butterfly by iced-blackberryArtist ‘Iced-Blackberry’ 2012

There’s an annoying Christmas ad on TV that has a melody I don’t particularly like yet it’s one of those songs that get inside your head. Christmas songs on ads are often like it. I call them creativity destroyers. I checked out the one that was killing my creativity. It’s a song called ‘Little Drummer Boy’. You may know it. In the lyric there’s a lot of repetition based on the noise that goes ‘…pa rum pum pum pum, rum pum pum pum rum pum pum pum, Shall I play for you? pa rum pum pum pum on my drum?…’ The thing is the last bit ‘on my drum’ was making my brain subconsciously say, “give it an update”. Not only have I got a tune I don’t like playing on a loop inside my head but I now have an update phrase I threw into the mix. For ‘On my drum’ read ‘Me & My Gun’. Try it out for size. It fits. At least I got something to write about out of the torture. I have to add that even if they were legal in the UK there’s no way I would ever have a gun.

Me and my gun are going to change the world
Instead of bullets we use butterflies
Me and my gun at your temple
Will be a neat surprise

Me and my gun won’t kill you
We’re not out to shoot you dead
Me and my gun aim to save the planet
At least that’s what the butterflies have said

Some music from my YouTube. This one is an ‘E Minor Emotional Groove’. I hope you enjoy;

Lastly, it’s funny how I can get things wrong. In summer 2018 I took a pic outside a restaurant in Brussels. A few days back I was going through the WP Reader and saw what I thought was my pic. It was as good as identical to mine. Paranoia when I saw the credit was down to someone else. Thankfully I got it so wrong. We’d both simply taken a photo of the same scene. Here it is;

DSC01643 (2)

As I mentioned on my previous post if you are looking for music for Christmas then you’ll find mine to download on BANDCAMP  or you can stream and/or make a playlist of it on SPOTIFY

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