Originally from my song, ‘Liquid Truth’ – written in 2012, me a first year music student back then – these words below open Zoolon’s new book called, ‘LOOKING FOR REASONS’. They just about sum me up.

‘When will all the pieces come together,
And if I don’t like the picture am I stuck with it forever?’

Someone wrote me some kind words for the blurb for the book. Thanks for that. It reads like this;

‘Zoolon is better known as an accomplished songwriter, sound artist and musician with 5 albums to his name. He also writes in his own distinctive style. Following on from his first book entitled ‘The Words & Thoughts of a Dyslexic Musician’, the ‘LOOKING FOR REASONS’ new collection is an assortment of lyrical verses and short stories themed around today’s hapless society, it’s pluses and minuses, along with his own off-centre take on a dying planet. He’ll make you laugh, think and sometimes cry, but it will be worth it’.  

If you’re interested, ‘LOOKING FOR REASONS’ is available on Amazon, either as a paperback or on Kindle. The UK link is below. Outside of the UK, just type in ‘Zoolon Audio’. The purchase prices have been cut right back, hence they’re not expensive. On Kindle Unlimited it’s even free!

Time for some music. Today, ‘The Pigeons are Switzerland’. I hope you enjoy;

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DSC00687 (2)

‘On The Outside Looking In – A Travel Agent’s Shop Window’

It’s Christmas any day now. Stating the obvious, this year is nearly over. Time to give my head a break for a few days. I’ll catch up with you all soon.

The main thing is that I’d like to thank all of you for your support this year. It’s meant a lot and helped inspire me on those days when the music goes into hiding and the words just won’t arrive. Also to those who have bought my albums, merchandise and ‘poem to song’ product, a major thank you. Importantly I want to say Happy Christmas to everyone. Have a good one. Here’s a few words of hope for 2020.

Don’t matter who or what you are
When we all eat and sleep on the same dying star
It’s no one else’s business if you’re a believer or you’re not
Face it – this abused planet is all that we’ve got

It’s Christmas once again, a time of peace
So let the fighting and all the pointless hatred cease
There are no border lines to cross to make it so
Give back to Planet Earth all that we must owe

Here in the West I play my guitar
Over in the East she plays sitar
All around the world we play on rusty tins and violins
If we don’t play the melody together no one wins

Tomorrow is too late when there’s today
Let’s get our act together – no delay
Our last chance to scroll back time has now arrived
In the end we need to say, ‘we did it, we survived’


‘Thinking’ Mugshot

I think 2019 has been my most creative year yet. In January I released the instrumental album ‘The Forgotten Daughter of Zeus’, then come May there was the ‘Devil’s Kiss’ EP. On top of that in September and October I managed two 4 hour long ‘backing track’ albums. Although the backing tracks are mainly aimed at other musicians they work for anyone looking out for background music while they work, read or whatever else they might be doing (like cooking a festive feast).

Anyhow, with the new year on the way I thought if any of you out there want to listen to my collection of 2019 music then below, the links to stream each album. I hope you enjoy;

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sally umbrella

‘Miss Sally Umbrella’
Artist Unknown – sourced from Pinterest 

The day they chopped down the last tree on earth was the day the humans stopped breathing. No oxygen, no humans.

A few of us got lucky. We’d already had our brains transferred to robots. Not just any old robots. Proper human looking robots with eyes that see, ears that hear, mouths that spoke and hands that created things. We didn’t need to eat nor drink. That was useful as there were no farms and no rain. The extra plus was that we robots didn’t need oxygen. That was handy on a planet without any.

My brain settled into its new home without any major problems. A couple of headaches and I’ll admit I missed being not able to watch The Arsenal or have poached eggs. The name the other robots gave me was ‘Zoolon the Musical Android’.  I could still play my electric guitars. Solar power sorted that out.

Being a robot meant I was immortal if I stayed safe and never got myself killed. It also meant that none of us need ever breed. No point in it. We could build new robots but the new ones had no human brains as we’d run out of those. These robots didn’t have feelings and had no creativity but were useful just focused on doing stuff. They mainly built space ships and did the clearing up of desert dust. Music was an alien thing to them.

Everything was going really well for a while. We’d set up camps on Earth, The Moon and on Mars.  Then came a time of conflict. The robots with human brains decided that there wasn’t any reason to keep the robots without human brains. Like they were lesser  beings. Racism had returned to Earth. My hateful lot started to dismantle the robots without human brains forgetting that they had been programmed to defend themselves. They were pretty good at killing their human brain enemies. After a massive battle all that was left was just me and a pile of robot parts of both types. I never took part in the war as I don’t do racism.

However, I’d forgotten about Sally Umbrella, a robot without a human brain. She’d been on Mars at the time of the battle. She was called Sally Umbrella because she always had an umbrella with her. No one knew why because it never rained on Earth any more.

When she got back to Earth I had to tell her what had happened. She wasn’t meant to have emotions but on hearing what I had to say a single tear dripped from her eye. When the tear drop landed, all of a sudden a tiny twig with a single green leaf popped up out of the ground. Seeing I was confused she told me that it was a new born tree. An oak. After that she cried some more and a whole mass of new born trees appeared. She said they’d been ‘hidden beneath’ forever waiting to grow. Two magical things had happened. Sally Umbrella had evolved a brain as good as any human brain plus she had caused the trees to return.

Not long after, some dark clouds turned up. I hadn’t seen any clouds for hundreds of years. Then the rain. Buckets of rain. That’s when Sally Umbrella opened her umbrella to keep us both dry. Maybe she knew something from before? Maybe that was why she carried an umbrella? I never asked.

However, she did ask me if I thought regular humans would evolve again like before. All I could say was, “I hope not.”

Since then 200 million+ years have passed. The forests are back. No sign of humans, although quite a lot of bees. I did see a pretty friendly orangutan in one of the trees yesterday. Sally Umbrella was shaking her head looking ever so worried. I like Sally Umbrella. I think I might write her a song.

Talking of ‘Hidden Beneath’ here’s the piece of music of the same name from my ‘The Forgotten Daughter of Zeus’ album. It’s available to download on  BANDCAMP or to stream on SPOTIFY    I hope you enjoy;

Also try this on for size if you fancy the idea. The ‘Bullish Grove’. Enjoy;

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mushrooms3 (2)

‘Mushroom Quartet’

I don’t make a habit of hanging out in graveyards. The only reason I found myself in one on Saturday morning was because it was pouring with rain and the path through the graves of St Eanswythe Church was a shortcut from where my car was parked and the place I was heading for.

Having loads of gravestones is only to be expected in a graveyard. But not mushrooms. Loads of them all over the place. They looked edible but I wasn’t taking any chances. A pity, mushrooms are my favourite food.

mushrooms2 (2)

‘Mushrooms, Minder’s of The Dead’

Taking that walk reminded me that back in 2017 I posted the story of St Eanswythe aka the Princess Who Morphed Into a Fish  After doing a bit of research on her I discovered she was an Anglo-Saxon princess who died in 640 aged just 26 and that when she got depressed she generally turned herself into a fish – I never did find out what kind of fish – and had a swim in the sea until she felt better about life in general. I like to think she decided to be a starfish when times were bleak. I’m not sure why, although if she had any commonsense you’d think she’d turn herself into a mermaid, unless she was embarrassed that maybe she didn’t have their regulation long hair? Who knows.

Also, that the Pope made her a Saint because she made water defy gravity and run uphill is pretty amazing. Just imagine that. I’m guessing she could make it rain upwards if she had the mind to do so. No more rain on sunny days. Neat.

Personally I’d always thought the Pope made her a Saint because – impressively –  nobody in the whole world could pronounce her name. How wrong I was. Are the mushrooms something to do with Saint Eanswythe previously known as Princess Eanswythe? We’ll never know.

Now for the Saturday morning spider’s webs on my car. No actual spiders though. Just abandoned webs. It looked like they left in a hurry. I’m thinking the spiders heard I was off to see Princess Eanswythe and ran off some place.

spiders (2)

‘The Web With No Name#1’

spiders2 (2)

‘The Web With No Name#2’

Time for some music. This song is about one of my favourite living things, ‘Bees’ – better put, the ‘lack of a bees’ because that’s what the song is about. It’s called ‘Sunlight & The Dust’ and it’s from my album, ‘Dream Rescuer’. You’ll find this album and all my others on BANDCAMP  I hope you enjoy;

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Sky and sea and you and me and tall ships left behind
Echoes of the days before Planet Earth was undermined
Those with blinkered eyes that see never change their mind
They never think to take time out and ask the secrets of the blind


I think this number, the title track from my album ‘The Forgotten Daughter of Zeus’ sits well with this post. I hope it does anyway. All of my albums are accessible on BANDCAMP if you fancy a listen sometime.

20190913_125414 (2)

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white1‘The Edge of England’

For ages I’ve fancied a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses. The polarized ones. It’s just that I couldn’t ever justify the expense.  Then, last Thursday I’m in Canterbury to get guitar strings and I pass a shop selling just sunglasses, including the Ray Ban range. The sun was out. Cut grass spring smells were promising winter was over. I was in a good mood. So, I got a pair.

As I left the shop I noticed that the sun had disappeared. The sky was covered in horizon to horizon grey clouds. They looked like rainclouds but it wasn’t raining.  Friday was the same, as was Saturday. Still no rain, just lazy grey clouds.

I started writing this early on a Sunday. Today. The weather forecast was for sun. The forecast seemed wrong. Thick sea mist instead of clouds. No call for my Ray Ban sunglasses – again. I’d planned to do the White Cliffs; take a few pics for the blog; try out my sunglasses. Sea mist and cliff edges don’t really work together. My Ray Bans totally redundant.

Plan B. The barber I go to is open on Sunday’s. I might as well get a haircut instead of falling off the cliffs. I’ve mentioned the barber before in this blog. He’s the bloke who collapses in a heap without warning every so often. He didn’t collapse this time. He was stressed though. The place was a mess. Unusual. So, he tells me a woman had dropped her kid off to have his hair cut while she went shopping. She never told the barber that the kid was severely autistic and hated not being with his mum. The kid went into meltdown mode and trashed the place. The barber had no idea what to do to help. Not his fault. Not the kids fault. Just a stupid mother. Then the mother eventually returned and started shouting bad stuff at the barber for not taking control of the situation. Why didn’t she tell him the boy had those issues before she dumped him off? The kid never got his haircut. Mum refused to pay for the damage done. There just has to be a song full of metaphors in all this somewhere.

Anyway, on leaving the barbers the sun turned up. I got to climb the cliffs.

Time for some music. Given that I’ve mentioned the weather, here’s a number I wrote about climate change. ‘Rainbows End’;

The haircut;

georgeimage1 (2)‘Before’

george raybans2 (3)‘After – note the glasses’

My albums on Bandcamp for streaming and download;

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dover 16072017 6 (3)‘Rainbows End’ by Zoolon

Stella was addicted to breathing, so you can image how pissed off she was when the world ran out of fresh air.

A few nights earlier, by candlelight, she had plugged in her Les Paul only to discover there was no power. No power = no music. She took a look out of her bedroom window and all she could see was a black nothingness. No power also meant her electric cooker wasn’t working either. Stella opened a can of Heinz Baked Beans and ate them cold, straight from the tin.

Until recently she was chasing the rainbow’s end. Not to find a pot of gold or anything like that. She just wanted to know what the end of a rainbow looked like.

She remembered that I lived in an eco-friendly recyclable plastic bubble moored up on the Medway near the Docks, so she came over to my place and asked if she could have a fix of fresh air and maybe, if I didn’t mind, live with me in my bubble. She promised not to be a nuisance. I said OK, but felt I it only fair to tell her that I only had enough fresh air left for about two hours. She was good with that.

When we did finally run out of both fresh and stale air Stella held her breath. I forgot to do that, but didn’t forget to blow her a kiss and wave goodbye.

Before there was no air left for us to breathe the last thing I remember was Stella singing me her version of this song.

She had a sweet voice.

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montreil sized 2‘Branch Lines’  by Zoolon

This is all true. For reasons I won’t bore you with, at some stage most days I find myself visiting the local Post Office. It’s not a place that sparks creativity, that’s for sure. Quite the opposite. Generally I end up in a queue, often with a smelly person in front of me and someone sneezing at will or coughing their guts up stood behind me. Also it’s a place where people talk total rubbish.

So, there I was in the queue yesterday, minding my own business when I hear two women – a bit older than me I’m guessing, but not old, old. One says to the other, “What would you rather be, a pole dancer or a weightlifter?” I was thinking what an odd comparison when her friend answered, “A pole dancer because they get more tips. Which one would you choose?” Fair play I thought. Certainly to the best of my knowledge weightlifters probably don’t get tips that often. Anyway, the other one answers, “I think I’d be a taxi driver because I’m pretty sure they get more tips than pole dancers.”

I was left wondering why she included ‘weightlifters’ in the question in the first place, just before I lost the will to live realising that that was 10 minutes of my life I’d never get back.

Things got a bit better on the brain cell front when I overheard the bloke in a suit at the back of the queue shouting at someone on the other end of his mobile. What this bloke shouted was epic. It went like this, “I think you’ll find I’ve created more time.” ‘Created more time’!!!! Now that is major and I fully expected people would drop to their knees singing, ‘Hallelujah’ and start worshiping him. No one did though.

When I finally made it to the counter the woman who served me, I guessed from her emotionless expression, must be right up there when it comes to poker. Anyhow, throughout the whole of my transaction she never uttered a single word. Respect. 

Time for a song. This one hasn’t been aired for ages. It’s the only published song from my discography where the lyric isn’t one I wrote. This one was a collaboration. It’s called ‘The Sunlight & The Dust’ from my Dream Rescuer album and it’s another that’s made its way to the headphones of ReverbNations curators. I live in hope, and hope you enjoy;

By the way, at the top of this blog post is the ‘Your Poetry to Song’ link. If any poets out there fancy having their work put into song then hopefully I’m your man. All you need to do to get a project under way is contact me via that link.

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night watchman2 (2)‘The Night Watchman’ by Zoolon

Recently I’ve had a few songs ‘curated’ on ReverbNation. At first it sounded to me like it meant they pickled them in a jar, then realizing songs are nothing like gherkins I checked it out and a ‘curated’ song is a very good song that gets put in front of a panel – luckily that’s a panel of influential music industry type people as opposed to the dictionary definition ‘a flat or curved component, typically rectangular, that forms or is set into the surface of a door, wall, or ceiling’. A proud moment, for sure, even accepting whether a song is any good is a subjective thing.

Anyway, one such ‘curated song’ was RED PLANET I wrote a while back. It’s about the human race giving up on a dying Earth and resettling on Mars – no doubt to ruin Mars one day like we have Earth.

So, I get asked what would be the three most important things I’d pack in my suitcase before boarding the spaceship to Mars. A guitar and gravity defying clothes a given, so they don’t count on my priority list. After a bit of deep thought I came up with these crucial items;

No. 3 – A VR Headset because Mars is pretty bleak so it would be handy to have access to a virtual reality.

No. 2 – A Manual Hand Drill because I’ve heard there’s water just below the surface on Mars. It could come in handy if I want a drink or a bath.

No. 1 – A pack of Chicken & Mushroom Pot Noodles, for emergencies and just in case I fancy a bit of junk food.

Amongst other important things that would be in my suitcase but didn’t make the top three cut were a garden Swingball tennis set; my Metallica collection, an Arsenal FC flag (a red flag for a red planet); a healthy stock of Macaroni (because I’m addicted to Macaroni cheese), my anti-allergy pills (just in case) and photos of Trump, Rees-Mogg, Farage, Gove and Boris to throw darts at as they’re one of the best reasons I can think of for moving to Mars.

zoolon3‘Eric the Seagull & Me’ curtesy of Rachel Carrera – note the shop name in the background!

Time for a song. One from my ‘Rainbows End’ album called ‘Silent Films’. I hope you enjoy;

Lastly, and following on from the track for their new album I posted a couple of weeks back, an older Villagers number called ‘That Day’. A lyric telling a love story is so hard to write without it ending up slushy. Not this one. It’s on my all-time favourite song list;

The Villagers aside – Copyright © 2014 Zoolon Audio.  All rights reserved.  Unauthorised copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.


rainbows end cover

Cover art ‘Not What I See’ by Zoolon

‘Rainbows End’, released today, is my second album following in the footsteps of ‘Dream Rescuer’ although this time I have added more percussive and the electric guitar elements. As ever, reflections of life, love and the surreal also play their part in the album’s construct. This album consists of a mix of 10 tracks, 8 original songs plus 2 meditative, ambient piano pieces.

Although, unlike most of the other songs on the album, the title track, ‘Rainbow’s End’ is an acoustic number, this song is about a subject that is important to me, namely Planet Earth and the damage humans are doing to the environment. I hope you like it;

The album is now on sale at Bandcamp for just £4 (or the equivalent in other currencies). The download comes with a lyric booklet included.

Click here for Rainbows End album link

If anyone checking out the new music on Bandcamp could find a little time to hitting the ‘Follow’ button it would be appreciated.

Zoolon aka George


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