planet Earth was undermined
Those with blinkered eyes that see never change their mind
They never think to take time out and ask the secrets of the blind


I think this number, the title track from my album ‘The Forgotten Daughter of Zeus’ sits well with this post. I hope it does anyway. All of my albums are accessible on BANDCAMP if you fancy a listen sometime.

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DSC01643 (2)‘Endangered Species’ by Zoolon

I guess, one way or another all living things are an endangered species. If it’s not mankind interfering with the environment that’s wiping life out, it’s mankind having a pathetic pop at mankind.  Some seem to get off on it. Here’s a few words regarding the latter from a piece I’ve called ‘Salutes from The Shed’;

Glaze over long words for small occasions

Self-proclaimed dwarf god of pen and ink

Innuendos, insults thrown from a cowardly safe distance

You’re not even worth the #missinglink

witchcraft‘The Witchcraft of Shadows’ by Zoolon

That’s sorted ‘the bad and the sad’ stuff, now for ‘the beautiful’. These words are about an artist who committed suicide aged 22 in the winter of 1981. I owe thanks to another blogger who got me into this artist’s work and now I’m hooked. This is a much edited version from where I started. I’ll probably edit again and again as I’m turning it into a song reflecting, but not charting, her life.


Capturing unholy ghosts

Dark side of a mirror chasing dreams

Her face hid behind the curtain

Falling apart at the seams


“Am I in the picture?

Am I getting in or out of it?”

Francesca asked the strangest questions

She never could commit


Blurred images in a blurred life

Someway, somehow, somewhere

On the East Side on a winter’s day

She went walking in thin air

Such a tragic shame that she topped herself. Not everyone is beautiful as well as talented. She was one of the lucky ones in that regard. This girl had amazing photographic talent. The journals she kept are full of addictive random and surreal words. Class act. It’s a massive shame great artists across all genres seem to chase self-destruction. Here’s her self-portrait. Her name was Francesca Woodman. I’ll post her song very soon.


For now, maybe my song ‘Rebirth’ has found a home at last. Maybe it does her justice, even if it’s just a bit. I hope so.

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