‘The Decision by Dzaet’

The doctor had to make a decision. Would it be the bloke who needed treatment for his cancer or the woman at the wrong end of COVID-19? The hospital was in overflow. Only one of the pair would get any treatment. Only the doctor could choose who.

She needed to think. She went outside the hospital. In the car park she took her last coin out of her pocket. Heads the bloke gets his treatment. Tails the women does. Both patients are 50/50 in terms of surviving. She flips her coin in the air. It lands on the grill of a drain and disappears. Splosh. She doesn’t have another coin.

Who makes the decision?
Who spells out the case
For who dies or who gets cured?
Which one will she erase?

Someone had to be castaway. The doctor’s dilemma. Here’s my song, ‘Castaway’. I hope you enjoy.

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