‘Not my lucky day’ – read on!
I tried my best but couldn’t find the photographer’s name for this, so I can’t credit it

Weeks and weeks of rain. Every now and then some hailstones; every other day early morning frost. So, totally unexpected, on Christmas morning here in South-East England, sun – zero wind, blue skies, calm sea. A decent day at last. Getting it all wrong I went out with the big coat on and no sunglasses. It should have been the other way around. I’m good at getting weather related stuff all wrong. Here’s some of the pics I took, plus the Marilyn one I never got.

dover christmas2

‘Where it all went wrong’

Down at the harbourside, although a good distance away, outside of the posh hotel I saw a dead-ringer for Marilyn Monroe, like the ones in the posters you see everywhere – white dress and stereotypical blond-dyed hair – draped seductively over the bonnet of this old motor on some sort of photo shoot it looked like. I’m supposing ‘seductively’ is the right word although alternatively the scene did look a bit like a tragic accident what with her being flat on her back on the bonnet of a car! Anyhow, such an odd thing to see on Christmas morning. I was too far away to get the pic and it was obvious, even to me, the professional photographers hanging around, plus the regular people out for a walk all managed to get the pics they wanted. I had a jealousy moment. By the time I made it there all I got was this shot of the vintage car. I could have run flat out I suppose but that would make me look a bit over keen to get there – even though I was over keen to get there! Running would definitely be embarrassing. Passers by might think I was a weirdo. I’d never make it as a paparazzi.

dover christmas1

‘Wrought iron versions of 007 & friends’

dover christmas4

‘Now that’s what I call a roundabout’

dover christmas3

‘Western Dock still being updated’

dover christmas6

‘Colour version of same Dock – taken from Western Heights’

Having missed the Marilyn look-alike shot I had this random thought that I’d more chance of getting a pic of the surface of Mars than get lucky on Christmas Day, hence today one of my older songs, not yet on an album even though it got curated a couple of years back called ‘RED PLANET’. I hope you enjoy;

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