Artwork by Brad Kunkle


I played the guitar
You held the gun
You answered the questions
I answered none

Some days you played cool
Crowds you’d just hate
You smiled in the mirror
Thanking good fortune’s fate

Counting your blessings
Wearing gold leaf
From a roof top terrace
You fired your gun; wounded the chief

Last time I saw you
You’d swapped ammo for gold
I still play the guitar
Your story now told

Time for a song. Not one of mine this week. Here’s the work of unusual but amazing ‘Aurora’ singing her song ‘Murder Song – 5, 4, 3, 2, 1’. I hope you enjoy;

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When it comes to classical guitar I like to keep my hand in but often other things get in the way. Not this time though. I made a new classical guitar adaptation of my song ‘Pain’  from my ‘Dream Rescuer’ album.

Press the play button to listen to the new adapted rendition. It’s only 1.51 minutes long. I hope you enjoy;

If you want to make a comparison with the original, here is that original – which is available to buy and download at BANDCAMP ;

Here’s the ‘Created Guitar Tab’/’Score-sheet’ for any musician that would like to learn/play along:

Pain Scoresheet (George Blamey-Steeden)#1.png

Pain Scoresheet (George Blamey-Steeden)#2.png

If it helps get the flavour of the adaption here’s the original lyric;

The nights are getting longer
Your days are drawing in
You lost the dice roll this time
In a game you could never win

Guilt is loves shadow yet we never forget
From the corner of my eye your silhouette
It was your time and my tears feel like rain
I traded my grief to end all your pain

The game is now over
I’m glad that we played
The wounded heart full of sorrow
Nothing betrayed

Now its official
Now its no dream
Always remember nothing is as it seems
It was your time
This short songs for you
To help ease this

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white1‘The Edge of England’

For ages I’ve fancied a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses. The polarized ones. It’s just that I couldn’t ever justify the expense.  Then, last Thursday I’m in Canterbury to get guitar strings and I pass a shop selling just sunglasses, including the Ray Ban range. The sun was out. Cut grass spring smells were promising winter was over. I was in a good mood. So, I got a pair.

As I left the shop I noticed that the sun had disappeared. The sky was covered in horizon to horizon grey clouds. They looked like rainclouds but it wasn’t raining.  Friday was the same, as was Saturday. Still no rain, just lazy grey clouds.

I started writing this early on a Sunday. Today. The weather forecast was for sun. The forecast seemed wrong. Thick sea mist instead of clouds. No call for my Ray Ban sunglasses – again. I’d planned to do the White Cliffs; take a few pics for the blog; try out my sunglasses. Sea mist and cliff edges don’t really work together. My Ray Bans totally redundant.

Plan B. The barber I go to is open on Sunday’s. I might as well get a haircut instead of falling off the cliffs. I’ve mentioned the barber before in this blog. He’s the bloke who collapses in a heap without warning every so often. He didn’t collapse this time. He was stressed though. The place was a mess. Unusual. So, he tells me a woman had dropped her kid off to have his hair cut while she went shopping. She never told the barber that the kid was severely autistic and hated not being with his mum. The kid went into meltdown mode and trashed the place. The barber had no idea what to do to help. Not his fault. Not the kids fault. Just a stupid mother. Then the mother eventually returned and started shouting bad stuff at the barber for not taking control of the situation. Why didn’t she tell him the boy had those issues before she dumped him off? The kid never got his haircut. Mum refused to pay for the damage done. There just has to be a song full of metaphors in all this somewhere.

Anyway, on leaving the barbers the sun turned up. I got to climb the cliffs.

Time for some music. Given that I’ve mentioned the weather, here’s a number I wrote about climate change. ‘Rainbows End’;

The haircut;

georgeimage1 (2)‘Before’

george raybans2 (3)‘After – note the glasses’

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dover16072017 1 (2)

(a day-flying moth of no fixed abode I took a snap of last Sunday)

Recent random thoughts of Zoolon;

‘Neither the light bulb nor The Moon mean a thing to a day-flying moth’

‘I think it’s unlikely that your average Viking would feel he had to check out TripAdvisor when planning a holiday abroad’.

A lot of the time I try to throw together words that one day might just make it to the top of the pile when it comes to writing a lyric. I like having a few WIP’s in the locker. It’s a hit and miss process mostly. Some compositions have legs; others don’t. I’m not sure about this one yet. Maybe – it hums OK, then again it would do, it just about rhymes.

GOODNIGHT WENDY (Even though she doesn’t get a mention I think ‘Wendy’ is in there somewhere as a metaphor)

Lost in the maze of faraway places,

I missed the writing on the wall,

Had no idea, had not a clue,

My castle walls would fall.


In the days of aimless Neverland,

Not once did I lose hope,

Said your dog could keep that shadow he stole,

Just leave me be to fly away, I’ll cope.


It’s nothing serious, don’t make a thing of it,

I can always write you another song,

Nothing too nice, nothing meaningful,

Just a song that says, ‘so long’.


Would I trade knives on the street and acid attacks,

For pirate ships and crocodiles?

Not a chance, I’m staying here in Neverland,

Where there’s no tears, just wide-eyed smiles.


Time for some music. An old one, a demo ‘Just a Shadow on a Wall’. Hope you like it.


By the way, here’s link to my album, ‘DREAM RESCUER’. It costs not much, and is available worldwide.  If you fancy buying it and feel able to post a review on Bandcamp, I’d appreciate it.

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sparrow (2)


I first met Brian the Sparrow about a month ago. Spring was beginning to happen. The day was just about warm, so I was sat outside having a breakfast of hot chocolate and a croissant. When I’d finished   eating I left a few croissant crumbs on my plate. It was at that point a bold Brain landed and ate my leftovers. He didn’t seem bothered that I was sat only a couple of feet away.

I’ve met him a few times since. He has much darker neck feathers than his mates, so he is easy to recognise. Also, he seems to be the alpha sparrow; the Don of the local sparrow mafia. Brian himself has his own prime location, living in the posh bit of the hedgerow on the harbour side.  For what it’s worth Brian has a harem of lady sparrows following him about wherever he goes, all tweeting ‘we love Brian’ sort of tweets. Thinking about it, Brian’s living the dream.

The photo above is of Brian’s butt. I’ll explain. Before he landed on my table the other day, he was sat on the wall and his girlfriends were all sat in the bush besides the wall next to him. Brian had a look at the girl’s, then a look at me, but fell foul of making an assumption. What happened was that he saw me and guessed I was having my usual croissant. He guessed wrong.  The second he landed he realized there was nothing for him to eat. So, he turned his back just as I was taking a photo of him and then flew back to his girls. The net result was that all I got in the pic was a view of Brian’s butt just before he flew away.

We met again this morning. Brian doesn’t seem to hold any grudge against me.


Since being a little kid, we, that is my parents and me have used the Eurotunnel service that takes you into Calais in France. From there you can drive off to any place you like in Europe. The thing is there’s a sign at that check-in saying that if there’s a ferret in the car it must be declared. Why? Or better put, why single out the ferret from the entire global animal population? A few weeks back, having spent years asking Eurotunnel staff what this ferret thing was all about, I found out. An older lady on the check-in that day said ‘ferrets must have special passports’. That caused me to have a few random thoughts.

  1. How does a ferret fill in the form to apply for a passport?
  2. Does the average ferret’s passport photo look to be the worst photo ever – as it is with human passport photos?
  3. Where does a ferret get the £72.50 it costs to get a regular passport, let alone a special one?
  4. When I asked the lady if weasels and stoats, both animals much like a ferret, needed passports and she answered as far as she knew, ‘No, they didn’t’. Discrimination against ferrets? I think so.

Odd and confusing. I pity ferrets wanting to holiday abroad suffering discrimination. Although as far as Brian the Sparrow is concerned, he could just fly across The Channel and land wherever he wanted to in France, never having to worry about a passport. I wonder if the mademoiselle sparrows would take to him? Probably a ‘yes’ to that one.


Lastly, terminal boredom. I like football but right now my main team The Arsenal keep losing as do my other favourite team Gillingham. A mate and I went to watch Gillingham play on Saturday. The photos below are highlights from probably the worst game of football I’ve ever seen – we lost 1-0, the goal coming just 1 minute from full time. You’ll note that the only interesting part of the game was at half-time when they watered the pitch.

gills2 (2)

gills9 (3)

The final photo, also taken at half-time when most of the other spectators were off buying a half-time pie, is of me terminally bored out of my brains.

gills7 (2)

It doesn’t take much for me to get bored.

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