donkey2Last week ‘Sydney the Shetland’ from up the road, this week;

‘The No Name Donkey’ from the same place


Before he arrived at the café in the High Street where the lorry drivers have breakfast he was an undertaker in a faraway land where nobody had a name.

Without names there wasn’t much of a call for gravestones there. Even so, they still had a few dotted about. Just one’s without names on though.

In this new land he took up playing chess. The café had a chess set and everyday he’d sit there playing  against anyone willing to have a go.

He played by instinct. He got good at it. He got so good at it that opponents and other people who hung around watching would ask the café owner, ‘Who’s that? What’s his name?’

The café owner got fed up with being asked if he knew the chess player’s name so one day he asked the man from the faraway land if he had a name. The man from the faraway land said, ‘No’.

He became known as ‘No’ even though it was clear that wasn’t an actual name.

Sometime later a girl with thick lens expensive glasses who’d never ever smiled arrived at the café from Rome.

She’d flown in, but not on a plane, helicopter or a rocket. She spoke good English and played a mean game of chess.

She saw ‘No’ sat at the table where the chess board was.

She went over to say hello and asked for a game. ‘No’ was good with that.

When ‘No’ asked the girl who had flown in from Rome but not on a plane, helicopter or a rocket if she had a name. She replied, ‘Yes’.

It was wintertime when ‘Yes’ became the Queen who protected her King until one day ‘No’ told her he’d prefer to be the Knight who protected her.

At last she smiled for the very first time.

Now for some music. ‘Solely Upon You’, my song from the ‘Rainbows End’ album. I hope you enjoy;

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