mari9Vagrant’s Shadow, Lost

Back in May when creativity had taken a break, and wanting something to spark my mind, I thought I’d try and capture instant, pure unprovoked thoughts and write them down. See how they turned out. Anyway, I already capture sound using a stereo-recorder when composing Sound Art – things like that of the sea, birdsong, thunderstorms – all that kind of nature stuff, so why not do the same with words.

I decided using the Sound Art equivalent process when capturing ‘instant thought’ words – i.e. capturing whatever arrives – thinking it an interesting experiment. Unlike regular random thoughts – which are mostly provoked by an idea; an event; anything that sparks instant thinking – I decided to simply empty my brain – not too hard to do in my case – and see what words arrived. Some of the stuff I wrote surprised me, not necessarily in a good way. I meant to include them in a blog post back then but have only just remembered I’d forgotten.


  1. Soon, I shall stare at The Sun. If I am blinded, so be it. The prize is worth the loss of colours I never knew anyway. 
  1. I like the kind of slippery silvery fish you can hold in your hand and feel close-up their death throw wriggles. I’d never do that to a fish. I just like that kind of slippery silvery fish.

shadows5 (2)Shadow of Prey in Hunting Mode

  1. Truth hangs on a string. Sometimes ugly truth’s spindly fingers takes a scissor to the string and stillborn lies are born from an empty, overly sliced, over time Caesarean ruined womb. No placards outside the clinic, nor judge or jury, it just happens. In the fairy-tale, God smiles but never lets on.

shadows6 (2)‘X’ Marks The Shadow’s Grave

  1. Once I was a heron. Only then did I realize that the cherry blossom tree the Japanese paint in budget watercolours is lost from view without salty air, earthquakes, pretty small, small pretty girls caked in chalk dust makeup and reaching out for the two dimensional traditional love of a dominating rice paper man. 
  1. The dark space between abject boredom and belief in a God is a contradiction; is a visible nothingness. Of the two I prefer boredom. Many will never understand my logic. Belief is the one thing that makes consciousness pointless. 

These thoughts and more feature in my book, ‘The Words & Thoughts of a Dyslexic Musician’ – it can be found at;

Assuming I’ve not been totally written off as a hopeless case, here’s a bit of music. ‘K2 Night’ – it’s an electronic piece composed when I was thinking that the second highest mountain on Earth deserved a better name than ‘K2’.

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