All Winter Long Cover

‘China Album Cover’

On the one hand it’s been a good week as I’ve just got my music into China. Hopefully the bespoke for ‘China only’ album ‘All Winter Long’ will be heard there via all the major streaming platforms. That’s the plan anyway. On the other hand, I’ve got the flu and and can’t sing a note right now as my voice sounds like I’ve got a clothes peg attached to my nose plus I could do with a body temp of 37 C/98.6 F again. Anyhow, time for new music words;

I don’t know the freeway from the forest
Don’t know sunshine from moonlight
I’ve a head full of sand and sawdust
I see no colours, just black and white

Life, you have two faces
You’re a door without a key
Demons & angels trading places
Where nothing comes for free

An open prison I can’t escape from
You’re a thief but you don’t care
You’re an addiction without a needle
So you fix, sometimes you share

I’ll lose my dreams if can’t disguise them
Soon I won’t know tomorrow from today
You’re the god, you are the devil
You’re winter’s midnight midday in May

Talking about the album for China, here’s ‘All Winter Long’ originally from my ‘Rainbows End’ album;

Fancy a ‘Mysterious Grove’? It’s one of my backing tracks but you might find it OK to relax to – hopefully.

And here, one of the other places where ‘Mysterious Groove’ lives and can be downloaded;

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