folkestoneinfeb28022020 (2)

9am – Saturday’s early morning clouds dish out a warning that a better than average, but not all that when it comes to serious storms, Storm Jorge is on his way (you can just see the coast of France on the horizon – in sunshine! – if you look hard enough)


10am – Yesterdays death wish puddle gets revived courtesy of a bored dark cloud with nothing better to do than rain some more in the company of his new best friend, ‘a useful blocked drain.’


Midday – Teeming rain gets me and my carton of porridge oats plus a pain de raison – I was particularly looking forward to – totally soaked and inedible. Maybe I should have bought something in a tin.


2pm – The sun says a quick ‘hello’, checks for rainbows that aren’t there, before giving up on Earth as a lost cause. He heads off to The Dark Side of The Moon as she never calls him a total waste of ‘Space’.


6pm – An empty underpass where the old bloke who owns a harmonica but can’t get any sort of tune out of it usually hangs out. No one’s seen him for awhile. I heard that the cash rich tourists coming off the cruise liners in the harbour didn’t like walking past him as they made their way into town.

doverfire4 (2)

7pm – A great night for freezing to death, crossing roads and unwittingly posing for a pointless random photo I was taking.

doverfire2 (2)

8pm – Time to traumatize the pigeons, gulls, cats and dogs with the pointless sounds of exploding fireworks the cruise liners think are OK. That got me thinking I wouldn’t like to be ‘A Cat in Syria’ right now. I might use that as a title for an appropriate new classical piece one day.

Here’s an experimental piece of sound art I wrote a while back. It’s called ‘World of Shadows’, although if I was giving it its title today I think I’d have called it, ‘Land of Shadows’. I hope you enjoy;

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france22 2019 (3)

I was about to enjoy my ham, cheese & salad baguette when she turned up in the form of a sweet little ginger cat who’d taken time out to cross a massive field in the middle of nowhere just to say ‘hello’ – well that’s what I thought until she spotted my ham, cheese & salad baguette.

What happened was that I fed her a piece of my ham which she ate like it was her first meal in a long, long time. So I gave her a bit more plus some cheese which she scoffed in just a couple of bites. Talking to me through sad eyes she made it clear that more food would be good – then some more, and a bit more still until I was left with a baguette of only salad. I didn’t mind that much, especially as for the next half hour she’d fallen asleep on my lap, purring away while I was hoping she didn’t have fleas.

france30 2019 (2)Cleopatra’s Field

Once she’d woken up she gave me a friendly look and left, crossing back over the massive field to wherever she’d come from. After that she turned up at 5pm on the dot every evening to share a bite to eat with me. By then she was playful and answering to the name ‘Cleopatra’.

france20 2019 (2)

Come my last night in the middle of nowhere I played her my song ‘Goodnight Cleopatra’. I think she liked it as she was purring a lot. If the truth be told I’d like to have taken her back home with me. Here’s the piece I played for her. I hope you enjoy;

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CAT2 (2)‘Nothing to Scratch Here’

You’ll have to bear with me on this one. It’s a bit mad.

I had a ‘What if?’ moment. I was thinking that most photos I take are of things either ‘straight ahead’ of me or upwards. I never take shots at ground level – like, say a passionate artist type cat with a camera would. That sort of cat with a camera would be pretty much at ground level doing his/her thing. That means – to me in ‘What if?’ mode at least – that there must be a whole new world of pics to take ‘straight ahead’ at ground level.

Ideally, I would have preferred to take the ‘Cat With a Camera’ pics outside but right now it’s either pouring with rain everyday or frosty and freezing. That meant mainly indoors had to be the location, plus I had to think like a cat thinks – not easy when you don’t know how.

I hadn’t considered giving the mythical cat a name until someone suggested I should. I was offered ‘Cat Ray’ or ‘Robert Cata’ by someone much older than me, but settled for ‘Hetfield’. Above and below is ‘Hetfield’s’ first go at this new art form/sub-genre (maybe I’m pushing my luck here), ‘CAT ART’. I hope you enjoy.

CAT (2)‘A Hiding Place’

cat5 (3)‘Sleeping Bat?’

cat6‘Somewhere above, poached eggs – with mushrooms’

And to finish, not one of my songs this time but a vintage number called, ‘Cool For Cats’ from Squeeze.

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