‘The Long Climb’

The worst scars we have live inside our head
Worst scars don’t run and hide, they follow us to bed
A scar can be a memory of something you didn’t need to say
A scar can be mistaken words you should have chucked away

An Enlarged Pic From The Harbour – In The Distance There Is France

One time, some place, somehow we lost ourselves that day
Looking forward, moving backward, that’s the price we had to pay
The scars last for ever and nothing goes as planned
And although the game is over, we’re still watching from the stand

Time for some music, an instrumental, ‘Bread & Jam’ I wrote just to have a bit of fun with a guitar. I hope you enjoy;

Now one of my favourite artists called AURORA and her beautifully weird performance for the her song ‘Winter Bird’.

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‘The Face of Summer’s Shadow’ photo by Zoolon

No idea who painted the graffiti

A while back, I’d gone into a Poundland store for a carton of milk. Not thinking, I asked the girl at the till how much she wanted for it. She sighed, looked at me like I was an idiot, raised her eyes, shook her head, then lifted up a carrier bag with ‘Poundland’ written on it, ran her finger over the bit that read ‘Pound’, curled a bit of her hair around the same finger, then sighed one last time before saying, “A pound”.  She didn’t add ‘twat’ but I sensed she would have if she could have. I never went back to that branch in case I was the talk of the staff. Embarrassing.

However, just this week I’d forgotten to re-order padded envelopes. In a panic I rushed out to Poundland – not the same one as the incident with the milk carton. I got my envelopes then noticed the sign, ‘All Shoplifters Will Be Prosecuted’. So confusing. It was the ‘ALL’ that threw me.  The thought hit me that maybe in other stores the policy is that only ‘SOME’ shoplifters get nicked – a bit like shoplifting prosecutions work on a relaxed basis. I decided to research this some more then realized I was drifting toward ‘sado’ territory and gave up.


I guess it could be worse. I found this sign below on a Google images search. Maybe it’s for the best that dyslexics don’t take up shoplifting or signwriting.


I was asked to describe myself recently – in a good way as opposed to the usual ‘waste of space’ way. I’d never been asked that before. After a decent think and not wanting to gloss over my faults – loads – I came up with the opening verse to a song, ‘Ants’ I wrote when I was 16. I think these words still cover me. Part of the lyric went like this;

I’m blind to all that’s going on around me

Blind to all the secrets others share

Blind to all the politics of people

To me most things get lost into thin air

Also I would add the words of, – forced on me on most occasions as a kid sat in the back of my parent’s car, playing on a loop – Joni Mitchell’s line, ‘Give me spots on apples but leave me the birds and the bees’.

That just about sums me up. Maybe it would do me no favours on my CV.

Now for some music. My song ‘Hooked’ from the ‘Rainbows End’ album;

Below, my two albums for sale on Bandcamp;

Lastly, a brilliant new number from the weird – also in a good way – Aurora called ‘Queendom’. Here’s the official video. Enjoy.

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