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9am – Saturday’s early morning clouds dish out a warning that a better than average, but not all that when it comes to serious storms, Storm Jorge is on his way (you can just see the coast of France on the horizon – in sunshine! – if you look hard enough)


10am – Yesterdays death wish puddle gets revived courtesy of a bored dark cloud with nothing better to do than rain some more in the company of his new best friend, ‘a useful blocked drain.’


Midday – Teeming rain gets me and my carton of porridge oats plus a pain de raison – I was particularly looking forward to – totally soaked and inedible. Maybe I should have bought something in a tin.


2pm – The sun says a quick ‘hello’, checks for rainbows that aren’t there, before giving up on Earth as a lost cause. He heads off to The Dark Side of The Moon as she never calls him a total waste of ‘Space’.


6pm – An empty underpass where the old bloke who owns a harmonica but can’t get any sort of tune out of it usually hangs out. No one’s seen him for awhile. I heard that the cash rich tourists coming off the cruise liners in the harbour didn’t like walking past him as they made their way into town.

doverfire4 (2)

7pm – A great night for freezing to death, crossing roads and unwittingly posing for a pointless random photo I was taking.

doverfire2 (2)

8pm – Time to traumatize the pigeons, gulls, cats and dogs with the pointless sounds of exploding fireworks the cruise liners think are OK. That got me thinking I wouldn’t like to be ‘A Cat in Syria’ right now. I might use that as a title for an appropriate new classical piece one day.

Here’s an experimental piece of sound art I wrote a while back. It’s called ‘World of Shadows’, although if I was giving it its title today I think I’d have called it, ‘Land of Shadows’. I hope you enjoy;

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‘On The Outside Looking In – A Travel Agent’s Shop Window’

It’s Christmas any day now. Stating the obvious, this year is nearly over. Time to give my head a break for a few days. I’ll catch up with you all soon.

The main thing is that I’d like to thank all of you for your support this year. It’s meant a lot and helped inspire me on those days when the music goes into hiding and the words just won’t arrive. Also to those who have bought my albums, merchandise and ‘poem to song’ product, a major thank you. Importantly I want to say Happy Christmas to everyone. Have a good one. Here’s a few words of hope for 2020.

Don’t matter who or what you are
When we all eat and sleep on the same dying star
It’s no one else’s business if you’re a believer or you’re not
Face it – this abused planet is all that we’ve got

It’s Christmas once again, a time of peace
So let the fighting and all the pointless hatred cease
There are no border lines to cross to make it so
Give back to Planet Earth all that we must owe

Here in the West I play my guitar
Over in the East she plays sitar
All around the world we play on rusty tins and violins
If we don’t play the melody together no one wins

Tomorrow is too late when there’s today
Let’s get our act together – no delay
Our last chance to scroll back time has now arrived
In the end we need to say, ‘we did it, we survived’


‘Thinking’ Mugshot

I think 2019 has been my most creative year yet. In January I released the instrumental album ‘The Forgotten Daughter of Zeus’, then come May there was the ‘Devil’s Kiss’ EP. On top of that in September and October I managed two 4 hour long ‘backing track’ albums. Although the backing tracks are mainly aimed at other musicians they work for anyone looking out for background music while they work, read or whatever else they might be doing (like cooking a festive feast).

Anyhow, with the new year on the way I thought if any of you out there want to listen to my collection of 2019 music then below, the links to stream each album. I hope you enjoy;

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hand in hand

‘Before the Light Went Out’

Mother Earth is now a victim
She’s not a magnet any more
We’ve stripped her of her blue, green cloak
Looked the other way as her children were washed up on the shore

“Let’s give her a cloak of plastic
That’ll warm her up real good
Tell you what? Let’s make all things out of plastic
Let’s set fire to the forests, burn that stack of wood”

Mother Earth never had a voice
Never need one when we walked hand in hand
That was before the swarm turned up
The mob of humans who took command

I’m thinking this backing track, ‘Emotional Groove – A Minor works with the words. It’s a little dark; a little laid back. Hope you enjoy;

Emotional Grove is from my Guitar Jam album. If you want to find out more re this or any of my other work it accessible below;

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night watchman2 (2)‘The Night Watchman’ by Zoolon

Recently I’ve had a few songs ‘curated’ on ReverbNation. At first it sounded to me like it meant they pickled them in a jar, then realizing songs are nothing like gherkins I checked it out and a ‘curated’ song is a very good song that gets put in front of a panel – luckily that’s a panel of influential music industry type people as opposed to the dictionary definition ‘a flat or curved component, typically rectangular, that forms or is set into the surface of a door, wall, or ceiling’. A proud moment, for sure, even accepting whether a song is any good is a subjective thing.

Anyway, one such ‘curated song’ was RED PLANET I wrote a while back. It’s about the human race giving up on a dying Earth and resettling on Mars – no doubt to ruin Mars one day like we have Earth.

So, I get asked what would be the three most important things I’d pack in my suitcase before boarding the spaceship to Mars. A guitar and gravity defying clothes a given, so they don’t count on my priority list. After a bit of deep thought I came up with these crucial items;

No. 3 – A VR Headset because Mars is pretty bleak so it would be handy to have access to a virtual reality.

No. 2 – A Manual Hand Drill because I’ve heard there’s water just below the surface on Mars. It could come in handy if I want a drink or a bath.

No. 1 – A pack of Chicken & Mushroom Pot Noodles, for emergencies and just in case I fancy a bit of junk food.

Amongst other important things that would be in my suitcase but didn’t make the top three cut were a garden Swingball tennis set; my Metallica collection, an Arsenal FC flag (a red flag for a red planet); a healthy stock of Macaroni (because I’m addicted to Macaroni cheese), my anti-allergy pills (just in case) and photos of Trump, Rees-Mogg, Farage, Gove and Boris to throw darts at as they’re one of the best reasons I can think of for moving to Mars.

zoolon3‘Eric the Seagull & Me’ curtesy of Rachel Carrera – note the shop name in the background!

Time for a song. One from my ‘Rainbows End’ album called ‘Silent Films’. I hope you enjoy;

Lastly, and following on from the track for their new album I posted a couple of weeks back, an older Villagers number called ‘That Day’. A lyric telling a love story is so hard to write without it ending up slushy. Not this one. It’s on my all-time favourite song list;

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