(me, moments before I remembered I suffer from vertigo) I’ve had this TASK ‘to-do’s’ App on my phone for ages. I’m not sure why I’ve got it because most times I forget it exists. The thing is, lately I’ve been so busy I thought I might as well give it a second chance. So, last […]


  I’ve not had much time to think random thoughts, or even have a chat with my mate Brian the Sparrow lately, but at last the new Zoolon album is done.  It’s the strangest feeling to have completed it – part pleased; part relieved; part empty. The thing is – and I’m sure you writer’s […]


‘Shadows Hide My Scars’ is the final song from my ‘Liquid Truth’ album written about 4 years ago. This concept album, as you might recall from previous posts, is themed around Plato’s ‘Allegory of the Cave’. This demo version reflects the moment when ‘the prisoner’ leaves the cave he’s lived in forever and heads off […]


(a statue I spotted along West Cliff, Ramsgate – for reasons unknown, it seems to fit my song posted below) As I understand it the 38th parallel is the dividing line between North and South Korea. I think it was about 4 years ago when the North were talking about how close they were to […]


(The coast of France seen from Dover Harbour, England a couple of days ago. It was hard keeping the camera still in the wind hence the focus is a bit like it) THE DREAM RESCUER You rescued dreams and nightmare’s schemes, Spinning around inside your head, You kept them in your diary, A book you […]


All I wanted was a seriously dark chocolate Easter Egg. Not only did I not get a seriously dark chocolate Easter Egg, I didn’t get any. You’d have thought at least my own mother would have got her beloved son a seriously dark chocolate Easter Egg. She didn’t. Given that two years ago I took […]