I’ve taken a sidestep from composing just songs and instrumentals recently, and added ‘backing tracks’ as a new ‘Zoolon’ product. The objective with the backing track videos I’ve made is to assist guitar players and/or songwriters in creating their own songs via my posts on my YouTube Channel It would be a major help to my cause if you could see your way clear to press a ‘like’ on my video(s) and ‘subscribe’ to my YouTube Channel. It might seem like a pointless exercise but numbers (sadly) mean credibility when it comes to YouTube. Hence to increase this projects chances of finding its intended audience any and all help is truly appreciated. There is a plus in that listening to my music on YouTube in the background could be useful when you are writing, composing, or even just relaxing. In many ways backing tracks stand alone, musically.

If you ever want the favour returned, just let me know – I owe you one.

If you can subscribe don’t worry about me overwhelming your YouTube feed, I only plan to upload a video once every couple days. No problem if you can’t.



‘Creativity on Tap’

I’m pleased to announce that ‘Volume 1’ of my ‘Guitar Jam Backing Tracks’ has been released on Bandcamp.


This is a great collection for anyone learning how to play the guitar or is an experienced player who can enjoy playing along to the 20 track, 3 hour long album creating their new songs. Importantly, it is also perfect for people who just want some music to listen to in the background.

You’ll find this digital album at BANDCAMP LINK . From this link you’ll see it includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. It’s priced at just £6.50 in the UK or at an equivalent rate in US dollars and other currency.

Here’s one of the tracks……….. I hope you enjoy;



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