‘Covid-19 Art by Anasyasya Eliseeva via New Frame’

It’s not the sky that’s on fire
It’s humanity’s destiny
So stay locked in your prison cell
And let what will be – what will be

Don’t hide behind a miracle
Hide behind an old locked door
Say no to celebrations
Besides, you’ve seen them all before

Shit happens, we all know that
Shit happens every day
Let each day count for nothing
And remember not to pray

Pointless wishes, they’re a poor excuse
When the fragile have been led astray
Point the sufferers toward a better place
Let tomorrow best yesterday

Selfishness, the great divide
Now that’s kingdom’s come
Lie still, alone, in an open coffin
Laugh your head off – get the devil on the run

From my backing tracks on YouTube, a Bullish Grove for a bullish mood. An instrumental that also works as background music. I hope you enjoy.

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