Every so often on social media we bump into a special talent. In the case of Fifi Rong a very special talent who hasn’t gone the generic route. I’d like to thank her for agreeing to let me run this feature on my blog.

This short extract from her bio paints a picture of where she’s at; ‘Fifi Rong is a London-based vocalist, songwriter and electronic music producer. A ground-breaking artist, she is the first to succeed in organically integrating Chinese influences into western popular music, gliding effortlessly across an eclectic range of contemporary genres. Her trademark hybrid sound is a seamless blend of Pop, Electronica, Alternative R&B, Avant-garde and UK Bass music, accentuating her unmistakably melancholic and sensual vocals.’

I’ll let her art speak for itself. Usually at this stage I say, ‘I hope you enjoy’. In this case I don’t think Fifi needs the word ‘hope’. First the vid for the song ‘The Sin City’;

I’m still working my way through Fifi’s music. I keep going back to the three section piece ‘Red Moon Voyage’. To me it defines the art of music;

Lastly, here’s where you can find the Fifi Rong music portfolio plus a mass of other information on the FIFI RONG WEBSITE